How Long Do Gel Mattresses Last?

are gel mattresses good?

Gel mattresses normally have a longer lifespan compared to most of the traditional mattresses. When regularly used with the natural wear and tear, they should last for up to 7 years. In some cases, when properly used, gel mattress will serve for a good twelve years. Gel mattresses are very popular due to their comfort and the nice smell it has.

Gel mattresses were first developed by Charles Yost in the year 2006. Yost also developed the memory foam which was later commissioned by NASA to be used on aircraft seats.

How Long Do Gel Mattresses Last?

Many people have chosen gel infused mattresses because they are cooler to sleep on as they enhance great air circulation and allow heat generated in the body to escape rather than being trapped inside the mattress. In most cases manufacturing companies will have a warrant of up to 10 years so incase an issue pops up with the product, one is well covered.

Apparently, users of gel mattress are advised to get it replaced every seven or eight years of use. However, this doesn’t mean one cannot use it beyond the recommended years of replacement. Typically, it depends on the mattress and how it is being regularly used. This is an investment worth making as it can serve for a long period of time compared to the traditional mattresses.

Gel mattresses are incredibly getting recognized day by day. The reason why this is rapidly happening is that traditional spring mattresses came with enormous issues that many still find it not pleasing. For instances, when   spring mattress are used after sometime, you will find that there is hollow formed in the middle.

There is also the screeching noise, the uneven surface and what makes it even worst is the utter breakdown of the mattress within a period of six years. The discovery of gel mattress was a great breakthrough for the bedding industry.

Gel mattresses are next-gen level synthetic mattresses which are specifically designed to provide comfort ability. These mattresses have earned good reputations for its impressive contouring abilities.

Gel mattresses are very beneficial especially for those people suffering from illnesses such as arthritis since the contouring abilities gives  them an ability to support  and assist to ease the pain by reducing pressure felt in the joints.

Gel mattresses gain their form very quickly once the pressure is removed and can easily shape around the body .When one moves during the night from one position to another it will just shape around the new position instead of staying compressed in the old spot. This makes the gel mattress way more comfortable to sleep on without worrying of getting trapped.

By adding gel, manufacturers hope to solve consumers’ worries of the bed getting too hot. They tend to explain it fairly by usually stating that the gel helps absorb heat and transfer it away.

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What is the Gel infused in the Gel mattresses?

Unfortunately most manufactures do not reveal what actual chemicals they use in manufacturing their gel. This happens so as to control competition from other companies. Unclear terminologies such as gel phase changing material are mostly used by manufacturers.

Gel Mattress Types

There are different brands that incorporate gel mattresses in several ways. Some are designed with a gel-pad layer placed either on top or beneath the padding layer. Some incorporate beads of gel into the foam while others pour it into the foam as it spreads.


What are the advantages of Gel Mattresses?

Regains Shape much faster

Gel infused mattresses are designed with a plasticity property by which the shape of the sleeper is easily accommodated. This flexibility of the mattress helps to reduce joint pains/aches, avoid pressure pains and provide comfortable sleep. What makes gel mattress more unique is that it can easily spring back to its normal foam much faster than the memory foam. This helps those who turn more often while sleeping to have an easy motion.

Much Cooler

Gel mattress facilitates air circulation which enables body heat to easily escape. Sleep is guaranteed by the gel mattress without compromising its responsiveness.

Suitable for heavy-weight people

Most obese people find it hard to sleep in other mattress such as traditional. This is because it provides a little support thus they mostly feel uncomfortable when sleeping. On the hand, gel mattresses are very suitable for them because it easily regains its shape so it is very easy for them to get in and out of bed.

Low Motion Transfer

Most people have a restless sleeping pattern, that’s why they complain mostly. Motion transfer is a problem which is experienced almost in all mattresses. Gel mattresses are very good at avoiding this. The use of viscoelastic material and gel allows these mattresses to absorb the energy from tossing and turning rather than transferring it to someone sleeping next to you.

What are the disadvantages of gel mattresses?


One of the major concerns about gel mattress is the cost. Different brands come with different prices but generally gel infused mattress is more costly than the memory foam. This is less affordable for a common person.


Gel mattress is very heavy and thick which makes it so difficult to handle. One may be forced to look for assistance from someone else just to reposition it in the bedroom.

Not portable

Gel mattresses Are very heavy thus cannot be moved from one place to another so easily. Hence they are not suitable for camping .The gel infused pads and toppers were designed to curb this problem.


Gel mattresses provide support and comfort without the use of springs. Not everyone is comfortable with a spring mattress, that’s why they opt for foam mattresses for better night sleep. Gel mattresses are the best options if one is tired with the traditional spring ones.

They are able to support the back and contour the body for a proper joint alignment. Apparently choosing the mattress of your choice depends on your personal choices, the uniqueness and what you are anticipating to get from a high quality bed.

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