Why Does my Mattress Make me Sweat?

Why Does my Mattress Make me Sweat?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Well, if you are certain that the cause of the sweat is not because of covering up yourself with heavy blankets or maybe you forgot to turn off your heater or even any underlying conditions, then the reason your mattress is making you sweat is because you might be sleeping on the wrong mattress.

By a wrong mattress, I mean memory foam mattresses. These types of mattresses tend to sleep hot due to the nature of their construction. Memory form mattresses are made using synthetic materials which confines on your body heat to offer support when sleeping.

Since they lack breathability of their own, this can lead to excessive heat leading you to sweat and soak at night. Some people are hot sleepers by nature, and a memory foam mattress can make it just worse. So it is essential to avoid memory foam mattress at any cost if you are a hot sleeper.

Memory Foam Mattress too Hot Solution

Why Does my Mattress Make me Sweat?

Apart from memory foam mattress making you sweat and uncomfortable at night, the sweat can reduce the lifespan of the mattress making it sag to the middle. Since a mattress is an expensive investment, then it is better to protect it especially if you are not in a hurry of replacing it any time soon. The following are some of the ways to help cool your mattress:

  • Allow space for airflow

Since you cannot create the space on the mattress due to its nature and construction, then the best way is to go to the space where the mattress lies on, and that is the beneath it.

Ensure your bed has plenty of spaces especially on the wooden board. Most people prefer a single spaced board, and this will just contribute to the mattress not breathing freely. In this case, the only solution you have is replacing it completely with one that has lots of space to ensure the air flows freely and easily.

  • Use of mattress encasement

Most mattress encasements are breathable which means they do not alter the temperature of your mattress and very noiseless which means your sleep partner can move around a mattress without the encasement feeling like a shower curtain.

Mattress encasements are waterproof. They offer a barrier to prevent and protect against the liquid we lose each night. Mattress encasements also protects against the beverages and other liquids that happen as accidents.

There is also a barrier that is hypoallergenic and protects against dust mites. That barrier prevents allergens from getting into the mattress and protects against the dust mite fecal matter that has been proven to be a leading cause of allergic reactions.

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  • Use a cooling mattress topper

Most companies have gone way and beyond making mattress toppers that aid in cooling preventing sweats. A cooling mattress topper is made using fibers which traps air enabling the cooling mattress topper to hold its shape and facilitate air flow. Using a mattress topper is a good way to cool your hot memory foam mattress.

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  • Use a cooling sheet

Cooling sheets are made of 100% natural cell fibers. They can be plant-based or wooden-based, either way; they are the best when it comes to cooling as well as sleeping comfortably. They have a silky and soft fill making them exceptional at wicking away water and sweat.

  • Use the right cooling sleepwear

Try high performance wicking pajamas designed to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. These type of sleepwear is woven with a microfiber yarn that has advanced evaporation and heat regulating properties.

This technology pulls moisture and heat away from the body and speeds up the evaporation process to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. So whether you’re active in sports, experiencing hot flashes, or if you just need relief from those hot summer nights, thermal regulating pajamas are the perfect solution.

One such Pajama is Cool-jams Moisture Wicking Scoop Neck Pajama Set you can get it on Amazon here

  • Keep the bedroom cool.

This is another simple solution to reduce sweating at night is to keep your bedroom cool. There are many ways of ensuring your bedroom remains cool during hot summer periods where sweats can be rampant.

Open the windows: take advantage of cooler outside temperatures and swap out the warm air inside your house with cool outside air by pointing your fan outside the window. The cool air will rush in leaving your bedroom cool.

Turn off electronics: If you have a heating element in your bedroom, remember to always turn them off. Also adjust your thermostat to a cooler temperature.

Use air conditioners: If you want an intelligent temperature control unit whiles at the same time a fresh ventilation, then an air conditioner will be your go-to. Air conditioners help cool the room, thus preventing unnecessary sweats at night.

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  • Replace the mattress

If you’ve tried the above methods and still unsatisfied, then perhaps it is that time to make a purchase of a new mattress. Just ensure you stay away from memory foam mattresses. The following are mattress brands you should consider trying out:


Millions of Americans suffer from temperature regulation disorders like hot sweats, hot flashes, and increased body temperature and it’s not always related to menopause, anxiety, diabetes, warm climates, but by the wrong choice of mattress which affect the body’s ability to stay cool in your ability to stay asleep.

To ensure you get a good night sleep at all times, then one of the above methods will help you sleep cool and hitting the sack the right way allowing you to have a good restful sleep without waking up at night to change because of soaking in sweat.

We all need a high quality sleep to help the body rejuvenate and get ready for the tasks ahead. Hopefully, this information has helped in a way to cope with your problem of mattress making you sweat at night. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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