Best Sound Machine for Sleep (Reviewed 2021)

Living in the city is fun. It’s like having a life where most people work during the day and get nightlife at night. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some are old souls who prefer a quiet, relaxing vibe at home where the sound of crickets seems almost ear orgasmic.

But the best thing is that we can get the best of both worlds, right? Live a busy life in the morning and relax at night with of course, a sound machine. A sound machine or commonly known as white noise machine is an equipment which produces noise that intends to calm the person, listening to it.

The sound could be in the form of sea waves, brushing waterfalls, or even wind blowing, just something serene and nature sounding. We bring you the top five white noise sound machines fit for you.

Best Sound Machine for Sleep

Homedics Soundspa Relaxation Sound Machine.CHECK PRICE
Marpac Whish Sleep Sound Machine.CHECK PRICE
Lectrofan Fan Sound & White Noise Sound MachineCHECK PRICE
IHOME Zenergy Meditative Light & Sound MachineCHECK PRICE
IHOME Air Fan Compact Air CirculatorCHECK PRICE
  1. Homedics Soundspa Relaxation Sound Machine.


This sound machine is ideal for busy people who spend most of their days fatigued. It’s equipped to give calmness and relaxation. Also, it drives you to fall asleep faster and get a night of better sleep.

Homedics has various custom features to offer. It’s engineered with six nature-based sounds such as the ocean, rain forest, waterfall, and a lot more. Its produced rhythmic sounds provide a relaxing environment. You may also control the volume high or low.

Turning it to a lower volume is fine and it’s portable, compact and lightweight. You can bring it anywhere with you. You can even put it into your suitcase before you go to work. If allowed, make your workplaces atmosphere peaceful, to be more productive. It’s advisable to use this when relaxing, reading or study. It makes you feel more focused.

This sound machine is battery-operated. Aside from the traditional power adapter as the source of its power, it will work with AA batteries. Set it to produce rhythmic sound for 1530 minutes or an hour, and it will automatically shut off after.

If you have babies or toddlers at home, the therapeutic sounds of this white noise machine are just perfect to calm them and get a full deal. Then the therapeutic sounds of this white noise machine are just perfect to calm them and get a full rested sleep.


  • Relaxing sound machine.
  • Easy volume control.
  • Soothing sleep aide.
  • Portable design.


  • Isolated cases of the machine stopping after several months.


  1. Marpac Whish Sleep Sound Machine.


This sound inducing machine has so much to offer. It’s ideal for any environment to experience calm and serenity. You can use it to make a peaceful sleep especially if you have kids, babies, or toddlers at home. You may also use it in the office to increase production at work and be more focused.

This sound machine is also helpful to block loud noise outside the house. In a single push of a button, get yourself the sereneness that you’ve always been wanting. Marpac, which has 16 sounds to offer which range from high quality white noise down to sleep songs, meditations fan sounds and of course nature-based sounds.

Although the sounds are relaxing and calming, the fan and dome sounds are not very well liked. They seem to sound like static noise. Better yet choose the sound that you think is the best fit for your mood to help you get relaxed right away. Adjust the volume to your desired sound level.

At night, you can turn the timer on and it automatically shuts off after the time is set. There are only two variant options for timers, such as the six hour and eight hour timer. You’ll probably wake up in the morning with the sound still going. So if you prefer to have it for an hour or so manually, turn it off instead.

This sound machine is in a white finish and can blend to any house or office interior. This product is compact and lightweight and you can bring it anywhere you go. It fits your suitcase or bag


  • Robust volume control.
  • Effectively masks noise.
  • 16 soothing sounds.
  • Compact design.


  • None.


  1. Lectrofan Fan Sound & White Noise Sound Machine


It’s ideal for home travel and office use. You can even bring it camping or to sleep overs. There are 20 different white noises to choose from that will ensure a good night and peaceful sleep. Choose from 10 different fan sounds in 10 white noise sounds. Fan noise is perfect for blocking the traffic noise or any odd sounds at night.

Control the sound volume from almost a whisper to loud, even extra loud. The volume of different sounds is customizable. The personalized sound volume stays even after you turn it off. There’s no experience of loop breaks too as long as you keep it plugged in.

If you’re leaving the house or in case of a power outage, you can still turn on your sound machine. It has two power options such as power USB and AC. If you just want to focus on getting a good night’s sleep, then set the timer for an hour or so, or you can leave it on all night long.

The assembly directions are even easy to understand as well. When you purchase this item, there are stores that give away cases for the machine. However, some are not able to send out cases. So it’s better to purchase it with a case to assure the longevity of use.


  • 10 different fan sounds.
  • Machine for relaxation.
  • Perfect for home use.
  • 2 power options.


  • None.


  1. IHOME Zenergy Meditative Light & Sound Machine


This sound machine features and engaging physical experience. It adds to your home and making your place more inviting. It boasts its led flameless lighting effect of a real candle and gold leaf style.

The flickering candle lights are set to three various levels. The meditative sound and light it produces helps one to sleep faster. This technology is inspired by the four seven, eight yoga breathing technique. This sound machine serves as a breathing and sleep coach minus the voice to help you achieve relaxation and calm body and mind.

This product offers eight Zen sounds such as thunderstorms, pink noise, oceans, and fan noise to block the distracting sounds around you. It also has a timer that you can program to decrease the volume as the timer ends. Choose from timer settings, such as straight five hours, one hour, 30 minutes, 2010, five minutes, and you can even set it to a two-minute relaxing mood. You can also control the changing of lights during use to lead you to a restful state.

The lights create a warm glow and peaceful ambience. This sound machine requires AC power to work, and it’s easy to start using with just a simple press of the on and off button. Despite being compact and lightweight, the Bluetooth speakers deliver rich and crisp sounds.


  • Sound and light therapy.
  • 8 recorded zen sounds.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Gold leaf style finish.


  • Several complaints of remote not working.


  1. IHOME Air Fan Compact Air Circulator- with builtin sound machine.


This sound machine is a dual purpose product. It has an air circulator, which is equipped with a sound machine. The dual speed fan works with personalized low and high speeds. There are 12 sound programs to choose from.

The white noise and nature-based recorded sounds are intended to promote peaceful sleep. There is meditation, Zen nature, storm drive, dream focus, quiet, peace, river and air.

With the fan, you can get better and adjustable airflow in your room. It reduces the room temperature and makes you feel the exact vibe of the program sounds. It also helps to block out distracting sounds in your area as you sleep. The direct airflow can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. You can easily pivot the head of the fan.

Even setting this item up after purchase is like a walk in the park. The instructions in the manual, aren’t complicated at all and it’s lightweight and compact, so you can bring it anywhere with you. And it’s not only helpful in making you relax and sleep faster, but you can also bring it to the office or study to keep you focused, calm, and a more productive.


  • Easy to adjust pivoting head.
  • Natural white noise.
  • 12 sound programs.
  • Dual speed fan.


  • None.


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