Best Loft Beds for Adults (Reviewed 2021)

Buying a bed can be a complicated affair. There are many things to consider. And if you live in a small house or occasionally need to host guests in your home, it’s important to find a bed that allows maximum utilization of space. A loft bed saves on storage and working space. In this review, we will present you the top eight loft beds on the market today.


  1. Coaster Fine Furniture Loft Bed with Workstation.

The coaster fine furniture full-size loft bed with desk underneath comes in a stunning black metal finish. The sleek designs are sure to add a modern flair to any room you place it in. It is designed with safety in mind and features like full length guardrails. The builtin ladders on either end provide easy access for kids or adults.

Coaster find furniture are known for making some of the best loft beds for adults offering a full length workstation, where you can place your computer and get to work. And also has a slide-out keyboard shelf for maximum efficiency. The large desk offers more than enough space and ensures that you’ll be able to place your favorite books and stationary on display.

The Coaster loft bed with couch and table is a unique and Uber space saving invention. Being composed of wood, it offers some of the sturdiest rails of and comes with easy step by step instructions.

Featuring one ladder at the front center, part of the bed, it also offers two small couches facing each other with a small table in between. The two couches provide an excellent sense of comfort and coziness to the user. The elevated bed is only designed to hold about 125 pounds while the couch is below offer a weight limit of 150 pounds


  1. South Shore Imagined Twin Loft Bed.

The South Shore loft bed with dresser comes in a beautiful deep Morgan cherry and also white finish. Not only does it have a well crafted and spacious dresser, but there’s also a shelf underneath the sleeping area. This is designed so that you can easily swap the places of the dresser or shelf making it extremely customizable.

Place the South Shore in a corner to create a large open area, making it great for any kid’s room. This particular model is composed of laminated particle board, as opposed to the common metal or pine, but that doesn’t affect the quality of finish in any way.

The variety of color ensures that this will find an easy place in any room. Composed of solid pine, making it one of the sturdiest on the list, the elevated bed also has rails around all four sides for safety purposes.

Offering a five year warranty, it comes, shipped in three boxes with easy to follow setup instructions. Once fully set up, it stands at a height of 78 inches, which is suitable for almost any room or living area though. Not the cheapest around, this is still a gorgeous piece of furniture with great functionality too.

  1. Dorel Home Products Abode Loft Bed

The Dorel home products abode adult loft bed with desk and shelves comes in either black or silver metal finishes. It is specifically designed with a small space in mind and caters for only a full size mattress, quite rare, but it also has two ladders, one on the front and one on the end is it means for climbing up and down and with the addition of four guardrails for added safety purposes.

It comes with easy to follow step by step instructions and setting up the small desk area for the user is a doddle, which is appealing for students and parents alike. A sturdy and well-built product , this is a good option for many people who aren’t fussed with the more expensive wood handcrafted types yet like the balance of quality on a budget.

It is constructed of solid pine and composite wood walls featuring wide mattress slats with metal fasteners for an extremely sturdy design. There no integrated desk couch, dresser, or anything else, literally a blank area to do whatever you please. And as you can imagine, this reflects in the price. The slightly elevated sleeping area has the all-important guard side rails for added safety, along with all sides of the bed.

And for any reason, if required, the company also offers a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, it also offers an entire line of matching furniture so that you can make sure everything fits together perfectly.


  1. DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Desk.

If you’re shopping for a twin loft bed with desk that offers a modern feel to it at an affordable price, then one of your best choices is the DHP X. It offers a black or silver metal finish that matches easily with most furniture and it has a slanted ladder in the front for ease of access.

As with most on the market for safety purposes, the elevated bed has guard rails all around the edges and underneath is a full length of desk option. By combining the bed with a desk, you can now have the best of both worlds and are going to be saving space for sure.

Only slightly taller than most, it stands at 77 inches, but it is still conveniently and cleverly designed for even the smallest of rooms, a good metal alternative that serves the same purpose as the more expensively crafted wooden alternatives.

  1. Walker Edison Sunset Loft Bed

The Walker Edison Sunset metal loft bed is constructed of high quality steel and is to be used with a twin sized mattress. This spacious design offers a 55 inch gap underneath and between the elevated bed area, meaning this open space can be used for anything you might want such as a desk, a couch, or even another bed.

For safety purposes, this loft bed offers a 15 inch guard railing around each of the size. For such a basic design, the weight capacity is an impressive 250 pounds. Available in black, white, and silver, it is sure to match any furniture that you might already have.

Offering two ladders on either side, it means getting up and down is flexible in choice. Although it’s one of the most basic it’s also what makes it one of the nation’s favorites and we can see why. This Walker Edison loft bed is one of the best sellers on Amazon and its category.

Best Loft Beds for Adults


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