Which is Better, Memory foam or Gel mattress?

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Memory foam mattresses have recently become more popular as they provide full body support and pressure relief. The mattress can also isolate motion as well as it can last for a long period of time.

There are several types of memory foam mattresses; however you can easily find yourself comparing between memory foam and gel infused foam. We will be able to discuss the similarities and the differences between memory foam and gel foam mattresses.

Which is Better, Memory Foam or Gel Mattress?

Memory Foam

When creating memory foam mattress, manufactures use polyurethane foam which they add some chemicals on it thus creating some sensitivity towards the body temperature and pressure. There is formation of viscoelastic foam which shapes itself around the body. The reason why it is called memory foam is because the material has some responsiveness towards the body.

Gel Foam

As the memory foam, gel foam as the same properties such as contouring to relieve pressure points. When gel foams are being manufactured, the producers infuse cooling gels or they use gel beads. The infusion helps by pulling away the heat generated when someone is sleeping. This helps one have a peaceful night.

Similarities between Memory Foam and Gel Foam

Memory foam and gel foam mattress have a lot in common. One of the major   draws is how well each shapes itself in the body for pressure relief. Those people suffering from chronic pains and side sleepers can rest very comfortably on a memory foam or gel mattress.

Both are also well designed to prevent motion transfer as the foams absorb a motion at the point of an impact. Sleepers such as couples can sleep very comfortably together on a memory foam or gel foam mattress.

Memory foam and gel foam mattresses also share one same setback. Many foam mattresses especially those with low quality foams, emit a certain chemical smell when opened. The result of this foul smell is the presence of Volatile organic compound (VOCs) which breaks apart at a room temperature, during a process known as off-gassing.

The odor dispels typically within three to seven days.

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Differences between Memory Foam and Gel Foam

One of the main differences between memory foam mattress and gel foam mattress is the heat control. Memory foam can easily trap body heat depending on the side effect of the foam density. When there is too much heat accumulated in the mattress, it can cause disruption of sleep and can cause one to wake up in sweats.

One of the reasons for adding gels to the foam mixtures is to improve the mattresses’ heat diffusion .The gel absorbs the heat generated by the body and carries it away. What is very important is to ensure that the gel is evenly distributed throughout the bed, as it will can away the body heat so easily.

Manufacturing gel foam mattress requires more material, thus it comes with a higher price compared to the regular memory foam.

However, infusing gel is not the only means of creating a more cooling mattress. Different manufactures incorporate some other materials such as copper or graphite .Some can also use plant–based oils to substitute petrochemicals.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattress

Spinal Alignment

Memory foam provides superior support and easily adapts to your sleeping style thus keeping your spine and neck aligned why sleeping. If you are tired waking up with backaches and neck pains, then this is the best choice for you.

Low Motion Transfer

There is slightly little or no motion when sleeping in a memory foam mattress. Your partner or child cannot feel the disturbance when you wake up or turn in bed through the night. If you like sleeping with furry friend animals, be rest assured that their movement cannot bother you at all.

Best for pressure points

Every pressure you put on the mattress is highly welcomed thus much cradled for comfort ability. It is very firm and can handle your pressure points well.

Durable and Low maintenance

It is so easy to take care of your memory foam mattress. No sagging experienced or flipping. Some brands even provide up to 10-15 years of warranty, so you are covered for a long period of time.

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Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Sleeps hot

Memory foam mattresses are designed to be temperature sensitive. It can precisely mold itself to the body shape by finding where the body heat is. This is the reason why it is not suitable in places with high temperatures.

Too firm

It will take some time for the mattress to be smooth for sleeping due to its firmness. It takes a while for it to break. It is mostly recommended to sleep on the mattress for 3 to 4 weeks for it to be smooth.

Odor emission

Some people have complained about a slight odor released when the mattress is opened the first day. This odor is there because of the production process and the use of chemical foams.


Pros of Gel foam mattress

Enables cool and restful sleep

Gel foam mattress traps the heating nature felt in mattresses. One is able to sleep comfortably especially if you have a high body temperature or sweat a lot at night. It also has a better open cell structure compared to memory foam, which allows it to be more breathable and airy.

Provides support

Gel mattresses provide more support compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. The material gel used to manufacture it, makes it be more resilient and cannot be affected by body heat. It prevents one from sinking too deep inside the mattress thus maintaining proper body alignment.

More comfortable

It is very comfortable for people with medical conditions such as arthritis. It is well known for reducing back problems as improving sleep patterns

Cons Gel Mattresses

The cooling effect may not last long

Depending on the brands, the gel infused technology may not last for a long period of time. The gel layer may feel cool in the initial stages of sleep but the absorbent nature may cause the cooling properties to reduce during the night.

Not affordable

Gel infused mattresses’ designed with fancy models tend to be very expensive compared to memory foam. A common person cannot easily afford it. In addition, the labels used sometimes can confuse users believing they have acquired something with the latest tech. Some of the advantages provided almost look similar to other mattresses.


Basically, the best mattress for you depends on your comfort choices, budget constraints, body type and sleeping styles. Memory foam and gel foam are very similar with comparable benefits as well as the prices. It can be very hard to choose between the two.

If you are living in a place with a hot climate, you may prefer gel memory foam; otherwise you can still sleep well in a memory foam mattress that is if it has an alternative cooling means.

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