Should I Put Laminate Flooring in My Bedrooms? Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring in Bedrooms

should you install laminate flooring in bedroom?

The laminate flooring simulates wood, or even sometimes stone with a photographic ethic layer under a clear protective layer. It is made from high density, fiberboard for optimum strength and durable features. Today’s laminate is one of the most popular flooring solutions and a great choice for bedrooms.

Should I put laminate flooring in bedrooms? Yes, laminate flooring is great flooring for any bedroom. Well, laminate flooring is known for being strong and when it’s strong, it’s durable, so it impacts pressure, shock and UV light. It can withstand it all. So no matter if you’re a commercial use or residential use, you know the floor is going to last you for many, many years.

Are laminate floors durable? The answer is yes, they are very durable, but that comes with a disclaimer. And that’s because there are really poor quality laminate floors out there. So make sure that you pick really great quality laminate flooring. And what I mean by that is make sure that your floors are at least 12 millimeters thick and you get the best and thickest padding available to go under your floors

Why you should install laminate flooring in your bedroom

  1. Cost

So if cost is the main issue for you, then compared to hardwood or carpet laminate is the cheapest option. So it depends on if you’re on a budget or if you do want something a bit more luxurious, then laminate fits right into your pocket.

  1. Cleaning.

Liquid and dirt does not stick to laminate unlike carpets which have absolutely no place to hide, making laminate great if you’re a pet owner. It also is naturally resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria, making it naturally antibacterial. It’s very easy clean unlike a carpet. So if you do spill something, then don’t worry because it’d be very easy to get it out.

  1. Eco-friendly

For eco-friendly enthusiasts, 90% of the wood used in laminate is actually sourced from sustainable forests. This makes it more ecofriendly than hardwood.

  1. Versatile

Laminate flooring is highly versatile and available in many different shades, colors and styles. Wood impression is the most popular, but you can also, it is also available in stone, mosaic and even fantasy pictures for kids.

  1. They can be easily replaced.

So unlike with tile where you have to chip it up in order to replace it, and that’s a really big mess. And if you planning on keeping your house and turning it into a rental one day, you want something that can be easily updated and replaced.

Cons of laminate flooring

  1. They can chip.

If you drop something heavy on them, they can chip and they cannot be resurfaced. So again, it doesn’t happen very often and it takes something really heavy to make them chip.

  1. Scratches

The bottom of your furniture cans scratch your floors over time. And that can’t really be colored in at all. So put felt pads on the bottom of everything and your floors will always look perfect.

  1. High maintenance

They are a little high maintenance compared to tile. Tile is hard to break chip or scratch, and you never have to worry about water and they are easy to keep clean.

All in all, the pros outweigh the cons.

How to Install Laminate flooring in bedroom

Installing a laminate floor is an easy project you can knock out in a couple of hours or in a weekend, depending on the size of the room that you’re working in. By the flooring a few days in advance and let it sit in the room that you’re installing it in to let it get acclimated to the humidity in your home before you install it.

Step 1

The first step in installing your flooring is to prep the room that you’re installing it in and remove any existing carpet or baseboard. It’s important that your floor is level. So keep that in mind and check for level if you need to. With the exception of carpet, most flooring surfaces are okay to cover if you choose to.

Step 2

Next, you’re ready to start laying out the flooring to check the fit of the room.

laminate bedroom

Lay out a bunch of pieces to test it. If you’re working in an oddly size or shape room, it may be beneficial to find the longest point and snap a straight chalk line. If you working in a pretty small rectangular room, laying it out without making any initial cuts will only have a small strip of flooring on the far wall, which you don’t want.

So to split the difference, rip the first few pieces of the flooring from the tongue side by a few inches, and that will give me an even size piece against each wall. Make sure you rip from the tongue side and not the group side of the flooring when making your rip cuts.

Step 3

You are ready to move on to the next step, which is installing the underlayment.

laminate floor in bedroom

The underlayment works as both a moisture barrier and a pad to soften the feel of walking on it. Follow the instructions on your underlayment and remove the adhesive strip to overlap at each scene if it’s called for.

Step 4

Next it’s time to lay out the first course.

laminate in bedroom

using a laminate install kit that comes with spacers. I drop a few spacers between the wall and flooring to keep a small gap. It’s important to keep the gap, to allow the floor to expand and contract. If you don’t, the floor can expand and cause it to buckle at the joints. I t’s helpful to have an extra set of hands to install that last piece for you.

laminate in bedroom

With the first row installed, it’s just a matter of snapping in each piece as you go and tapping them in place with a tapping block and pull bar that come with the install kit. Make sure to stagger the seams on the floor and get each joint tight before moving on to the next piece.

Step 5

laminate in bedroom

When you reach doorways notch out each piece around the frame and center the pieces inside the center of the door jam. So you can come back in and install a threshold later. If you’re not going to continue the flooring into the next room.

When you reach the wall in each course, cut each piece to length, leaving a small gap where you can insert your spacer. This gap around the room will all be covered up later with your baseboard. So it’s not a big deal. Work your way all the way through the room until you are finished. That’s all it takes to add a laminate floor to your room. It’s an inexpensive way to get a really nice look.

It’s a little bit easier to have an extra set of hands. So one person can do the cutting and one person can do the install, but it’s also a job that you can easily tackle by yourself.


So if you want to install laminate floor in your bedroom, depending on the condition of the sub floor, the process will be a breeze. Make sure the sub floor is in the correct condition. Always follow the instructions. And on that note, on following the instructions, laminate flooring is very easy to maintain mop, brushing, dusting anything as long as you follow the instruction.

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