Best Bear Mattresses of 2022 (Bed Frame and Bear Mattress Protector Included)

Many people nowadays recognize the importance of having a good night’s sleep to becoming more energetic and productive the next day. And what a better way to have a good night’s sleep than to lie in a good quality bed that’s sure to give you the best sleep of your life.

That’s why over the years, Bear has been continuously creating innovations on their mattresses and accessories to give you the best quality you can experience. We’re have reviewed the top five best bear products on the market.

Bear Mattresses Review

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1. Bear Hybrid Mattress 


The Bear Hybrid is perhaps what Goldilocks would have laid down on if it had been an option. Its furnace is just right in the middle; not too soft and not too firm. It features high quality canned quilted sealant fiber top which is scientifically made to absorb your body’s radiant energy and convert it to infrared before cycling it back to your body.

Doing so improves your blood circulation, tissue oxidization, and regulates your body’s temperature to deliver good quality sleep and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and totally relaxed.

The top part of the mattress has a hypersoft cooling gel foam it helps lower your body temperature allowing you to feel as if you’re floating among the clouds. The premium comfort foam allows you to keep form and contoured your body to support you in any sleeping position whatever body type or shape you may have.

It’s layered underneath with responsive transition foam to allow airflow and relieve the pressure against your body. The Bear Hybrid is made with the quantum edge coil system that keeps the integrity of the edge of the bed making it sturdy enough to prevent or roll-off while you lie down towards the edge, but it’s still soft enough to support you and provide a comfortable cushion as you sleep.

It’s made with high-density support foam that delivers reliable durability against wear and tears so there’s less frequency of having to change your bed for many years to come. This bed is truly a great quality product with superb value for the money. It’s also environmentally friendly as it uses certain pure US-certified foam that does not emit any harmful smell which can be damaging to your health and the environment.


  • Has a 20-year mattress guarantee
  • It has a risk-free trial of 100 nights
  • The mattress cover is waterproof and anti-bacterial


  • Provides support for all sleeping positions
  • Relieves back pain
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It’s reasonably priced


  • The edge support is flimsy


2. Bear mattress.


It features a reasonable ceiling and cover with a soft look and feel to help get you that uninterrupted sleep that you’ve always wanted. As with the Bear hybrid, it also helps your body recover faster with its selling on infrared yarn technology. This turns your body heat to useful infrared energy and circulates it back to give you a more restful sleep at night and more energy in the morning.

It comes with cooling graphite gel memory foam to reduce your body’s temperature making sure you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. This High Airflow open cell response foam allows the bed to lower its temperature and increase connectivity seven times better than traditional foam mattresses. This means you get a nice cool bed that contributes to giving you a better sleeping experience.

The responsive transition foam reduces pressure against her body as you sit or lie down to give you much needed support as you sleep to minimize the frequency that you have to toss and turn to get to that comfortable position. Thanks to this technology, you can say goodbye to waking up with aches and pains and say hello to a relaxed and rejuvenated morning to get you in a better mood for the day.

And with its high-density support foam, having the bare mattress is the perfect investment offering maximum durability and reliability to upgrade your health and wellness for a very long time. It’s made with certified environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials like all the other bear manufactured mattresses in the market. So it’s definitely one that’s worth the try.


  • Great in relieving pressure
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • It’s neither too soft nor too firm
  • Has a responsive foam


  • Enables one to have a cool sleep during the night
  • Has a graphite gel foam that quickly adapts to each person’s required support and coziness
  • Lasts long


  • Slightly expensive


3. Bear Adjustable Base


It’s the newest addition to Bear’s lineup of Bear’s line of bed bases and offers the ability to choose a comfortable position when you sleep at the tip of your finger. It comes with a wireless remote control so you don’t have to stand up each time you want to switch it to a different angle.

There are preset positions that come with this adjustable bass designed to suit your resting needs. The anti-snore adds a bit of angle to provide you in a reclined position to minimize snoring. Zero gravity and some leverage to your feet to allow blood flow on legs.

This lounge allows you to get a recline position when you want to just lounge in a sitting position. And the one-touch flat creates a zero angled bed allowing your body to lie flat. In addition, the base allows you to create a customized setting and save it for future use.

It’s a great gift for the elderly or disabled who don’t have enough mobility to sit up and lie down on a bed of their own. It gives them the power to seamlessly position their beds in a manner they prefer.

Another feature that comes with a Bear Adjustable Base is the USB charging station found on both sides of the base so you can charge your phone and other devices without having to stand up to get to the socket.

Its wall-hugging feature ensures you’re always close to the nightstand as you lower or raise your position. It keeps the bed at the same place every time so you can rest without fear of the bed rolling to one other side of the room. It has enough room under the bed for storage in a short enough for you to get in and out of without any discomfort.


  • Can be used with all mattresses
  • It’s positioned perfectly
  • The sleeping position can be adjusted
  • It has a guarantee of 10 years


  • Has ample space for under bed storage
  • It has the ideal height
  • It’s significantly inexpensive
  • Has USB ports on the two sides
  • It’s strong


  • None


4. Bear Frame.


It’s easy to assemble and it’s made from quality reasoning for use fiberglass. The Bear Frame is perfect and affordable to help you support any Bear mattress in your possession. It’s available in sizes from twin to California king. So no matter how big or small your mattress is Bear has it all for you.

This bed frame requires no tools to put together. Just drop the tabs on the side rails and snap them together and there you have a sturdy frame that’s best used with the bare foundation for optimum bed support that can withstand the test of time.

It’s an incredibly strong frame unlike any other you may have purchased thus far. It has strengthened durability that’s enough to support 2,500 pounds without any of the annoying creeks you may have heard in conventional frames to give you more quality uninterrupted sleep.

Bear has made sure that every frame that comes out is checked and inspected with care and scrutiny. Its molded system creates a smooth contour that will look good in any decor. Its minimalistic approach allows it to blend in with the room so well won’t stand out. But don’t be fooled, whatever it lacks in design makes up for its quality, strength, and durability.

This frame is a truly great value for your money and it’s sure to have your back protected and comfortably secure for many years to come. Check out the reviews on this one on their website and see what people have to say. You’ll never go wrong with it.


  • It’s firmly built and durable
  • Made of fiberglass-filled resin
  • For additional strength, the interior of the bed frame is reinforced


  • Requires easy assembly and doesn’t need any special tools
  • Provides the ideal support
  • Has no motion transfer
  • Easy to set it up


  • It’s expensive


5. Bear Mattress Protector.


If you’re someone who considers a good quality mattress to be a worthwhile investment, then making sure it retains its integrity should be a top priority. That’s why the makers of the Bear Mattress highly recommend the Bear Mattress Protector. It’s unlike any other cover you’ve seen thus far. And it uses their high Q Technology giving this mattress protector a waterproof barrier to prevent stains and damage caused by water and other types of liquid.

This hypoallergenic property also keeps away dust, dust mites, bacteria and allergens from entering the mattress to protect you from these harmful elements making sleeping healthier and allergy-free. In addition, their high IQ adaptive technology diverts moisture and heat away from your body allowing you to sleep in a comfortably cooler temperature contributing to a night of better quality sleep with lesser tossing and turning.

It’s scientifically made to respond to changes in the environment making sure your cool, relaxed, and dry during sleep. We recommend the Bear Mattress Protector as a complement to any bare mattress. Using this maintains the integrity of your bed in the long run. What’s more, is it doesn’t hinder the scientifically made Bear mattress salient and technology from doing its work for your health and boost its efficiency by preventing harmful substances or elements from seeping through to your bed.

It’s machine washable and easy to clean. It comes with a 10-year warranty to back you up. No other company will provide you that assurance if they didn’t really believe in their product. So why not give this a try and tell us why you think?


  • It uses HeiQ technology to provide a water-resistant barrier
  • Protects from bacteria, dust mites, and allergens
  • It has a breathable, moisture-wicking material that enhances cooling
  • Has a 360-degree encasement


  • Keeps moisture and heat away from your body enabling you to sleep cool
  • Reacts to changes in the environment
  • It’s fluffy and fits your mattress precisely
  • It’s very comfortable


  • Complaints about it not fitting some bear mattress sizes

Best Bear Mattresses Buying Guide

  1. Edge Support

Support on the edges is crucial when it comes to best bear mattresses. Just like in memory foam mattresses, edge support in bear mattresses is great when you sit or sleep on the edge.

  1. Temperature Control

Bear mattresses some cooling-related features, comprising of the gel-graphite foam layer. Bear pro mattresses have a copper foam layer. The gel graphite foam and copper foam layer draw off moisture to keep you cool while you sleep. The bear hybrid’s coil also improves air movement through the mattress, which affects cooling.

  1. Noise and Motion Transfer

Bear mattresses are very quiet and offer noticeable movement isolation. The mattress diminishes the movement of sleepers in both full foam and the coil types and they are exceptionally good at that.

  1. Permanence and Durability

Bear mattresses are manufactured using premium quality materials. The bottom layer in all bear mattresses is hard and long-lasting. The bear pro has a guarantee of 10 years while the hybrid has a warranty of 20 years. This is the policy type used by firms who believe in their product’s longevity.

  1. Firmness

Bear mattresses are medium-firm, and contours moderately to the body of the sleeper without sinking too much. The mattress is more responsive than other memory foam mattresses providing the surface with a light bounce.

The bear mattress doesn’t give a similar floating feeling like many innerspring and hybrids. However, the comfort layers don’t have a similar pressure-relieving body cradle like the traditional memory foam designs.

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Final Wrap

In this day and age, mattresses are no longer just a piece of foam that creates a partition between you and a hard floor. Companies like Bear continue to study ways to help you innovate and increase the quality of your sleep.

Choosing the best bear mattress may not be as easy as it used to be, but hopefully, we’re able to give you something to narrow down your choices and help you find the best option guaranteed to give you satisfaction and be able to rest easy.



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