Will Mice Bother You While Sleeping?

Most people are terrified of mice, and for good reason. Mice are known to carry diseases that could be deadly for humans, and they can also wreak havoc on your home. They chew on anything they can get their teeth on, and they have the ability to scamper up furniture or into a wardrobe.

These pests have been known to sneak inside mattresses and make nests in sofa cushions. If you’re concerned about mice while you sleep, here are some ways to keep them at bay.

The most common breeds of mice

A Norwegian Rex is a domesticated mouse and it tends to be the most common type of mouse you’ll come across. These are known for their soft fur, their white noses and smooth round ears. They also tend to be cute and fluffy!

However, rats are far from cuddly and I don’t want to hear anything about the cute ones. How to tell a Norwegian Rex from a non-Norwegian Rex A Norwegian Rex will most likely be smaller than a rat. A Norwegian Rex will most likely be smaller than a rat.

They have a rounded tail that bends at the end, making it resemble a pencil. A Norwegian Rex has smooth, soft fur, which is usually white. Norwegian Rex are intelligent and can be taught tricks to make them more useful. Norwegian Rex are clever, fun-loving, curious and very smart animals.

What attracts mice?

Mouse urine is sweet and appealing to insects and animals like dogs and cats. Their urine can attract insects and create a fat food source for them. In terms of food, it’s not uncommon to see mice raiding the pantry in your house.

They are also attracted to leftovers from the kitchen. The clatter they make when they run around and chew on things is a tell-tale sign that they are around. They also do this in response to nocturnal insects. Most people prefer to sleep on a bed.

This makes it easy for mice to get into the house and into your bedroom. There are a lot of mice who live in or around your house, but you won’t know if they are there unless they make a mess. How do you prevent mice from getting into your home?

How to keep mice away

Many people think a typical mouse traps will get rid of mice, but that’s not true. Most of them aren’t equipped to capture an adult mouse, and if you see one in the house, you’ll have to use something more serious to ensure that you get rid of the problem.

Mice are smart, so you will probably have to trap them, but you’ll have to learn a little about the animals first. Most mice are actually nocturnal and only come out at night. They are not scared of humans, so the mice will often come out to forage for food during the day when you are at home.

If you see one, you can try to lure it with some canned food or peanut butter. They may be afraid of the yummy food, so you have to catch it and take it to a professional.

Get rid of clutter

Removing clutter from your home will help reduce the amount of hiding places for mice. A cat could run into one of these holes or hollow spots if he comes across the snack, so get rid of anything that could hold a mouse. If you find a spot in your home where you think a mouse could go, seal it up.

You can remove built-up food, urine, or feces traps that have already caught something by sealing them, and you can even throw out all mouse-damaged items. Mice can be extremely sneaky, so don’t underestimate the risks they pose.

To prevent a mouse from having access to your home, seal up any sources of moisture, such as cracks, windows, and vents. To stop water from leaking into your home, replace or repair cracks in your walls, floors, and ceilings.

Keep food in airtight containers

Cleaning up after a party is always a drag, but keeping the trash where it belongs can be a downright nightmare. Mice have been known to raid your kitchen trashcan, which may seem easy enough, but they have also been known to chew through plastic bags and small scraps of paper.

Those bags of chips or leftovers from the night before? They’re probably a mouse’s newest favorite item, and if you happen to drop one, they may consume it before your eyes. When your trash is left in any kind of container, the mousetrap is a must. Place the bag in an airtight container. Frozen foods also work Don’t be afraid to add a little frost to the food that you’re storing in the freezer.

Clean your space often

Many of us have a habit of kicking things into a corner when we’re cleaning, and this makes for an ideal home for mice. Make it a habit to tidy up as soon as you’re done with your tasks in the kitchen and bathrooms, and wipe away any food that may have been left behind.

Wipe away any crumbs that have been left behind by your cat and remove any food left out for the birds. Clean any mop spills from your floors and use bleach to spray all corners of your mattress. Get some mouse traps.

As long as your house is set up in a way that mice can’t get inside the walls, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to deal with them. However, if you know that your house is close to a forest, then you may need to get some of these snap traps.

Eliminate outside sources of food and water

If mice are getting into your home from your garage, your attic, or even the outside, eliminate these holes and vents. In addition, you can store clean items and food items inside the garage, attic, or anywhere else that mice would have a reason to go.

Install glue traps in areas known to harbor mice You can purchase glue traps at your local home improvement store, or you can try a homemade version that is easy to make. To make one, take three pieces of peanut butter, cut them into tiny pieces, and wrap them in aluminum foil.

Place them strategically in mouse-attracting areas, such as behind a cupboard, in between two pipes or under a dishwasher. If you catch a mouse in the trap, simply take the mouse outside and let it go.


I’ve provided you with a list of the many opportunities in which mice can wreak havoc. The only answer is to prevent the spread of the mite and put yourself in the best possible position to enjoy a productive, healthy, and peaceful day.

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