The Best Baby Monitor for Twins (Reviewed 2022)

Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Infants need constant attention. Leaving them alone in their room or crib can cause anxiety for parents. Thankfully, smart baby monitors are now accessible and available to moms and dads who want to make sure that their babies are sleeping soundly and comfortably while they attend to other things.

Aside from the video and audio components, smart baby monitors also have advanced features like sensors, night vision, inner connectivity, zoom capability, room, temperature checkers, and more.

We’ve rounded up our list of the five best smart baby monitors to help you choose the right one to fit your unique needs.

Best Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics Video Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE
Nanit Plus Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE
Vtech Safe & Sound Audio Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE
Owlet Cam Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE
Motorola Ease 44 Connect Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE
  1. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

                                                 Check Current Price

It is engineered with interchangeable lens technology that lets you view your baby in a wide angle, normal or zoom angle. This easy-to-swap the lens also allows you the selection of the best focal length and customized viewing similar to a professional video camera.

The sound-activated baby monitor has a three-and-a-half inch LCD screen that shows real time footage. It guarantees 100% digital privacy because it operates independently without an internet connection or app. There’s no loading time and it gives you instant playback.

This smart monitor comes with a retractable antenna that magnifies the built-in sensor to capture all of the sound in the room. There’s also a two way or talk back function that lets you talk to your child or sing a gentle lullaby.

Other cool features to add to your convenience include the temperature sensor, infrared night, vision and remote pan and tilt capacity. The wall mount kit is also a nice addition to the package letting you find the best spot to install the monitor. It works up to a 700 foot range and easily connects with other baby monitor cameras when you want interconnected monitoring system.

The rechargeable battery delivers up to six hours when the display screen is on or 10 hours, if the audio only or power saving mode is on. This amazing product is the 2018 popular mechanics best baby monitor winner and 2019’s what to expect award winner.


  • Customizable viewing angle.
  • Full color LCD display.
  • 10 hour battery life.
  • Remote paint/tilt.


  • None.
  1. Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

                                                Check Current Price

This sleek compact monitor was one of ‘’Time Magazine’s’’ best inventions of 2018. It’s backed with user-friendly features that make baby monitoring more convenient for parents. Install this monitor, overhead the crib to get the best angle. You can also check your baby’s position or condition using the zoom and night vision or view angle.

It comes with a high definition video and audio that helps you monitor your child anywhere via your phone or any other electronic device. There’s a built in speaker where you can talk to your baby or play soothing nature sounds or white noise to help them go back to sleep.

It features real time sounds and motion sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, and gradual dimming nigh light. The smart sensors are very useful to keep the rooms condition and the optimum condition alerting you. When your baby wakes up or moves.

The proprietary Nanin insights app is capable of analyzing your baby’s unique sleeping data, helping you understand its wake sleep cycle and sleep development. It also offers personalized sleeping tips to help improve their sleeping pattern.

The personal sleep dashboard displays the length of sleep along with the number of visits every night. It also works as a digital scrapbook generating adorable photos during the sweetest moments that you can share with other loved ones. You get a free one-year trial upon purchase.


  • Sleep tracking and guidance.
  • Always be connected.
  • Making memories.
  • Safe and secure.


  • Pricey.


  1. Vtech Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor

                                             Check Current Price

This audio-only device features a pair of parents and baby units with built-in two-way talk back Intercom, like you comfort your baby with the gentle sounds of your voice from anywhere.

It’s powered by the DEC T 6.0 technology that delivers clear audio transmissions without the irritating background noise. The sound sensitive device also has a belt clip that allows you to be portable, letting you move around your home without a loss of connection up to 1,000 feet and range is parent unit has a backlit display that shows the level of sound in the baby’s room.

It comes with a five level indicator that helps you track the level of sound. You can also choose to hear sounds that go beyond a certain point so you can hear everything. It also allows you to set a vibrating sound or light cue as an alert when your baby cries or makes a sound.

There’s a soothing nightlight that illuminates the nursery. You can turn it on or off at the parent unit or the baby unit. It can work with an AC adapter or rechargeable battery that powers up the unit for 18 hours. And for uninterrupted monitoring, you can use both options.


  • 2-piece baby monitoring.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Volume control.
  • Easy to use.


  • No instructions.


  1. Owlet Cam Baby Monitor

                                                  Check Current Price

It allows real time streaming via the outlet app and lets you monitor your baby using a smartphone. Another option is to enable the audio feature alone, to hear them while you’re using your phone for other purposes.

This versatile device delivers high definition, video and crystal clear audio, which is ideal both day and night. It’s equipped with a 130 degrees of wide angle lens and four time digital zoom that provides a complete view of a room or crib. It also features room temperature, sensors, and auto adjust night vision.

It also has a two-way talk smart monitor system that lets you talk to your baby, wherever you are from the house. There’s also a background audio feature that you can use to sooth them all using the phone. You can even share the stream footage with selected people using Wi-Fi without having to worry about leaking your information.

This unit is powered by TLS connectivity and AEs 129 bid encryption that protects the data as you stream from the cam to your smartphone. It also allows easy access to the baby monitor when you travel anywhere in the world.

For a seamless ultimate experience, pair it with the Owlet smart sock to receive detailed insight for your baby’s wellness, like oxygen levels and heart rate. This baby monitor has an adjustable magnetic base and cable guard covers. It comes with a limited one-year warranty.


  • Use with the smart sock.
  • Hear and see your baby.
  • HD 1080P video.
  • 4X digital zoom.


  • Sensitive sock.
  1. Motorola Ease 44 Connect Baby Monitor

                                                 Check Current Price

This compact device is fully equipped with wireless connectivity for remarkable in-house viewing of your precious child. It works up to a 1,000 foot range. The diagonal 4.3 inch screen with support stand provides a clear color view, letting you monitor your little one while doing some errands around the house during the night.

There’s also a digital zoom function that features a closeup view, ensuring that your little one’s fast asleep. You can also check the room temperature and make sure that your baby is comfortable. For easy access, when you go out, download the Hubble app on your electronic device or smartphone to stream high definition video.

This app allows audio recordings of your voice or soothing sounds to comfort the baby while you’re busy or away. It’s preloaded with 10 lullabies audio books and nature sounds. This two-way baby monitor that makes caring for your baby more convenient eliminating the constant need to go into the nursery. It’s also equipped with a built-in high sensitivity microphone and volume control that makes speaking and hearing your little one extremely easy.

It has a visual sound level indicator and infrared night vision feature. When you’re out of range or the unit requires battery recharging, it’ll simply prompt you to call your attention. The unit is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • Secure & private connection.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Two-way talk.
  • Digital zoom.


  • None.

Things You Should Consider

If you’re expecting twins, you may be wondering what the best baby monitor for twins should look like. Before you go out and buy one, however, there are a few things you should know about choosing baby monitors in general, and which features to look out for when shopping.

If you’re expecting twins and have some questions about which brand or model of monitor will be best for your family, read on! Here are some tips on how to find the right baby monitor for twins that will allow you to get rest while they grow!

1) Split screen view

A baby monitor with split screen view is useful when you need to keep an eye on both of your children at once.

The advantage of using a twin baby monitor is that parents don’t have to constantly move from one room to another. This can be very helpful when you are running low on sleep, especially if your twins are born prematurely or have different feeding times.

In these situations, it helps if you can leave one infant’s room and still check on their twin sibling even though they are in separate rooms.

Split-screen monitors display an image from two cameras side by side; usually, one image shows video from a wide angle lens and is zoomed out for overall viewing, while another takes up half of the screen and gives more detail with a tighter camera angle.

2) Two-Way Communication

When shopping for a baby monitor, it’s important to focus on two-way communication. Two-way communication means that you can not only hear what is going on in your child’s room, but you also can talk back through them. This allows both you and your child to feel like you are connected.

While some monitors have an LED screen or even one that projects video onto your wall, these features aren’t necessary when it comes to caring for babies or toddlers.

You should instead be looking at sound activation, temperature alert, and talk back features as essential aspects of any monitor with which you might choose to work. These additional features will make all of your baby monitoring much easier and much more intuitive than ever before!

3) Two camera options

If you’re planning on using more than one camera, you’ll want to be sure that each one has its own microphone and speaker. That way, you can use two cameras in different rooms as a baby monitor, or keep an eye on your toddler while you talk on an open line.

Just remember that if you add more than one camera, it may not be clear who is watching at any given time. Some monitors have technology that allows multiple cameras or microphones and speakers to work together as your needs change.

You should never rely only on sound coming from a baby monitor; your sense of hearing goes out early in pregnancy and returns when your baby starts making noise.

4) HD cameras

While your twins will probably be pretty close during their first few months, they will start exploring and asserting their independence at around 4 months. It’s nice to have clarity while they’re sleeping and you’re changing diapers—or catching up on Netflix—so an HD camera is important.

(Most smartphones have HD cameras these days.) You should also look for baby monitors that allow you to take them outside of your home, so long as there is cell service.

Many of today’s monitors are Wi-Fi-enabled or 3G/4G enabled; these allow you greater flexibility when it comes to placement of your devices. If someone is looking after your babies at home or out and about, you want an easy way for them to communicate with you.

5) Good Night LED lights

As soon as it is dark, Night Vision LED lights will automatically turn on. They’re small and not bright enough to disturb baby’s sleep. But still, big enough for parents to see what is going on in baby room without getting up from bed! This LED will be off at daylight.

You can use these lights as nightlight when it’s dark outside or blackout lights when you want to avoid being woken by sunlight filtering through curtains or blinds.

For example, they can double as a gentle nightlight while you rock your babies back to sleep after they wake up during overnight feedings; or use them as blackout blind replacements instead of pulling out thick blackout curtains and weighing down your windows with heavy wood shutters at summertime.

6) Walkie-Talkie Functionality

You’re likely looking for an option that comes with both audio and video capabilities. Some baby monitors have traditional audio baby monitors—these tend to be easier to use, don’t have cords or batteries that can wear out, and are less prone to interference.

While video baby monitors are convenient, there are some drawbacks depending on what kind you choose: potential security risks, size of screen/monitor, and most importantly (for many parents), price.

If you have several thousand dollars sitting around, it might be worth investing in a high-quality monitor; but if you’re on a budget or aren’t sure you need all of those bells and whistles yet, then see if those compromises could make sense first.

7) Battery backup/rechargeable battery options

If your monitor is constantly going out, it’s important that you have a back-up power source. Monitors with rechargeable batteries and backup options are key here.

If there’s no way to charge your monitor, or if you don’t have spare batteries (or if those batteries won’t hold up over time), it might be time to upgrade your monitor. We recommend battery backup on any parent device that will be installed near sleepers. Even more so if you plan on having twins!


After taking a closer look at the best-selling baby monitors in the market, we hope you found our list helpful to get you to the one unit. Whether it’s day or night or reliable device like this, lets you help keep an eye on your baby.

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