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The Best Weighted Blankets(Reviews and Buyer Guide)

Weighted blankets are the newest trend in the bedding industry. They’ve become a highly popular sleeping accessory because of their natural ability to induce the release of happy hormones enhancing sleep duration and quality. The reduction of cortisol and release of more serotonin decreases blood pressure and heart rate levels while promoting a healthier lifestyle. If you’re considering buying a weighted blanket for yourself or your family,, this guide will help you limit your options and choose among the most preferred brands in the market.

We’ve reviewed five of the top selling products based on their performance, user experiences and beneficial features to help you pick the best one that will fit your needs. Stay with us as we present the five best weighted blankets in the market. Let’s begin.

  1. Quilty Premium Weighted Blanket and removable cover.


It’s for adults and children with different weights and sizes. It’s available in seven weighed options from five to 25 pounds. There is always a match for your preferences helping you enjoy the comfort and benefits of this super comfy blanket. It uses 100 percent natural cotton that emulates a gentle feel of being hugged while sleeping. It’s filled with quality glass beads that are safely secured in small polyester pockets to prevent leakage.

There are weighted inserts at all four corners to keep the original shape of the blanket and prevent an uneven distribution. These features promote sound sleep and a feeling of being refreshed when you wake up because of deep firm pressure simulation. The removable flannel duvet cover is exceptionally soft and breathable. The additional two layers of microfiber padding inside the blanket are designed to provide better temperature control.

It absorbs body heat keeping, you cool during hot humid nights and warm during the cold season. It’s built to give year round comfort and warmth. For non-hassle washing or air drying, simply untie the six strings that are strategically placed in the interior part. It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

  1. ZoneLi Weighted Blanket.


This premium blanket suits children, teens and adults between 90 to 300 pounds. It comes in full, twin, queen and king sizes. It has eight available options to choose from: seven and 12 pounds for children while for youth and adults the choices are 15, 17, 20, 22, 25 and 30 pounds. This blanket with a weighted loop reinforcement feature is good for people who are having trouble getting a sound sleep at night.

There are eight loops that ensure even weight the distribution allowing the blanket to cover the body comfortably. The soft breathable cotton cover keeps sleepers cool and comfortable promoting healthier and better sleep. It uses nontoxic hypoallergenic and odorless glass beads that are safely placed in double microfiber layers inside to prevent leakage. The filling is non-glue polyester which is earth and user friendly. This premium weighted blanket uses an improved technology that makes it more durable and a cooler blanket compared with ordinary heavy blankets.

Every blanket goes through an inspection conducted by a professional quality control team checking every step of the manufacturing process. The finished product guarantees excellent construction, durable materials and superior performance. When cleaning it, wash it with your washing machine on a gentle setting and lay it flat to air dry.

  1. YnM Weighted Blanket.


This is a premium grade brand that simulates the relaxing feeling of being gently cuddle, promoting a sounder and deeper sleep throughout the night. It has a seven layer innovative system that ensures sleepers experience ultimate comfort. This design lets the weighted blanket form to your body shape as it surrounds you during sleep. The limited microfiber contents encourage better temperature control and keep your cool.

Adding to its durability is the inner pockets that help the blanket adapt and conform excellently to your body. The high density plastic beads are evenly distributed in the center layer and are wrapped with soft fabric. The beads are secured by an individual inner compartment to prevent, leakage movement and noise that most thinner blankets give sleepers. There are five weighted inserts that distribute the beads evenly along the blankets dimension.

It’s available in 10 weighed options from 5 to 30 pounds that accommodate adults and children regardless of their body weight. To find the most comfortable weight for your child, choose one which is 10% of their body weight. The weighted blankets for children come in various cute patterns and use super soft manky fabric or Breathable cotton material.

Every product is backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and a three year manufacturer warranty. It’s essential to get a weighted blanket with a removable cover that’s made of high grade breathable cotton or wool. Avoid synthetic materials that are warmer and less breathable. Other things you may consider are prices and the after sale services that guarantee the manufacturers accountability

  1. Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket.


It’s made up of 100% cotton that guarantees 10% pressure on your body helping you sleep better and waking up with more energy for the next day. The gentle pressure that is similar to a hug encourages restful and relaxing slumber that’s essential for good health. It can be used to warm yourself while reading, working or watching your favorite shows. The premium of fabric material is enhanced with super comfy and soft cotton filler.

The seven layer structure of this heavy blanket begins with a breather cotton fabric followed by two extra layers of polyester that prevent leakage. The third and central layer contains premium glass beads. The next layer is of a non-glue padding that surrounds the beads. Another layer is constructed with individual compartments where the beads are embedded and the last layer has eight tough bandages to secure the duvet cover.

This versatile weighted blanket uses new sewing techniques to ensure durability and long lasting this. There is also extra lighting added to prevent bead leakage. The pockets are made of smaller and evenly filled with sand sized bead pellets that are also eco-friendly. These improve features offer great comfort and restful sleep. Each weighted blanket passes strict quality inspection to ensure product quality and leak free hassle free performance. It’s built to provide all day all night and year round comfort. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase you can get a full refund no questions asked.

  1. Gravity Weighted Blanket for sleep stress and anxiety.


It’s considered the most therapeutic weighted blanket because it harnesses the power of appropriate supportive input or deep touch pressure simulation. It works by stimulating the key pressure points in the body that are associated with mood, relaxation and sleep. This premium blanket is engineered and encouraged all natural relaxation and sleep with its additional 10% weight that simulates the feeling of being embraced.

It effectively minimizes body movement enabling you to have deeper rapid eye movement or REM cycles. The added weight stimulates greater production of melatonin and serotonin while reducing the level of cortisol. All of these induce calming and relaxing effects on the central nervous system eliminating stress, anxiety and restless sleep. This highly popular weighted blanket measures 72 by 48 inches.

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It’s made of premium microfiber material which is so soft and comfortable giving you a fantastic sleeping experience. The gridded stitching eliminates the issue of uneven distribution of internal micro beats. There are internal clasps that secure the blanket in place inside its removable cover. Handwashing is recommended for this weighted blanket while the cover is machine washable.

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