Review of ZQuiet- My experience with it.

Welcome fellow snorers. My name is Paul, and this is my ZQuiet review after using it. This is my real story and experience with the ZQuiet. Essentially, mild sleep apnea for most people culminates in is increased snoring which can obviously be problematic if you sleep with a significant other or really if even if you don’t it affects your personal sleep quality. And that’s one thing that a lot of people don’t understand about snoring is that it is the lack of oxygen getting to you while you’re sleeping so it does disturb you from reaching full oriented state which is most recuperative regenerative level of sleep the deepest level of sleep.


Everybody needs sleep for mental function and acuity and for physical recovery, so if anybody works out it can affect your gains or if you just have relatively demanding job from a mental perspective that can affect your performance there as well it could affect your performance in school, pretty much any aspect of your life is affected by the quality of your sleep. So that is why is very important to make sure that you can do whatever you can to fix that problem if it is an issue for you. I’ve never been a snore, but it within three weeks of starting testosterone replacement therapy, my wife started saying that I was snoring more and it got gradually worse to the point where she literally couldn’t get to sleep herself because my snoring was not just loud but it was also inconsistent I guess would be the best way to say it. It would sporadically pop up, I would decline for a few minutes and then I’d start snoring really loudly and would taper off and then go right back.

So basically what the snoring for me was caused by his soft palate and that’s basically the roof at the back of your mouth loopholes as part of the top of your mouth to your uvula a little Bangla the back of your throat. So one of the ways that you can fix a situation with a product that advances your lower jaw for some reason it just aligns everything better, and one of the products one of the most famous products that does this is called the ZQuiet.

So before trying ZQuiet I tried to breathe right strips and they worked a little bit, but since that’s really a nasal cavity and not your soft power it really didn’t fix the problem for me. So I ordered the ZQuiet and here we are. Now I do want to say there’s a couple of things that a lot of people complain about this product saying that the pricing is misleading. It is not is very clear on their website, every other state that talks about the ZQuiet $9.95 shipping and handling. You are not charged the actual full price of the product which is $59.95 until 30 days from the day it was shipped at that point, if you have not returned the product and they should have they have to receive it by that 30th day in order to get the refund, they will charge you the same card $59.95.

So it’s essentially 10 bucks to get it. And then after 30 days after it’s shipped you have another $60 that they’ll charge for the product. So all told 70 bucks for this product which is a far cry from the cost of dentist custom molded products that essentially do the exact same thing. Those can be $300, $500. So one of the things that they try to charge you or they ask to charge you is for this express delivery, express shipping which they say that the normal shipping will take and then a couple of days of processing then seven to 10 days from that for you to receive it within normal nine ninety five shipping. They try to charge you. I don’t know I think it’s like 10 bucks more for express shipping and you get it in three to five days. I’m here to tell you first of all it took, I ordered on a Friday, got a confirmation email for the order on Saturday and I actually received it by Wednesday the following week.


So and that was on standard shipping. So unless you live way out in the boondocks and you really have a problem getting mail, I wouldn’t bother with the express shipping. Now once I received it, it comes in this little soap bar shaped box travel case if you want to call it. And when you open it up there actually two pieces in there. And that was actually kind of surprising. I did not realize even reading it that there would be two. Now, you don’t get two for one. These are actually two different sizes. What they call COMFORT 1Comfort 1 and Comfort 2 and COMFORT 2. And they recommend you try in comfort one and if that works for you, you can set COMFORT 2 aside. If COMFORT 1 does not fix your snoring, it might not be advancing your jaw far enough forward and then you should try the COMFORT 2. So I started with COMFORT 1. Essentially it’s just a little mouthpiece has this little hinge bit to help it keep from falling out. And you essentially find the one with the notch and you put it in your mouth. There’s no need to boil this and mold it to your teeth. It’s actually very, very soft very, very pliable and very comfortable wants you when you first put it in.

So I tried it the first night, instantly fix the snoring. My wife said no snoring issues you can wake up wants to a right. I thought so even the second night was great. The third night was great. I was tracking my sleep on the Sleep Cycle App that I’ve told you about and it was working great was fantastic. My quality of sleep was better sleeping longer and less peaks of awakening in the middle of the night even subconsciously awakening. So I was sold.

And that’s when I was prepared to do that review last week. And then literally on Saturday when I was going to do the review, I woke up and I was having what horrible pain in my tooth, my right side lower center tube and a lot of the reviews say did you experience. Even the website says your experience jaw pain and some soreness in your teeth due to the fact that basically what this is doing is realigning your mouth pushing your jaw forward and what it uses to do that is actually the back of your teeth. There’s nothing else that they can push from that’s the leverage point, and it is at the bottom of your tooth where it attaches and pushes for it.

Now, for me it was severe because that particular tooth and actually both of those two teeth on the bottom and the right side and the front sit a little bit underneath the left side so they’re kind of turned inward. So that one tooth was hell of sore and it was sore Saturday, it was sore Sunday, it was sore Monday, I thought I was going to have to send this thing back and then I decided to try to kind of mess with a little bit. And what I ended up doing was just turning it slightly in my mouth. So instead of doing it right in the center turn it just slightly to the side. And what that did was it put the pressure equally across those bottom teeth and instead of just focusing on one. And that fixed it.

Now I have experienced a little bit of soreness in all of those teeth since then, but nothing near as the severe as that one tooth. And it’s gotten less and less every day since I’ve done that. As the documentation and on the website says it will get better. I personally didn’t experience any jaw pain probably because I talked to them much and so those muscles are really, really strong anyway. But a lot of people do experience some discomfort some muscular discomfort just from having that job pushed forward into a position that is not used to being in. So it’s worked for me.

After a week and a half, I can honestly say that this has fixed my snoring issues at least in the short term. If at some point it seems that it’s not working anymore, I will do a follow up and tell you guys about that. One thing to note this is not a forever solution. It is plastic. We are rubberized plastic. It will wear out eventually. Eventually, it will become too soft to actually maintain that Ford angle. You probably have to order another one. But it’s 60 bucks. If you figure you can get six months out of it maybe 60 bucks twice a year is still $120 and you still way under the price point of a dental custom molded version of the same thing that you’re still going to have to replace. Those aren’t permanent either.

So for me, I think it’s a great product. If you have snoring issues whether it be from TRT or for any other reason, you owe it to yourself to try this because literally for $10, you’ll know after if it doesn’t work within the first couple of nights it’s probably not going to work for you, and then you try the other side as you have further advancing. If that doesn’t work after a couple of nights, it’s not going to work for you. But if it does work for you, it’s a hell of a cheap fix. And for me, it’s definitely improved my sleep quality.

So couple of notes like I said minor jaw is comfort. Most people experience it. Teeth soreness, you will experience it but that will go away for most people. I would say if it doesn’t go away or get more tolerable after three weeks or so you, probably want to go see a dentist discontinue use. At that point you want to go in and send it back so you they won’t charge you that 60 bucks. If for some reason that you have gum issues and teeth actually become loose, then you want to discontinue use it will force your teeth out if they’re already loose if you already have gum problems.

A couple of other things, minor irritation when you first start using it of the tongue that I noticed in on the inside of my lips my lips dried out like crazy. So make sure you use some petroleum-based. I use like aquifer and actually wrote it all the way to the inside edge of my lips on the upper and the lower. My tongue would dry out for the first couple of days because I was sleeping mouth wide open. You’ll probably spit it out once or twice. It takes some getting used to just like anything you would imagine trying to sleep with in your mouth but it is not uncomfortable not while you’re wearing it. You will get some soreness and stuff the first couple of days or weeks, but that should go away.

Other than that I haven’t really had any issues. If for some reason it’s uncomfortable in your mouth, they say you can trim it. For me, it fit fine. Worst case scenario you try it and it doesn’t work and you send it back and you have to find something else for $10 bucks. You found out. Best case scenario it does work, you get a $60 solution and maybe just maybe comfort one works for you and maybe you can give comfort two to your significant other or to a friend to try. At that point might be too severe of an angle for them, but at least they’ll know hey it is product actually works. I should go and order one for myself.

So again I’m going to recommend this the ZQuiet. You can order it from their website. Again, it’s 9.95 shipping and handling and you get it within at least I got it within five business days. Don’t bother with the express shipping. It’s not necessary unless you live in a place where you have trouble getting mail already Find out. Try it. All you have to lose is another night’s sleep, but it can really, really make a difference for you as it has for me in a very short period of time. I hope this review was informative and helpful.

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