Are Wooden Bed Frames Sturdy?

are wooden bed frames sturdy?

When it comes to bed frames, you probably know a thing or two about wooden frames. Basically, wooden slats have been around for decades, and for some time, wooden bed frames were virtually the mainstay material used to build beds.

Although wooden bed frames have been around the bed industry for quite some time now, you wouldn’t ignore the fact that they are still a crucial component of the modern bed support system. But are they sturdy? Do wooden bed frames get the job done?

For decades, wooden bed frames were a staple for our parents’ and grandparents’ old beds. However, thanks to advances in technology, modern beds are made from steel, which unlike wooden frames, offers a number of benefits. This is not to say that wooden bed frames don’t come with any benefits.

Ideally, when choosing a bed frame, there are myriads of factors to consider. Top of the list is whether the bed frame is sturdy enough. After all, wouldn’t you want to know whether a bed with a standard wood frame is firm enough?

Well, it’s of utmost importance to determine whether a wooden bed frame can sustain your weight while sleeping. This means that it shouldn’t squeak or produce any funny sounds that might interrupt your precious sleep.

Are Wooden Bed Frames Sturdy?

Whilst wooden bed frames are highly embraced today, it goes without saying that they equally come with their fair share of problems. But are they sturdy? Well, wooden bed frames are utterly sturdy. However, one key factor to consider is the type of wood and the mechanism of installation used.

That said, wooden bed frames come with a number of benefits. Apart from being incredibly beautiful, wooden bed frames are quite easy to install. Once you purchase these frames, all you need to do is to hook the side rails into the footboard as well as the headboard.

However, you should remember that the entire support system of a wooden bed relies on the wood slats. Without these slats, you wouldn’t have a formidable support for your mattress and your mattress would simply fall to the floor.

Even so, the quality of wood used to make the frames play an integral in determining whether your bed will be sturdy or not. High quality wood such as oak, is more popular and comes highly recommended. Apart from the type of wood you choose, it’s of utmost importance to check on the thickness of the wood used to make the frame. Too thin wooden frames will only lead to a less sturdy bed, regardless of the quality of wood you use.

Apart from the quality and thickness of wood, supporting feet reinforce your wooden frames rigidity and sturdiness. Remember that it’s the small things that make a difference. So, failure to have such support will significantly reduce your wooden beds sturdiness.


Is a Wooden Bed Frame Noisy?

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that can quantify a bed as sturdy. One of the things to check is whether the bed is noisy or not. In any sense, a noisy bed is not sturdy, which means that the frames aren’t sturdy at all.

Whilst you may not consider whether a bed is producing any noise when choosing a bed frame, it’s important to remember that a squeaky bed ultimately affects the quality of your sleep. And when looking for a bed that does not squeak, it all boils down to the bed frames used to make the bed.

The good news is that wooden bed frames are less likely to make any noise while sleeping on them. This is because wooden frames are sturdy and are less likely to pull apart while taking your weight. This makes them the best option for anyone looking for a bed that does not make any noise.

However, if you prefer metal bed frames, then this is quite unfortunate for you. Since metal is highly unstable, chances are that your bed will produce noise at one point or another. Even so, some may argue that the biggest determinant as to whether a bed will make noise or not is how you sleep or who you sleep with.

Well, while this is another factor to consider, its wise to remember that wood is generally more stable than other materials such as metal. Due to this, it is less likely that your wooden bed will squeak when sleeping on it, regardless of whoever your partner is or your sleeping position.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Bed Frames

Just like any other bed frame, a wooden bed frame comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

Advantages of Wooden Bed Frames

  • They are easy to install: Once you get your hands on wooden bed frames, you don’t need to do a lot to bring up the bed. Since the frames have been designed to perfectly fit, I stalling them is a walk in the park. You won’t need the help of a pro.
  • They are Easy to Customize: Unlike other materials such as metal, you can customize your wooden bed frames with ease. The best thing is that they don’t take long to customize and they are quite cheap.

Other benefits include;

  • They can be recycled to make any wooden item.
  • Wooden bed frames are always trendy. This can be attributed to the fact that wood can be crafted to your desired trendy model.
  • Wooden bed frames are always glossy. This is unlike metal frames that come with no glossy finish.


Disadvantages of Wooden Bed Frames

  • They are Costly: The best wooden frames come from high quality wood. While this is the case, most high quality wood, such as hardwoods, are costly.
  • They are heavy: Compared to other bed frame materials in the market today, wood frames are quite heavy.
  • They can easily rot: While metal can rust overtime, wood can deteriorate by roaring. Once a wooden frame rots, it loses its sturdiness, making it useless.


Depending on how you define sturdiness, your decision will always boil down to your personal preference in a bed frame. Even so, getting your hands on the ideal bed frame will mean determining the factors that you value the most in a bed frame.

It’s worth noting that wood is not only an excellent choice for sturdiness, but is also the recommended choice when it comes to limited noise and style. While they come with a number of downfalls, no one can dispute the fact that wooden bed frames are highly sturdy.

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