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This is the best review of the TheraPee bedwetting solution/treatment. Do you drag your child to the toilet in the middle of the night and limit his liquid intake before bedtime to avoid bedwetting? Are you fed up with cumbersome devices ineffective alarms, medication and pull ups/ Are you desperate and in search of a real solution? If so, you need TheraPee.


Dr. Sagie, a world renowned expert in the field of bedwetting has successfully treated tens of thousands of cases since 1984. Dr. Sagie has found that in most cases, bedwetting is not a medical or a psychological problem, but stems from deep sleep.

Dr. Sagie has developed a unique treatment personally adapted to the patient consisting of cognitive behavioral therapy, exercises, feedback and other techniques. Dr. Sagie clinics offer treatment with the most advanced device worldwide, designed to activate the bladder control mechanism. The treatment is suitable for children over the age of four and takes three to five months. The treatment success rates are over 90%.

     Inside the kit

The TheraPee set includes interactive and personalized software as well as an advanced user friendly device just like in Dr. Sagie clinics. The TheraPee device is the most advanced, safe and effective on the market. It is not attached to the child’s body and has no transmitter. Therefore, there is no fear of radiation during use of the device.

It is 100% safe. The software is interactive offering comprehensive treatment that gives the child various learning techniques for the prevention of bedwetting. The child receives personal treatment according to personal parameters provided by the parents. The meetings are led by a professional therapist who addresses the child as if he is in a private therapy session.

Thanks to the unique software, the child moves from stage to stage with full support by the therapist until the child outgrows bedwetting completely. The professional supervision in combination with the advanced device is the real solution to the problem of bedwetting. It is offered by Dr. Sagie much like a therapy sessions in his clinics.


A Closer look at TheraPee Bedwetting Solution/Treatment.

For over three decades, Dr. Sagie and his international team of experts have successfully treated over 30,000 cases of bedwetting also known as enuresis. Dr. Sagie’s groundbreaking research and techniques are redefining the way bedwetting is being understood and treated today because believe it or not most medical professionals have no idea how to properly treat enuresis and most traditional techniques and even those so-called dummy proof home remedies you’ve surely heard about and probably even tried are fundamentally flawed.

As a result, many parents perhaps even you are making critical mistakes that could actually be making your child’s condition worse. For example, have you done any of the following:

  • You wake your child up in the middle of the night and take them to the bathroom because you think this will teach them to wake up on their own before they have an accident?
  • You allow your child to continue wearing pull ups thinking this will reduce the number of accidents?
  • You reduce your child’s fluid intake in the evening and think this will solve their bedwetting problem?

Have you tried any of these? Be honest now. If so, you are not alone. Parents all around the world have been trying these methods for decades. But contrary to popular belief, each of these techniques is not only incorrect, they don’t work. And worst of all, they can actually cause your child to continue bedwetting rather than stopping the problem.

Sadly, almost everything you’ve been taught about bedwetting his 100% wrong. Surprised? Not as surprised as you will be when you learn that the following 5 commonly held beliefs about bedwetting are also wrong too.

  1. Bedwetting is caused by a medical or psychological problem. Wrong. Research has proven that 90% of bedwetters experience no medical or psychological issues. Ironically, improper treatment can cause psychological problems. Do you know what the primary cause of bedwetting most often is? Unusually deep sleep. That’s right. Parents describe their attempts to wake up their child at night as nearly impossible and trying to give them to the bathroom is like dragging a sack of potatoes. Have you had this experience?
  2. Bedwetting requires zero treatment. As the child ages, the problem will stop. Unfortunately, this is also not true. Just waiting it out isn’t a real solution.
  3. The third commonly held belief about bedwetting that is totally wrong. A bedwetting child is lazy and wets the bed because they just don’t want to get up and go to the bathroom. As the parent of a bedwetter, it might be really tempting to think this is the underlying cause. You have to go to the bathroom. You get up and you go and if you don’t you must just be lazy, right? Wrong. Do you really think any child enjoys waking up in urine soaked pajamas in a urine-soaked bed especially knowing that their parents are not going to be happy with them?
  4. Medication is the most effective way of curing bedwetting. In simple terms, bedwetting is not an illness which requires a cure. It’s a problem that requires a solution nothing more nothing less. Children should not be forced to take drugs when there is a better more effective and less dramatic solution available.
  5. Finally, the fifth commonly held belief has to do with bed wetting alarms. Many parents and doctors alike think the purpose of a bedwetting alarm is to wake your child at the moment they begin to wet. They think this will teach them to wake up at night and go to the bathroom. This is not true either. Alarms were never intended to wake your child up. They were meant to work on your child’s subconscious in order to maximize the effects of a natural reflex response.

However, at best and on a rather hit and miss basis, traditional alarm methods have proven to be successful only 40% to 50% of the time and that is when they’re being strictly supervised by a specialist. Try it at home and the results are typically much lower. A so-called solution that only works less than half the time and only with costly supervision of a trained professional. Does that sound like a real solution to you? It’s no wonder that parents around the world continue to suffer the effects of bedwetting when there is so much misinformation out there.

Thankfully for you, TheraPee changes everything. As the first and only online bedwetting treatment in the world, TheraPee allows you to get outstanding results from the comfort and privacy of your own home and all at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay with other traditional treatments or in-person programs.

So what makes TheraPee TheraPee? How is that there is over 90% success rates in as little as three months when so many others have failed even after years of trying? The key to this clinically-proven treatment is an innovative system of therapeutic techniques paired with a proprietary software and video program that revolutionize the way bedwetting therapy is being done today. Best of all, you get all the help you need to end your child’s bedwetting from the comfort of your own home.


    Let’s take a look at what’s included with the therapy system.

100% online and automated: you’d simply enter your information in a customized step-by-step, and interactive program will be designed and delivered instantly online to you and your child.Image result for therapee photos

Totally private and confidential: because it’s all online, neither you nor your child will ever have to be put in an awkward or embarrassing situation in a doctor’s office. These uncomfortable visits are often more potentially damaging to your child than the bedwetting problem itself. And they’re not fun for you either.

Fully personalized: despite what others may tell you, the treatment for a 5-year-old child who frequently wet the bed cannot be the same as a 10-year-old who has the occasional accident. That’s why the entire program has been developed from maximum flexibility and to uniquely respond to your child’s individual needs.

User friendly: You don’t need to be a clinician to answer the questions. The whole system has been made as intuitive as possible both to setup and to use. If there are any changes to your child’s bedwetting patterns or circumstances, the system will revise the program at any time during the treatment. As you can imagine, this makes it so much simpler and cheaper than having to make and pay for time-consuming appointments with your doctor.

Positive and affirming: with over 30 years of experience, praise and reassurance are vital to the success of any treatment. Unlike other punitive techniques that shame and embarrass, TheraPee offers you and your child a wholly positive environment for optimal success.

Interactive and engaging: With state of the art software and video modules, you and your child receive the hands on motivation, inspiration and health needed to end bedwetting forever.

A series of specialized videos are coordinated to sync with your child’s progress so you get all the benefits of meeting one on one with a specialist throughout the duration of your treatment.

Best in class bedside alarm in conjunction with your online treatment ,TheraPee includes the most advanced bedside alarm on the market today.

Totally detached from your child’s body. The alarm has no radio wave transmitter so it is 100% safe and because it works in side by side with the treatment you’ll see significantly better outcomes than with standalone alarms. Plus since the TheraPee system was also created without any time restrictions, you can take as long as you need to complete the program without fear of mounting consultant’s fees that you’d have to pay with other programs.

As you can quickly see, the TheraPee system has been designed from top to bottom with one purpose and one purpose only to help your child live a natural normal and stress and embarrassment-free life giving you and your washing machine a well-earned rest is an extra bonus too

Remember, the sooner you start your child’s therapy the sooner your problems will be over. So take advantage of this safe and secure system and order your TheraPee bedwetting solution today.


    Learn More about TheraPee

So what is TheraPee and how does it work? Well, TheraPee is exactly the same treatment that is performed successfully in I walk in clinics with one main difference- instead of the live therapist your child will be treated by a virtual therapist. This virtual therapist was programmed to do almost exactly what the real therapist would be doing.

TheraPee includes two main features. The first one is STOPEE, the same advanced bedside enuresis this alarm that is used in clinics. The second is the software. You won’t be getting a CD with a 10-step-program that will be the same for every child. TheraPee program is tailored made to each and every child. It is wrong to treat a 5-year-old that wants the bed every night and dribbles during the day the same way that we treat a 16-year- old who wets only once a week. It simply would not work.

Image result for therapee photos

When you order TheraPee, in addition to STOPEE  the bedwetting alarm you will receive access to the online program. What does this mean? You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire regarding your child’s condition. Then on your computer screen, you’ll meet your therapist which is actually a real bedwetting specialist who will take you step by step through the process. In every session, you will be presented everything through video clips.

You will be asked to record your child’s response to the treatment on a virtual chart. The software will analyze the provided data, and an appropriate response will be given. Sessions will happen every two weeks the same as it is done in in-clinic patients. And depending on the progress, more elements will be added including cognitive behavioral techniques, exercises, interactions, positive reinforcements, feedbacks Statistic reports and more that will help your child to progress faster.

All these additional techniques aren’t time-consuming and will only take a few minutes. In addition, you will have access to therapeutic FAQs. Every question is answered by a video clip that demonstrates the possible solution.

TheraPee is very child-oriented. Kids just love it and it is also adopted for teenagers up to 18 years old. TheraPee even changes the type of speech when addressing a teenager compared to a young child. The program usually takes a few months. There are cases that manage to solve the problem in just a few weeks and other cases take longer. However the process will be contained until your child completely grows out of bedwetting. Moreover in a case of a relapse you will be entitled to recurrent treatment at no additional charge. To sum up, TheraPee is by far considered to be the best solution to bedwetting available on the market. It gives you all the benefits of a safe cognitive behavioral program with an advanced device, but at affordable price and from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

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Bedwetting can be a deeply frustrating experience for both the parent and the child and also know that it can be overcome safely and effectively. I hope that your child will become one of the many children who have been fortunate to overcome bedwetting and thanks to TheraPee.


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