The One Thing You must Do if you are a Stomach Sleeper- Dr. Mendell

This is another great and educative video and a transcript of the video. I thought it might be helpful for stomach sleepers.

Welcome. One third of our life is in a sleeping position and it’s so important that we sleep correctly. Although there are many people out there who can’t not get off their stomach. So this video is for you something you can do to better yourself if you are a true gung ho stomach sleeper. This video hopefully will do you a lot of good.

So when we’re on our stomach, the lower part of our back here called the lumbar spine becomes more swayed in like this. The curve starts to increase more causing more potential irritation on the nerves and it puts a lot of stress not only on the nerves, but in the abdominal region limiting possible inspiration maybe getting oxygen into the system which can be a issue. Although this particular technique by using a support under the abdominal area and pelvis may make a huge difference for you not only it to prevent you from awakening with lower back pain, but to make it much more comfortable.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a pillow underneath this lower back. And by doing so, this sway back that you have right here is eventually going to come back out like this again we’re going to put less stress on the nerve root. So what we’re going to do here, we’re going to have a pillow underneath our abdominal area okay, as well as our stomach. You’re going to put it underneath. And the pillow out in front of you here must be low either use a low pillow or no pillow at all.

Now realize when you sleep you have to turn your head to one way or the other but if the pillow is lower you’ll have to, you can’t get away without turning your head so much. Also a low pillow sleeping to the edge of the pillow can be a really important tip for you. Very few people ever mentioned this but if you’re off the edge of the pillow your head can be smooth and a thing through position or not near as much turn 45 degrees or 90 degrees left it to the right.

So the arm position should not be way up like this because you can cause compression on the nerve to brachial plexus that runs through that area. We call it thoracic outlet syndrome. You may be compressing on the bundle of the nerve branch. But by bringing your arms bent in keeping your hands close to your hold would be your optimal position.  So there you have it. I hope that this makes a lot of sense to you and I hope it really helps you. But while sleeping on that stomach, get that pillow. You can get a little fluffy pillow a lot more than this. This is the cervical pillow. Get a nice pillow underneath that abdominal area and that pelvic area will actually help bring that sway back that you would have had. Back out again and hopefully make you feel a whole lot better.

Leave your comments below and most important, make it a great day. I’m Dr. Alan Mandell.

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