The Wet-Stop 3 Bedwetting Alarm: Help your Child Stop Bedwetting in 3 months

The Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is an alarm was specifically designed with the intent of having a reliable effective cost affordable bed wetting alarm. As you know, bedwetting alarms are highly successful for the correction of bedwetting. Anywhere from 60% to 80% of children will become dry at night with the use of a bedwetting alarm. The Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm has been available since the 1970s. Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold worldwide and the newest alarm is the Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm.


       A closer look at the product.

The Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm comes with various components. It is a complete system. It is designed again for obtaining excellent results for children and even adults with bedwetting issues. The alarm itself is an alarm that is easily attached to the shoulder with a magnetic clip. This can then be put on to the pajama or T-shirt without even using a safety pin. But of course if you’d want to use a safety, pin you’re welcome too.

The alarm is powered by AAA batteries. Unlike the Melam and other alarms that require special watch batteries and expensive batteries that do not last as long as a standard AAA batteries, this alarm uses the AAA batteries and has a relatively long battery life span.

Inside the alarm after taking off the battery cover is the switch to change from vibration alarm or vibration and alarm modes. In other words, this alarm has the capability of producing five various very loud alternating sounds or to vibrate and to also alarm and vibrate.

The alarm contains a sensor cord that is very long, and this sensor cord contains a clip on sensor that you can see is easily clipped to the undergarments. This can be easily washed. It does not contain crooks and crannies in which moisture and urine can collect and make it difficult to clean. In other words, this is easily cleaned and easily attached using a standard phone connection device.

The alarm also contains an LED light on the side so that whenever the alarm is used or whenever it is activated because of moisture or urine that the LED lights and makes it easy to identify at nighttime.

The alarm was purposely designed to make it not so easily to deactivate the alarm or vibration modes. In other words, we do not want the child to wake up easily push a button and deactivate the alarm. So this alarm requires that you dry off the sensor, and push the LED light button or it involves disconnecting the sensor and pushing the light. So hopefully, the child or person would be more likely to be awake and alert in order to deactivate the sound and vibration modes.

Also included with the alarm is the complete bedwetting book on mini CD either. And this could be played in your computer. This is a book on bedwetting. It includes not only discussing bedwetting alarms, but discuss all the various other alternative treatments for bedwetting which may be viable for your situation including dietary, medication and altering daytime bathroom and bowel habits.  Nighttime wedding is unlikely to resolve unless you or your child have excellent daytime bathroom habits including bladder and bowel movements. You can find more information in the book.

Also, there is a reward system- a standard sticker system and a calendar, a cartoon calendar for the children to be able to monitor their success for positive rewards and positive feedback on their progress.

The instructions are in six various international language to include English, French, Spanish, Danish, German, Italian. Of course, the Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm is one of the best bedwetting an alarm in the world. Certainly, it is the oldest alarm system. It is the newest alarm designed and has testimonies from thousands of patients and hundreds of thousands of units having been sold since 1979.


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Video Instructions of the Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting alarm.



  • Very easy-to-use alarm.
  • It has low cost maintenance.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is one of the cheapest bedwetting alarms.
  • Small and convenient.
  • Strong clippers.
  • Light in weight.
  • Approved by all the necessary standards including FDA, Health Canada and ISO.


  • It may not be loud enough to wake up deep sleepers.
  • Rare cases of false alarms.

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