The Science Behind Why Your Mattress Makes So Much Noise: And What You Can Do About It

why does my mattress make so much noise?

It is very important to determine the source of the noise. The bed is made of various components which may cause the squeaky noise. These factors include worn out mattresses, loose screws, and even older metal frames.

When we talk about mattress noise, it may sound strange because different types of mattresses exist. Memory foam and latex foam mattresses do not fit in this category. Therefore, the focus lies on innerspring mattresses which are made with spring. The cause for the squeaky noise is worn-out coiled springs.

These mattresses are constructed with spring coils which include an offset coil system. The coil system is interconnected with a  wire making the entire mattress surface area a connection of metal. So when the metal rubs on metal, it creates the squeak noise.

Why Does Mattress Make Noise?

Causes of mattress noise

Innerspring mattress

The main mechanism in innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses combined with latex is the coil spring which supports the weight of the sleeper. The springs in a new mattress arrive in good shape.

But mattresses wear and tear and so over time, the springs lose their strength and get deformed.To determine whether the mattress is the source of the noise, you should place it on the floor and roll over to confirm for any unnecessary noise.


The box spring is manufactured from wood and spring and these factors contribute to production of squeaky sound. Actually the box spring is the common source of the squeaky sound in beds.

The box spring is bound to wear and tear and when this happens, the springs get deformed and tend to rub against each other. Considering springs are metallic, when they rub, they create squeaky noise. Wood also tends to rub against each other.

Box springs materials are connected on metal surfaces using industrial staples which wear out over time. The connection joints are to majorly blame for the noise in the box spring. It is advisable to rotate the mattress regularly to distribute body pressure all over the box spring evenly.


Foundations are made with wooden slats. These slats also wear and tear over time. Exerting pressure on the bed over a long time loosens the slats and clamps which become the source of the squeaky sound later on.

When the connections get loose, the bed becomes uneven, therefore the slightest movement on the bed causes the squeaky sound. The slats may get weak then creak but it is easy to repair or even replace with new slats.


The frame is also a source of unnecessary noise. The bed frames are connected using bolts and nuts which get loose with time. Failing to tighten the nuts and bolts causes the frame to move therefore creating friction and in turn making the noise.

Wooden frames tend to be sensitive to temperature. Therefore extreme weather conditions may cause the wooden pieces to resize a little bit leading to squeaky noises. The wooden slats in the frame remain unattached to the frame so there might be rubbing between the slat and the frame.

Loose Floorboards

The squeaky noise is not only attributed to the bed but also the bedroom floor. This noise is common in older houses whose floorboards have lost their alignment over time.

In such scenarios, the slightest movement in bed can result in squeaks. Therefore after checking and ruling out the bed and it’s components as the cause of the noise, the scrutiny should move further to the bedroom floor.

How to curb mattress noise

Flip mattress sides

Sleeping on one side of the mattress tends to exert too much pressure on one side of the coil springs. This will cause the springs to deform due to uneven pressure on the springs. Alternating between the two sides frequently makes the spring uniform.

This ensures that the springs on either sides take turns in supporting the sleeper’s weight. This technique increases the durability of the mattress.

Increasing tension

Considering that the coiled springs in the mattress contract to support weight. When there is excess space between the mattress and the bed, the slightest movement may cause the squeak.

To remedy this, you should consider placing a board between the mattress, the metal and the bed frame. The purpose of this board is to create tension ensuring maximum movement on the mattress without noise.

Ditching spring mattresses

Despite other factors that could cause the squeaky noise such as underlying box springs or bed frame, the spring mattress is a major factor. That is, when the bed is in good condition, the underlying factor most probably lays with the spring mattress.

Considering materials used in the manufacture of mattresses, spring mattresses ranging from pure coil spring to the hybrid mattresses made from foam combined with spring will eventually wear out and make the unnecessary noise.

On the other hand, pure memory foam and latex form mattresses are bound to wear and tear but even with that in mind, they will not produce unnecessary noise. This is attributed to the fact that they do not contain metal parts.


The squeaky noise is really frustrating and the first step towards solving the problem is to identify the source of the noise. This could vary between the mattress and the bed. After confirming the source of the squeaks, it will act as a guide for the appropriate solution. If the underlying problem is with the mattress, then it is time to replace the mattress. Other solutions exist for bed noise which includes padding the bed.

Squeaky noise is a sign of an uneven bed which may establish serious health problems or worsen underlying health conditions such as back pain. This may be caused when the spine does not align evenly during sleep.

When the mattress gets worn out and noisy, it means that the mattress also gets saggy. Therefore the body is not supported as it is supposed to for deep sleep, this may cause sleeping disorders like the rapid eye movement sleep. The solution is to get rid of the worn out mattress and get a new one.

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