Should you put Ceiling Fan for a Bedroom?

Should you put ceiliing fan for a bedroom?

A ceiling fan is becoming more and more popular in bedrooms in most homes. As our homes get more insulated, they’re warmer in the evenings, warm at the night. Sleeping under a nice cooling ceiling fan is perfect.

But when it comes to choosing ceiling fan for your home, not all ceiling fans are the same. There are ceiling fans specifically designed for the dining, living room, or even the garage. Read along to find out how to choose a ceiling fan for your bedroom.

How to choose ceiling fan for your bedroom

It can be a little bit of a minefield choosing the right model, the right specification of ceiling fan. These guidelines are the golden rules you can follow for bedroom ceiling fans.

  1. Ensure the Fan is Silent.

You don’t want noise. What’s the point in a noisy ceiling fan? After all, you’re going to sleep in that room, so it’s completely pointless. So no matter what ceiling fan you choose, make sure it has good quality, make sure it is quiet and make sure it’s actually described as whisper quiet.

You don’t want a cheap fan because most of them have terrible quality and known to produce a lot of noise. The last thing you’d want is lying in bed middle of the summer, the ceiling fan going round rattling and making terrible noise. If you just spend that extra few bucks, buy better quality fan that is silent and you are guaranteed of quiet nights all hot days.

  1. Size of the Ceiling Fan

Bigger is better. Always choose a larger ceiling fan over a smaller ceiling fan. Whatever you can accommodate, go for the biggest possible one that will fit it. You are far better when you go to bed at night with a large ceiling fan on the ceiling, turn it around in slow mode, gently blowing the air down that will produce the same air as a small fan spinning, all crazy top speed blown as much air as possible.

Smaller fans will be noisy because of the air movement. It won’t look nice and calm on the ceiling. Go for the larger option. A lot of ceiling fans come in two sizes, but will be the same price. Most of them come in 44 inch and the 54 inch. If you can do it, if you fit it in, go for the 54 inch, it’s far, far more comfortable. Bigger is better when it comes to bedroom ceiling fans.

  1. Tight to the Ceiling

Look for a ceiling fan that is tight to the ceiling. Obviously, if you fit a fan in your bedroom, it’s going to go up off the bed. Make sure there is enough head room between the bed and the ceiling fan. You don’t want to get up in the middle of the night, sit or stand up on the bed and bang your head on the blades as they spins around.

So whatever you go for, make sure it’s tight to the ceiling. Ensure it is properly flushed to the ceiling to prevent unwarranted accidents whatsoever. A lot of the generic ceiling fans you buy cover all these aspects for you. They’ll come with a drop rod and you’ll have to fit it on a drop rod.

Just go for custom made, proper flush fitted ceiling fan. Speak to a fan specialist if you have to, but don’t just buy something for the sake of it. Buy something that’s designed for a bedroom.

  1. Stability of the Fan.

Anything you put up on the ceiling in your bedroom, you’re going to want it to be stable and secure. You’re going to sleep in the bedroom and the last thing that you want to do is lay in bed wondering if that ceiling fan will fall down on your legs or something like that.

It is unusual for it to happen, but it does play on your mind. So whatever you get, get a good, buy something decent. Get it fixed to the ceiling properly. Don’t go out and buy a cheap fan. There are tons and places for those kinds of fans, but check out our top pick picks of the best ceiling fans.

Bedroom is one of those kinds of areas where you don’t need to buy cheap. It’s important that you sleep at night. So buy a decent quality product, buy decent fan something that you know you’re going to be comfortable sleeping under, that’s not going to bother you in the night. You’re not going to worry about it. So get somebody stable, get something secure and sleep easy.

  1. Smart Features Such as Remote Control.

You’re going to want to remote control a ceiling fan in your bedroom. You just are. It doesn’t matter. If the fan doesn’t come with a remote control, usually you can buy a remote accessory. You’re going to want one.

There’s nothing worse than lying in bed at night, half asleep, a bit warm. You want to put a ceiling fan on. If you haven’t got a remote, then you will have to get out of bed, turning the light switch on so you can see the pull cord. You’re pulling the cords. You get your back into bed, you’re doing the same thing again if you want to change the speeds and you do the same thing again, if you’re getting too cold, and you want to turn it off.

If you’ve got a remote control, you can lay there and you can reach over. You can grab the handset and just press the buttons to turn the fan on. Turn the fan off, slow it down, speed it up. If you’ve got a remote control, you can grab it, you’re not waking anybody up, you’re not getting a smack around the head from your partner for getting out of bed and waking them up to do the light switch. It’s important to have a ceiling fan that is compatible with remote control. It’s important.


So if you follow those five guidelines, then you’ll be perfectly fine when finding a fan for your bedroom. Hope we have helped you in choosing the right ceiling fan to cool you during those hot summer seasons while you are sleeping.

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