The Best Readily Available Natural Remedy to help you Sleep Instantly.

Sleeplessness influences memory, thinking and performance, reduces the ability to memorize concentrate and perform tasks emphasizing nervousness, irritability and anxiety. After a sleepless night or a night in which we tried to fall asleep but without success, the next day we faced with a tired state of fatigue but also with migraines. And it’s not surprising that the effects of a last night can be seen on our face which is lose the color and shine and also the black bags under the eyes which grow and swell.

Long term insomnia promotes weight gain, decreased immunity, lack of sleep leading to decreased ability of the body to fight disease and to heal itself, decreases libido thereby affecting sexual activity can be a risk factor for infertility, abortion or depression and also can develop infections such as diabetes and heart disease. In extreme cases of insomnia, death can occur because the body cannot resist without sleep for more than 7 10 days.

Sleeping pills are not a solution because we can become addicted quickly destroying other components of our lives. If you are among those who are affected by lack of sleep, there are several natural remedies which restore sleep help us to wake up rested and in a good mood.

Natural Remedy.

One of these natural remedies against sleep deprivation reduces cortisol levels and helps to relax your body and mind. This remedy contains three ingredients which help the body to last through the night in their mixture reduces stress and relieves hormones. So if you follow this recipe, you will wake up the next morning more relaxed and refreshed. This natural treatment is good for both men and women, but also for children of course, if they do not develop intolerance or allergy to any of the ingredients.

To prepare this remedy for lack of sleep we need a teaspoon of coconut oil, a quarter teaspoon of raw honey and a pinch of knife with sea salt. Mix the coconut oil and honey and then add the sea salt stir and take one tablespoon of the mixture, then drink a glass of water.

Why this combination?

  • Coconut fat gives body energy overnight consumed before sleep.
  • Coconut oil prevents your blood glucose level from rising and you will not get hungry anymore.
  • Honey helps you sleep better because it provides the right amount of liver glycogen storage to provide the necessary energy for the brain. And if this level is not ensured, the adrenal glands eliminate more stress and adrenaline hormones.

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Sea salt is another useful ingredient before getting into bed because it helps in lowering stress hormone levels.

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