The SISU MouthGuard Complete Review


I just received my new mouth guard, the SISU Mouthguard and I’m really excited about it. I have this old mouthguard that I’ve been using that has sort of a hard protective outer shell, and the inside of the mouth guard is where you would form it to your teeth. The SISU on the other hand came as a flat piece of plastic and that means that you form the entire mouth guard around your teeth and it creates this really form fit.

I was trying to I was trying to find a mouth guard that allowed me to breathe in class that’s still protecting my teeth that I could speak while wearing and that I could drink water while I was also wearing it. So I searched and searched and the SISU who is the one that I have found that I’m really happy with. The SISU mouthguard is great. I can breathe. I can speak obviously and it also stays in place and one of the best mouth guards to wear during day time.

I’m really pleased with the mouth guard so far. I normally don’t talk about products that I buy, but because I’ve been looking for a mouthguard that would do this I was really excited about it so I thought I would just share with you my experience with the mouth guard. I would love to hear what you think about the SISU. If you’re using that they have a thinner version. I’m using a thicker version 2.4 for. I would love to hear what you have to say what your thoughts are. If you’re using different types of mouth guards so leave it a comment below.


SISU Mouthguard- Fitting Guide.

The technology behind the SISU mouthguard is more advanced than a simple and boil guard. So be sure to follow these instructions closely in order to get the best fit for you. Before you begin thinning your SISU mouthguard, wash your hands and the guard with soap and water. Fill a bowl made of glass or ceramic with hot but not boiling water. Be sure that the bowl isn’t flushed. Place the mouthguard in the hot water until it’s soft. You can use a fork to determine when it’s ready.

Now, lift your SISU mouthguard out of the water with your folk. It’s important to not let the guard fold in on itself where the material will glue together. Next, set the guard in your mouth and use your front teeth to bite gently on the bite pad in the middle of the guard. So that you don’t bite down on the perforations, it is recommended using a mirror. Hold the mouth guard in place using your teeth and tongue. Use your fingers to fold the guards straight up. Without stretching the material mold the guard up to the gum line on the front and sides with your teeth.

Now, quickly close your lips over the mouthguard and breathe in deeply to create suction until the material hardens. It’s important that you leave the guard in your mouth until it’s completely cool or else the mouth guard may shrink. Continue biting gently on the guard and keep it in place.

The guard should be needed too snug nor too loose. You should only be able to remove the mouthguard with your fingers. If you can pop it out with your tongue, the fit isn’t tight enough. Make sure the guard doesn’t restrict your ability to speak. You should be able to say SISU mouthguard with this mouth guard.

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Finally, double check that your front teeth are lined up with the bite. If your fit passes all three tests and feels comfortable, then you’re set. If not you can remold your SISU mouthguard. Just slip it back into hot water to restart the fitting process. You can also choose to remold the specific part of your mouthguard by dipping just the problem section into hot water and refitting that portion of the guard. If your previous bit was too snug, try remold and using less suction. Now that you’ve got the perfect fit for your SISU mouthguard, you’re ready to go.

Final Vedict.

With the SISU Mouthguard, you can get a variety and custom made mouthguards even for your kids. It is also the best rated mouthguards for athletes and the best mouthguard for bruxism.

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