Can you Wear Waist Trainer to Sleep?

Can you Wear Waist Trainer to Sleep?

A waist trainer is basically a stretchable, but not breathable, usually nylon material that you’re supposed to put around your waist. You’re supposed to work out. And the theory is that it traps heat, it makes you sweat more and the theory is that it’s going to help you lose weight.

Can you wear waist trainer to sleep? So this is a fairly common question, which many people are pondering. And the answer is no, it is recommended that you sleep while wearing your waist trainer. Now, the reason for that is merely for your own safety.

If you’re sleeping, who knows what could happen. There could be a circumstance where you have a panic attack. When you’re having a panic attack, you need to take some deep breaths. And if you have a waist trainer, you’re being a little bit restricted with those breaths, and in that moment, the waist trainer is going to make you feel claustrophobic and you don’t have a way to take it off easily.

The waist trainer has hooks. It takes time to take hooks off and you need to be able to take it off quickly in that event. So it’s safer just to not wear it while you’re sleeping. You can get enough waste training hours throughout the day that you don’t need to wear it at night.

Waist Trainer can get Damaged while Sleeping!

Another reason why it is not recommended wearing the waist trainer while you sleep is for the safety of the waist trainer, so your safety and the safety of the waist trainer. That’s because when you’re sleeping, chances are you sleep in weird positions which you can end up twisted. When you’re twisted while sleeping, and you’re twisting your waist trainer for eight hours a night, it’s not the best position for your waist trainer to be in.

Those bones are eventually going to form to right position and you want to make sure that the bones are straight because that’s what’s going to help support your back. It’s going to help you get that shape, that figure. You don’t want to change the shape of the boning.

With constant movements if you’re sleeping in very strange positions, it can really destroy the waist trainer. So in attempt to better preserve the waist trainer help make sure it lasts longer, you don’t want to sleep with it on.

Does Sleeping with a Waist Trainer Help Lose Weight?

It’s simple, but it’s a great question. It’s gotten a lot of publicity. So when we asked the question, does it work? It’s actually yes and no. So it’s going to help you for that night. If you want to fit into a dress or you want to feel good that evening, you’re going to lose water weight. That’s essentially what a waist trainer is going to do. It’s not going to make you lose fat. That’s the take home point.

If you want to lose one pound of fat, you actually have to burn 3,500 calories. I don’t care how strenuous your workout is. You could wrap your entire body in a waist trainer, but you’re not going to burn 3,500 calories. So the point is, if you want to lose it, look, if you exercise, you burn 500 calories, a workout. You do that for a week, that’s 3,500 calories and that’s a pound of fat just wrong.

A waist trainer is good short-term. Get into a dress, you want to feel good that night it’ll work for that, but it’s not going to give you any long-term benefits

There are some downsides of this. One of them is that it restricts the function of your lungs. But when you’re working out, especially you want to take deep breaths. You want to push yourself. So look, if we’re not constricting our lungs, we’re going to be able to inflate, take deep breaths, get oxygen to the muscles that we’re using and that works fine.


Sleeping with a waist trainer is just not that comfortable. It’s hard to find a good position when you wear the waist trainer, it’s hard to fall asleep. You can get enough voiced training hours throughout the day that you don’t need to wear it at night time while you sleep.


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