The Best Backpack Sprayer(Detailed Review)

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, using backpack sprayers to apply different kinds of solutions on plants or crops is one of the safest most efficient and cost effective ways to keep unwanted weeds, pests and insects away from crops or plants. It allows you to spray on target areas that need to be treated without the danger of getting them in places where they’re not supposed to be. And that’s why it’s a go to tool for people who want to get the job done perfectly.

With so many choices out there in the market, it can be pretty time-consuming to pore through the specs of each one and every item on the shelf. So what can you do to make your choice easier? Today, we’ll help you make the right decision by counting down the top five best sprayers in the market.

  1. Milwaukee’s M18 Switch Tank.


This backpack sprayer kit is the first in the industry with an interchangeable tank design that lets you switch the entire assembly without the risk of cross chemical contamination. This sprayer system has two components. The first, is the switch tank powered base that’s equipped with a battery operated motor, battery compartment and ready link electronics which is part of the entire Milwaukee M18 system. The second is the interchangeable tank assembly which is its main feature. Each tank is designed with an isolated pump hose and want to prevent cross chemical contamination and minimize the cost of ownership. This means you only need to buy the part that needs replacement without needing to purchase the entire kit.

That’s one of the reasons why the Milwaukee’s M18 Switch Tank made it to our list. It’s powerful M18 red Lithium XC 3.0 battery gives it a maximum spraying capacity of up to 12 tanks per charge, so you have efficient and fast application every time. The kit also comes with an M18 and M12 multi voltage charger. Its 5 mode pressure adjustment knob can provide up to 120 PSR of power that can spray up to a distance of 25 feet.

The M18 Switch Tank features a four gallon sprayer tank assembly that has a dual diaphragm pump and has the longevity you could ever hope for an equality sprayer It’s fitted with Vytorin seals for extra resistance and durability that can withstand harsh chemicals. The tanks feature a wide mouth opening and strainer for pouring liquids while keeping any unwanted debris from getting inside. It’s attached to a backpack frame with wide padded straps they make it comfortable to use during long applications.

  1. Ryobi Oneplus 4-Gallon Backpack Chemical Sprayer


Offering convenience and comfort with chemical applications, this sprayer has an 18 volt cordless motor powered by any Ryobi plus battery. This powerful battery allows you to spray up to 40 gallons per charge at maximum pressure of 60 PSI. Get your job done with comfort and ease with a fitted motor powered pump and an adjustable spray and flat fan nozzle. It lets you use the sprayer different kinds of applications. It’s designed so that the nozzle can be adjusted to create a variety of spray patterns. The four gallon tank is made of a translucent, robust, high density polyethylene plastic that can handle any harsh chemical usually present in pesticides herbicides and other landscape and lawn care products.

It also allows you the convenience of monitoring the fluid levels to help you get consistent and accurate ratios all the time. The large tank gives you good mileage and allows you to carry a large amount of solution to help combat those pesky weeds or insects without the occasional pit stop. The chemical tank cap also doubles as a measuring cup for additional convenience and is fitted with a four foot hose to extend its reach.

With its comfortable backpack design, you can go through an entire stretch of land without breaking your back. The padded straps are adjustable for optimum comfort while going through your regular maintenance and it’s backed up by a three year warranty and supportive customer service when you need help with your sprayer.

  1. The Chapin Backpack Sprayer.


Powered by one of the leading names in the industry, Chapin’s 20 volt backpack sprayer is operated with a black and decker battery that comes with a dedicated charger. A single charge can keep you spraying for a long stretch of land as it can last for almost two hours. This allows for continuous spraying without a hitch giving you even coatings every single time.

The pump is designed to create pressure up to 40 PSI. This gives you the ability to reach a maximum horizontal spray stream of up to 20 feet and a vertical spray stream of up to 27 feet. This gives you the leverage to spray on hard to reach places like trees and thick bushes. It’s equipped with a 4 gallon tank that’s designed with a 6 inch wide mouth opening for easy and efficient filling and cleaning.

This tank is made with a translucent polyethylene plastic that works well with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides. The mouth opening comes with a built-in serviceable filter that traps debris and keeps it from clogging the nozzle. You’ll also find that the Chapin Backpack Sprayer is a comfortable companion thanks to its deluxe padded shoulder straps. It also has a cushion grip shut off for added comfort during spring and a powder-coated steel frame that keeps your backpack sprayer in place. The Chapin Backpack Sprayer also comes with three nozzles to give you a variety of choices to choose from, from multiple applications and it comes with a two year limited warranty.

  1. Tomahawk TPS25 Gas-Powered Backpack Sprayer.


This amazing tool is perfect for spraying pesticides and targets mosquitoes and ticks. It can also be used to spray fertilizers in your home, garden, orchard or farm and can cover a large portion of land thanks to its huge 6.6 gallon tank. Spray your plants from top to bottom with this amazing tool that’s power-packed with an outstanding pressure of up to 435 PSI. It’s designed to be used in high altitudes providing even distribution of products all throughout.

You get steady engine pressure because it’s equipped with long-lasting aluminum fans that can rotate at a speed of 8000 RPMs. It’s a gadget that works as tough and as fast as you do. Use it for pest control, agriculture and row crop farming and you’ll never turn to any other sprayer ever again. The Tomahawk TPS25 Gas-Powered Backpack Sprayer comes with a 1.8 horsepower gas powered motor and packs a great amount of force.

Efficiency is the name of the game with this gadget and it’s made possible with its easy start recoil ignition and fuel efficiency with lightweight engine that lets you start and finish with lightning speed. It comes with two triple flat jet wands that help produce an amount of chemical fluid. And because both wands can be used at the same time, you can cut down on your application time in half and cover up to a quarter acre of land in just three and a half minutes.

It’s designed to reduce operator fatigue while also providing even application during operation with its low vibration motor. You can strap it on you at the padded back and shoulder straps that are adjustable for added comfort and even weight distribution.

  1. The Echo MS-401 4-Gallon Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer.


This backpack sprayer is user friendly and can be used for many different applications. Use it virtually anywhere you need to spray powders, liquids and water soluble solutions. And because it requires no batteries or motors, the thing will last as long as you do.

The four gallon tank is made with a six inch wide mouth for easy pouring and stirring. It’s formulated with UV inhibitors to prevent its plastic tank from yellowing after exposure to sunlight. This feature helps keep your sprayer looking good as new for an extended amount of time. It’s also marked in both gallons and leaders to easily measure your solutions as you pour them in.

The piston style pump pressurizes up to 90 PCI and evenly disperses chemicals with accuracy. It’s fitted with a four-stage filtration system that helps to avoid clogging on the nozzle plus Vytorin seals and 0 rings to enhance sturdiness. What we like about the Echo MS-401 4-Gallon Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer is that it comes with a 30 inch wand and a choice of four nozzles which gives you greater ability to customize the spray patterns to fit your needs.

Users love the fold up handle and the metal clip guard that prevent it from spraying when not in use. This is a great feature especially when you’re moving the sprayer from one place to another. The lid has a handle on top so you can quickly grab it and go anytime. Expect no fuss and no mass on your car with this product during transportation. It comes with a five year warranty and great customer service to assist you when you need help. It’s a good product that comes from a good company that’s been in the industry for many, many years.

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