Bed Adjustable Beds for Seniors (Reviewed 2021)

After a long day of work, you deserve to lay in a bed that will ease every aching part of your body. But can your traditional bed give an optimal sleeping position? Popular for its amazing features that are good for health, Adjustable Beds will definitely make your resting time better.

A good night’s sleep is important for our health. However, most people regularly suffer from exhaustion, back pain, and snoring during sleep on normal beds. This is particularly true for people with health problems like asthma and also aged. Best electric adjustable beds can give you the much-required relief.

We will bring you the five best adjustable beds for your home. Whether you need the best of the best or the most affordable option, we have one for you.

Lucid L 300 Adjustable Bed Base.CHECK PRICE
Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base.CHECK PRICE
Classic Brand's Posture+ Bed BaseCHECK PRICE
Reverie Dynasty Mattress 8Q-SeriesCHECK PRICE
Hofish 2S Adjustable Bed BaseCHECK PRICE
  1. Lucid L 300 Adjustable Bed Base.


This ergonomically-designed bed with stylish charcoal gray upholstered frame offers maximum comfortability and durability. The solid construction is provided by stainless steel materials that are crafted to last. This 15 inches tall Adjustable Base has to retainer bars that hold the mattress in place as you adjust the inclination angle.

The two separate motors for the head and the legs make it easy to adjust either of the two portions. The head can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees while the legs adjusted from zero to 45 degrees. The twin excel is king-sized providing a spacious area for two. No need to put a lot of pillows behind you or between your legs warm and relaxing. A simple touch of the button of the wireless remote control will do the works for you. It adjusts to your desired reclining position when you’re working in bed, watching TV, reading your favorite book or having breakfast in bed.

The remote has a built-in flashlight that comes handy during emergency needs. There is a programmable memory feature that facilitates the saving options. By clicking the memory button, the head and leg parts of the bed will resume to your preset favorite position. If you wanted a flat position simply press the flat button for the head and leg adjust your desired angle.

Another cool feature of this electric bed is the two USB ports on both sides of the base letting you charge your electronic gadgets or devices any time you want. To use the automatic adjustment option, plug it directly into a standard power outlet. There is an option of using nine-volt batteries for a backup source of energy during usage. Every product is backed with a 10-year warranty.


  • Has a 0 to 60 degrees adjustable head incline and a 0-45 degrees foot incline
  • Includes a battery and a wireless remote with a flashlight
  • It’s manufactured using steel and polyester
  • Has a 10-year guarantee


  • It’s affordable
  • The remote control is easy to use
  • It has one available memory position
  • Has an included mattress


  • Has no wall hugging function
  • The bed’s height cannot be adjusted
  1. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base.


This king-size has a dimension of 25 inches weight by 79 inches length by 15 inches height and weights 171 pounds. With the adjustable covered bed base, a box spring is not needed. It acts as a platform bed creating more room for under bed storage. The adjustable comfort bed base is great for people who need to be elevated due to a medical condition as well as those who just want the lifestyle benefits of having an adjustable bed.

The head and legs can be raised and lowered using a wireless remote control. You can adjust the bed into four positions Flat, TV, PC lounge, zero gravity and programmable. The zero gravity position simulates weightlessness and is similar to sleeping in a recliner in this position. Most of the stress in your lower back is eliminated while increasing blood circulation which reduces pressure points. Zero gravity also takes the pressure off the heart and allows for easier breathing.

For your legs, it may be adjusted into three height auction that is four inches 6.5 inches and the highest it can go is 10.5 inches. While you lay, you can enjoy and relax with its three speeds separate head and foot doing massage bread convenience to USB ports are built in the base to charge your electronic devices.


  • The elevation positions can be programmed
  • Has a USB port and a wireless remote
  • It has 3 adjustable height choices


  • Has extra flexibility thanks to the adjustable height
  • It has a silent movement mechanism
  • Can be used with a wide variety of mattresses


  • The bed frame doesn’t last long and is hefty
  1. Classic Brand’s Posture+ Bed Base.


If you are looking for a bed that doubles your comfort, this is a great choice. This electric bed allows you to position yourself at its best angle, flat, zero gravity, working or watching position or lounge. And it’s nice to note that all your favorite positions can be programmed in the wireless remote control. The ergonomic design of this electric bed provides a lot of benefits.

The comfort posture feature removes pressure off the back while you sleep or rest. You can adjust the leg height to three inches, six inches or combined the two for nine inches. The adjustable base smoothly moves up the wall lifting you up as the base rises then gliding you back without necessary jolts.

Enhancing its amazing construction is the inclusion of three-speed head and foot massages ideal for distressing and relaxing purposes to activate them with a remote control while adjusting to your preferred position. You can also charger devices using the built-in USB ports at the base of the bed.

The innovative motor system of the bed operates efficiently. No noise and no hassle. The black matte steel frame is powder coated and framed with quality foam and fabric. To prevent you from sliding as you change the position of the headrest or the lower portion, a mattress retention rail added. Assembly is easy.

Just unwrap unpack and assemble the frame then put the mattress on the top. Voila, it is ready to welcome everybody. It works best with latex mattresses memory foams. It comes with a three-year worry-free warranty. Did you know that an improper sleeping position can harm her health? Thanks to the advanced technology that made this electric bed possible a more comfortable and healthy sleep is now within our reach


  • Perfect for use with latex, foam and air mattresses
  • Has 3 height choices: 3, 6, and 9 inches
  • It has a wireless remote control and USB ports
  • Has a 3-year guarantee


  • Requires simple assembly
  • Minimizes back pain
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Suitable for most traditional frames of beds


  • The bed frame is very heavy
  1. Reverie Dynasty Mattress 8Q-Series.


This technologically-advanced product features Bluetooth Smart connectivity where can connect your IoS or Android devices to control the bed. Just download the app and be amazed with a special feature. It also comes with the remote control that is highly useful. What makes this product more interesting is the three factory preset memory positions.

Those positions are flat, zero gravity and anti-snore. Sleep an ideal position with a flat feature. If you have a problem in the spine or lower extremities, the zero gravity position can be a huge help to achieve a comfortable sleep. Do loud snores interrupt your sleep? Worry no more. With the anti-snore position, you can lay with a slightly tilted head which is beneficial to improve breathing and prevent snoring. All of these features can be controlled by using the wireless remote.

This 80 by 76 by 16 inches dynasty mattress offers two programmable memory position that lets you save your favorite sleeping position. Are you tired of getting off your bed just to switch on and off your light? You can now have the power to control the underfed light just by using the remote control that comes with the stand.

It also has a USB port and two AC outlets Rican charger device. You only need four AA batteries to use the remote. Want to fall asleep in no time? The ultra-quiet massage feature comes in 10 different intensity levels. It will give your body the right amount of pressure it needs. You can either have a head and foot massage or full body massage.

Start your day with a smile. With the alarm function on the app, the only alarm that will wake you by lifting your head and by giving you a gentle massage. The split foundation design of this model has individual control on both sides and lets the users navigate their own space. Another feature of this bed is the four corner retainer bar that keeps the mattress in place and gives additional lumbar support. Another plus for this product is it fits most of the standard bed frames. You can also adjust the bed height according to your preference with a three in one leg of this 8Q series.

This product also includes a headboard bracket. To make this deal more irresistible, Reverie is offering a 25 limited year warranty plus extended ten years in-home warranty for parts and labor with no additional charge.


  • The head and foot can be raised to almost any angle
  • Has a Bluetooth Smart Module
  • It comes with a 25-year limited guarantee
  • Has a USB port and 2 power outlets


  • It works perfectly
  • Sturdy and looks stylish
  • Worth the money


  • The adjustable bottom doesn’t work
  1. Hofish 2S Adjustable Bed Base


It’s upholstered frame and grey non-slip high-quality fabric, adds a stylish look and the heavy-duty wire mesh layer is durable. The Hofish adjustable bed provides a new way to read, watch and sleep raising the head slightly to help with snoring or acid reflux issues. Elevating the foot a little bit, relax and let pressure melt away your ideal position for reading or playing is just a touch of a button. It is also equipped with powerful German technology electric motors and can hold up to 750 pounds when the weight is evenly distributed.

Powerful motors mean noisy? It is not the case when it comes to the ho Fisher adjustable bed. It’s noise-free motors ensure quiet and sound night’s sleep and you’d need not assemble the motor. It has two USB ports on each side, a wireless backlit remote control with nine programs in total and two customizable programs. You can position the bed in any way you want. The zero-G position is great for relaxation after a long day while TV or PC is great for watching or reading on the bed. The transition from one position to another is smooth and seamless.


  • Has 2 adjustable bed legs
  • Doesn’t require motor assembly
  • It’s very powerful with a 750 lbs lifting capacity
  • Has two USB ports on each side


  • It’s very cozy
  • It lasts long
  • Comes with Anti-Crushing Motor Technology


  • It’s not firmly built

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The Hofish electric bed comes with six adjustable bed legs the leg consists of two parts with one being four inches and the other seven inches. You can choose four inches, seven inches or 10.5 inches as you wish. Even if you adjust the bed the foot retainer bar will keep the mattress in place.

Best Electric Adjustable Beds Buyer’s Guide

You can choose costly electric beds with a range of functions or cheaper units that offer basic features. Here are several features to consider when selecting electric adjustable beds.

  • Features and Modes

What’s the inclination for head and feat? Can they be used at the same time? These are features that users should take into account before buying. Costly beds have “memory” modes in which users can program their preferred positions and quickly access them by remote control.

In other cases, you can press the buttons manually. Typically, high-end designs have one-touch buttons to get the preferred position faster.

  • Wall Hugging

Several electric beds have wall functions. When the head is tilted, the bottom part moves back to keep users near the stand of the bed.

This is useful if you want to pick the remote. For beds without wall panels, the top of the mattress is raised. However, you’ll be pulled further away from the headboard.

  • Massage

An electric bed with massage functions not only offers comfortable positions when relaxing and sleeping but also mollifies and relieves fatigued muscles after a hectic day. Some devices have complete massage functions, while others only offer head and foot massage.

  • Remote Control

Wired remotes are supplied with a cord and can frequently be attached to the frame itself. This makes it easier to find, but the cord can pose a trip hazard. Wired devices must be put on the side table.

Therefore, you require wall-hugging functions to easily reach them. Several remote controls can stand alone and are supplied with flashlights or backlights. Users can, therefore, work with them even when it’s dark.

  • Quality of the Motor

The best electric adjustable beds have quiet motors with a significant response time. Some devices take a long time to modify the preferred positions of the user. This can be an annoying experience.

  • USB

Many people use their electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops while in bed. Therefore, look for beds that have USB ports.

  • Mattress

If you have a mattress like that made of latex, innerspring coils, or memory foam, ensure that it’s compatible with adjustable beds. On the other hand, you can choose adjustable beds with mattresses for extra value.

The next thing you should be sure of before purchasing is the lifting capacity and frame weight that it can hold.

Final Wrap

Hopefully, you now know more about the best electric adjustable beds and how they can help you. Although many people relish an adjustable bed, they can specifically be beneficial to people who experience joint and back pain. They also help if you’re aged or have limited mobility.


Hello, my name is Vicky, I am a blogger and a mom of one beautiful daughter. I love travelling and most important of all, I love getting good quality sleep. I am in the hunt everyday for information that will improve the quality of sleep, and would love to share with you. Cheers!

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