The Best Upright Freezers to Purchase on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

Has your household gets larger, it’s necessary to upgrade your freezer. The reason why more and more people are switching to an upright freezer is because it has more space than a chest freezer. Upright freezers look like a standard refrigerator, but offer larger storage for your frozen items. It comes with door bins, drawers, baskets and shelves that help you customize your storage space. These types of freezers are solid and convenient options because they easily fit into any storage space in a kitchen basement or garage.

If you’re not sure where and how to start your search for the best upright freezers, don’t worry because we can guide you through that process. So now here are the five and top rated brands and models on the market today. If you’re ready to review them let’s begin.

  1. The Frigidaire 13.8 Cubic Foot Frost Free Upright Freezer.


This all white appliances designed engineered and manufactured in the USA. It boasts innovative features that bring more accessibility inconvenience to its users. The adjustable thermostat lets you choose the right temperature for your frozen foods. It uses a brighter LED theater lighting that naturally illuminates the interior space. The optimized visibility eliminates the hassle of spending a lot of time digging around for what you need.

This American pride kitchen appliance is equipped with state of the art components that operate in 115 volts making it 24% more energy efficient than other models. The frost-free operation technology it uses ensures maximum performance helping you utilize your precious time with other chores. It also features a lock with pop out key that automatically Jacks when you lock the door.

This free standing upright freezer has an approximate width of 30 inches on the outside with a cabinet depth of 27 and a half inches. Its general dimensions are 29 inches wide by 61 inches high and 32 and a half inches deep.

  1. MAYTAG 15.7 Cubic Foot Frost Free Upright Freezer.


Engineered designed and assembled in the USA is high performing freezer has enough storage to accommodate all your frozen foods and needs that suits your family’s needs. It comes in a classic white with a reversible swinging door which gives you the option to orient the opening helping you find just the right area to position your freezer and your kitchen basement or garage.

The frost-free feature of the freezer eliminates the necessity of manual defrosting. It has reliable temperature control components which include the fast freeze option, freezing food items thoroughly by dropping to the coldest temperature for 24 hours. The LED lighting provides adequate illumination to keep everything visible. With a 30 and a quarter by 29.18 by 60 and a quarter inch dimension, it offers a large interior with customizable space. The generous shelf space in the door with its three adjustable full with wire shelves in the main compartment and five fixed full with door bends makes storing and organizing different types of food items much easier.

Another great feature of this upright freezer is the storage gate on the bottom part which is great for corralling larger items that you don’t want to slip off whenever you open the door. This energy efficient Maytag upright freezer is covered with a 10-year limited parts warranty on the compressor and a limited one year warranty for the entire product.

  1. The GE Arage Ready 14.1 Cubic Foot Frost Free Upright Freezer.


GE is known to produce high quality appliances that use advanced technology to simplify your life. This white classic freezer is no exception because it boasts amazing features. It offers a garage-ready performance which passed the strict standard of the industry. It ensures its capability to work from zero to minus 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The compressor of this freezer can efficiently handle extreme heat with its capacity to run often and for extended periods. It starts up easily to sustain the ideal temperature inside the freezer. The temperature visual and audio alarms instantly alert you if there is a sudden increase of temperature. With all these elements, it’s no surprise that this kitchen appliance holds the record of being the industry’s highest rated upright freezer.

It comes in a variety of sizes helping you find the perfect fit for your space and needs. The automatic LED lighting illuminates the interior whenever you open the door helping you find what you need easily. It features four full with clear freezer door bins, two clear freezer drawers and four adjustable freezer shelves. The frost free upright freezer eliminates frost buildup which is a great advantage for those who find manual defrosting to be time consuming.

The larger capacity helps you store a lot of food for your family’s consumption. The easy to set exterior electronic controls help you set the necessary level of cooling temperature to keep your foods in their best condition without having to open the door and preventing cold air from getting out. It also comes with a safety lock and key against unintentional injury. This unit is also covered with a limited one year warranty.

  1. The Electrolux IQ Touch 18.6 Cubic Foot Upright Freezer.


This stylish freezer has stainless steel finish that enhances the look of any kitchen. It features essential components that you need to store frozen vegetables, meat, products like pizza and other perishable goods. It has 19.7 square feet of interior shelf space that can accommodate everything you need. The  two mid level luxury glide full width freezer baskets and Electrolux trademark help you organize the frozen foods so getting what you need becomes easier. They’re ideal for items that easily get lost or slide off. The deep drawer design stores larger items within your reach. They’re easy to clean adjustable glass shelves are convenient for customization of your storage.

For configuration and multiple heights, optimal trim kits are also available. This sleek kitchen appliances well equipped with a built in automatic ice maker with large bucket that ensures adequate ice whenever you need. The soft free zone lets you store your favorite frozen treats and ice cream. With the frost free operation future, the manual defrost is eliminated. The interior controls are placed upfront for more convenient management of the temperature.

The advanced system combines the electronic sensors and electronic controls to sustain the freezing temperature that lengthens the use of your food. Lastly, the IQ Touch upright freezer comes with an alarm system that notifies you when the interior temperature increases above 56 degrees. It will also tell you when the door’s been open for over five minutes or if there’s a power failure. The CSA certified product is covered with a one year limited warranty.

  1. The Whirlpool 17.7 Cubic Foot Sidekicks Frost Free Upright Freezer.


It comes in monochromatic stainless steel which is classic and elegant in appearance. This model offers all the functionality of a traditional freezer plus the innovative fast freeze feature. It also has an auto defrost component so that means no more manual defrosting. It has a spacious storage area for all your basic and favorite frozen foods. You can easily customize its functionality by using the adjustable door bins, glass shelves and storage basket for smaller items. It also provides a special pizza pocket that can hold a large pizza.

Another nice feature of this freezer is the LED interior lighting that helps you see the items easily in their natural condition. The upfront electronic temperature control is integrated into the interior so it allows you to customize your freezing point. There is a dependable temperature monitor that automatically alarms you when the freezer becomes too cold for your stored foods. If anyone leaves the freezer door, open the door alarm will instantly notify you to prevent the escape of cold air.

This 31 by 66 by 30 inch Whirlpool upright freezer features a recessed handle that can add sophisticated appeal to any type of kitchen. It is for UL certified and covered by a limited 12 year warranty. Well that’s all for our review of the best five upright freezers. We hope we helped you find the one that’s perfect for your needs, preferences in space.

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