How Long Do Wooden Bed Frames Last?

How Long Do Wooden Bed Frames Last?

Furniture built on high quality standards should last long but each set has a lifespan depending on conditions during purchase, material used and care for the piece. Wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, but it’s ageing. You may find a dresser, bed, headboard or any other form of wood furniture faded or cracking.

Wood is one of the most common materials used to make bed frames and while this choice has some benefits, there are a few disadvantages as well. The main advantage of a wooden bed frame is that it can easily suit the rest of a house, as many types of wood are used in many designs.

How Long Do Wooden Bed Frames Last?


The type of wood is one of the key variables determining how long a piece of furniture will last. Hardwoods, which tend to be a resilient type of wood, make an outstanding piece of bed frames. Plus, there are a lot of variations that allow you to pick a grain and finish that suits your taste. Examples of hardwood include cherry, oak, ash, maple, teak, mahogany, rosewood and hickory.

One is not limited to hardwood, however. Quality bed frames can also be made of softwoods such as pine, redwood and cedar, but some of these woods are highly probable to be scratched or toothed. One would be advantaged to know the difference between solid wood furniture and veneer furniture.

The veneers are a thin piece of wood placed over a composite. Often used in solid wood furniture, but also on composites such as plywood or particle boards. These are less durable compared Solid wood furniture remains to be more costly than furniture made from other substrates because it has a longer lifespan.

The wood type, the build and the finish are the three most important wood. factors to consider when choosing long-lasting wood furniture. The two types of wood — hardwood and softwood — are distinguished by the kind of trees they come from.

Hardwoods come from deciduous trees, while softwoods come from coniferous trees. Walnut, maple, oak, plum, mahogany, and teak are among the longest-lasting hardwoods. Consider those choices when you choose to make a life-long purchase.



Often, when buying a bed frame you do not understand the noise factor. The structure is less likely to break because of the inflexibility of the wood, so it creates less noise. So when it comes to noise, the wood bed frames are a better choice.

They also have more style features and come in a range of textures and colours. Also wood with imperfections can be attractive — some wood styles obviously have nicks, cracks or holes in the surface — so damaged wood doesn’t always have to be tossed out like other materials may.

Such damage can also make the frame look antique, making it even more attractive than unblemished wood. You can customize the wood frames and make them sit higher than a standard metal frame or even place them under the bed.

Wooden bed frames often include support beams that run across the bed width to provide supplementary support. Many wooden frames do not come with a headboard or have no headboard attachment.

Although durable, the extra weight of the metal bed frames can cause the owners to encounter problems when it comes to moving or home renovation. Metal bed frame is a good choice but it doesn’t provide the rooms with that glamour that a wooden bed frame will provide.

An additional advantage is that the wood bed frames are considered to be robust, and it can be anticipated that they will last long. They normally do not need much maintenance and a wood polish cleaning will make them look virtually new even after several years

It’s clear that people make choices based on their skill and bank accounts. In another sense, you might need a more sturdy metal when you’re dealing with large size beds. A wood bed frame may be a more economical choice for you in that situation. Nonetheless, when you deal with large and small bed frames, metal is typically less costly. Frames with wood beds can be very expensive.

Advantages of Wooden Bed Frames

The advantages of a wooden bed frame are that it can be easily customized using various types of wood and stains. Some of the most advantageous characteristics of a wood bed frame is the large array of available styles.

People may go for a plain wood frame if they want a simple look or want to save money, while others may prefer a more ornate appearance that might include wood carved designs. It also gives you a special look as opposed to the more conventional bed frame. The good thing is they are easy to reuse, and are made mostly from a renewable source.

Metal is less susceptible to damage to water, to bug damage or to explosion. Metal is more reasonably priced. Sometimes the metal bed frames are lighter than a wooden one. The wheels are also mounted on a metal frame to improve stability. Often metal bed frames are adjustable which is great if you plan to upgrade your mattress size at any time.

Most metal bed frames have a center brace that supports the mattress, provides your back with extra support and is essential if you have a split foundation. Metal bed frames can be loud and start squeaking and crunching over time.

Metal frames are vulnerable to rust compared with the wooden bed frames. When iron and oxygen combine with water & /or humidity in the air, rust is formed. To help avoid rusting users, they must restrict the exposure of the metal to water or moisture, and seek to keep the bed free of dust and grime build-up.

Wood frames may be much heavier than metal frames, which can take longer to set up. One downside is that the signature wooden bed frame is heavy and not easy to push. This can make it less than ideal for those who need to relocate frequently, especially if they live in a stairwell home


A wooden bed frame is an excellent relatively stable option. Metal bed frames on the other hand, are affordable. The decision therefore depends on your preferences.

Are Wooden Bed Frames Sturdy?


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