Best Bunk Beds for Adults (Reviewed 2021)

Bunk beds may have originated in ancient Egypt. Their loft beds are crudely similar to the modern and comfortable bunk beds that we’ve slept through throughout the years. Although their true origins are unknown, it can be said that bunk beds have certainly come a long way.

Bunk beds became extremely popular when the military began to use them to save on sleeping space for twice as many soldiers. From there, it became a favorite bedroom feature, especially for kids and teens’ rooms. We’ve compiled a list of the five best bunk beds in the market today to help you make a more informed decision before purchasing one.

Better Homes & Gardens Leighton Twin-Over-Twin WoodCHECK PRICE
DHP Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed Frame.CHECK PRICE
DHB Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Frame.CHECK PRICE
Eclipse Twin Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed from Acme Furniture.CHECK PRICE
Your Zone Twin Overfull Bunk Bed in Multiple Colors.CHECK PRICE
  1. Better Homes & Gardens Leighton Twin-Over-Twin Wood bunk bed with multiple finishes.


Whether you’re looking for a twin bunk bed or two separate twin beds this product is worth consideration. With a convertible feature, this twin over twin bunk bed can easily transform into two separate units. You also get two stand-alone twin beds for the price of one bunk bed which is a real value for your money.

The product is shipped conveniently in one box and includes bed support in the package though it would require assembly putting it together is not an arduous task as a very detailed manual is provided. Setting it up can even be a wonderful fun bonding experience for you and your kids.

Conforming with US safety standards, this wooden bunk bed is designed for children 6 years of age to young teenagers and as fully equipped with guardrails on both sides of the top bunk. It also has an easy-to-climb ladder with four steps for ease of access. Specially designed to eliminate the use of box springs, this twin over twin light bunk bed can use only coiled spring mattresses on both levels.


  • Can be easily transformed into two stand-alone twin beds
  • Developed to house a mattress without a box spring
  • Includes bed support slats


  • It’s affordable
  • Firmly built and durable
  • Easy assembly as it has clear instructions


  • The package is somewhat hefty

Honoring the timeless Craftsman style, Better Homes & Gardens lighten put together headboards that are slightly curved and horizontally position with slats for the bunk bed. For various colors to choose from, its American classic look of solid wood and simple lines will perfectly fit in any room.


  1. DHP Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed Frame.


If you’re in search of a bed frame that can accommodate three children or perhaps one child and a growing teenager, this is your choice. Made with sturdy metal, this twin over full metal bunk bed frame has a weight limit of 200 pounds for the upper bunk and 450 pounds in the lower bunk. Parts and tools are packaged and shipped in one box. Assembly is easy with the provided manual containing step by step process that’s accompanied with vivid illustrations. Once assembled, this bunk bed stands at 61 and a half inches tall and has a width of 57 inches with a length of 78 inches.

The upper and lower bunks each contain 22 horizontal slats with three slats spacers placed evenly for increased stability. This also adds support for your mattresses making the use of a box spring optional. The child’s utmost safety is ensured by the 12-inch high safety rails that fully surround a twin mattress when placed on the top bunk.


  • Has a firmly built metal frame that’s durable
  • Can be used in a variety of places
  • It has a smooth, silver metal finishing


  • The model is roomy
  • Comes with safety rails, stepladder, and sinuous edges
  • Has powerful metal slats that don’t bend


  • May shake a little

Climbing is made safe and easy with the secured ladder built on both ends of this metal bunk frame. Crafted with the customer’s needs in mind, this twin over full metal bunk bed frame comes in multiple colors and has a sleek metal finish and stylish design making it a perfect space-saving addition to your bedroom.


  1. DHB Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed Frame.


This bunk bed is manufactured by Darrelle Holm products the leading manufacturer and largest importer of food tons, bunk beds and mattresses in North America. They provide unique and functional pieces of furniture that are perfect for houses and for small living spaces.

This bunk beds frame meets all of your needs and expectations. It’s simple, sleek, secure and stable. It’s specially designed for the utmost safety and provides full-length guardrails and a ladder that attaches to the frame making it the perfect safe haven and space saver and your kid’s bedroom.

It can easily be assembled even by yourself and does not require a box spring. This product accommodates two twin mattresses with a dimensional length of 78 by 63 by 47 inches in height. It has a weight limit of 225 pounds on the bottom and 200 pounds on top and should not exceed six inches in depth.


  • The front stepladder is mounted onto the bed for extra security
  • Can accommodate two twin mattresses
  • Matches well with bedroom décor
  • Available in white, pink, black and many more colors


  • Requires easy assembly
  • It’s firmly built and saves space
  • It’s cost-effective


  • The soldered parts are poorly done

It has a sleek black metal finish that can easily blend with all of the bedrooms décor. The black metal frame can last through years of rough play and provide a great night’s sleep. The twin over twin metal bunk bed frame is versatile enough to adapt to different lifestyles. It’s stylish and can be available in different colors.


  1. Eclipse Twin Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed from Acme Furniture.


It’s perfect for a space-saving bunk bed that doesn’t compromise on style or safety. It’s pleasant and delightful for your child’s bedroom with a perfect amount of comfort and personal space. This convenient bed offers a unique futon feature, a convertible bed with a foldable frame that allows it to be both a couch and a bed with a simple transition scheme built into the frame.

With this sturdy metal frame, you can be sure that Acme’s eclipse twin over futon metal bunk bed is made to last a long time. Futons originate from Japan and were used by nobles for centuries before becoming popular in the West. William Brower took inspiration from the traditional Japanese version and invented a futon sofa bed in 1982.

Security is one of the top priorities in mind with a built-in ladder on both sides which can provide convenience and easy access to the top twin beds while full-length guardrails offer added safety. It passed the American Society for Testing and Materials and Consumer Product Safety Commission specifications.

Eclipses twin over for futon bunk bed is designed to accommodate mattresses without box springs and does not require any bunk keyboards. On the top bed, you can put a twin mattress while the futon holds a mattress that can be converted to a full or queen bed.


  • Built with high-quality metal that’s long-lasting
  • Has a convertible futon function
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Easy installation
  • Somewhat firmly built
  • It’s a great value for the money


  • The package is quite heavy

This impressive metal futon bunk bed comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with different interior designs. The weight capacity of the upper twin bed is 150 pounds while the futon full-sized bed is 200 pounds. The package itself includes bed slats, hardware, and instructions.


  1. Your Zone Twin Overfull Bunk Bed in Multiple Colors.


It offers long term versatility and functionality and is definitely something worth spending your hard-earned money on. This space-saving bunk bed has a twin bed on top and a full bed at the bottom. As your child gets older and space is no longer an issue, this bunk bed can be conveniently converted into two separate beds.

Aside from the difference that it comes in two boxes, this Your Zone bunk bed requires assembly like any other bunk bed on our list. It also comes with instructions and hardware for easy assembly. As a safety precaution, Your Zone bunk beds have two guardrails on the top bunk and are equipped with a flat and sturdy four-step ladder. It has additional slats that can support a mattress without a box spring.

The Your zone twin over full bunk beds solid wood construction makes it durable and ensures long-standing functionality. You’ll surely find that Your Zone bunk bed will suit your style and it’s available in several finishes giving you an array of colors to choose from.


  • Firmly built metal construction
  • The upper bunk is completely enclosed in full-length security rails
  • Has long-lasting metal slats


  • Doesn’t require box-spring support
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Offers adequate sleeping space


  • Cannot be transformed to separate beds

Combining versatility and comfort, this twin over full bunk bed is a traditional design that can be aesthetically timeless and will blend in well with your home décor.

Best Bunk Beds with Stairs Buying Guide

When choosing the best bunk beds, there are a few factors to take into account to find the bed that suits your needs. This is because there are a couple of models in the market to select from.

However, when researching, you should consider what you require. Take into account the following factors:

  1. Children’s Age

Make sure you choose a bed that’s secure for your kids. Ensure the kid who sleeps on the top is more than 6 years of age because they are more cautious.

  1. Price

If you require more space for storage, make sure you have saved extra money because they are usually expensive. You can get bunk beds also without having to spend much because a simple model is inexpensive.

Make sure you purchase what fits your budget while keeping in mind the aim of sleeping. Also, compare the beds depending on material, elegance, and size for your requirements to be met.

  1. Home Decorations

Make sure you select the bed that matches the elegance of your home. Because they are available in many materials, colors, and styles, you should find one that suits your home requirements and doesn’t give your home a strange look.

  1. Space

Make sure you have sufficient space before thinking of purchasing. Measure the room dimensions before buying the bed. For example, the distance of the upper bed from the roof or the size of the floor should be measured.

This assists you in purchasing a suitable bed for your home without taking a lot of room. There are also bunk beds with wheels that save room required by your kids when you have guests. Besides, you should take into account the storage space required by your kids

  1. Bed Material

Choose a material that’s safe and friendly to your kids. The most common materials for the best bunk beds for kids are wood and metal. Purchase a bed with a secure ladder and stairs and they shouldn’t be too steep to cause accidents. Also, make sure the bed is firmly built and strong to last long.

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And there you have the five best bunk beds available in the market today. Needless to say, bunk beds combine fun and function and is a popular bed of choice for children and teens alike.


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