My complete Oral B Nighttime Dental Guard Review

For starters, the fitting process is very straightforward. Just simply follow the directions. Except for the part where you put in the microwave, they suggest that a minute and 15 seconds. But after about 50 seconds, my microwave started to make a very loud and disturbing noise I’d never heard before. So I quickly shut it off and the idea was fine. I was able to do the fitting process after only 30 seconds of heating up the guard.


Next thing you’ll notice is that this guard is very, very thin. One thing to note I did have to do some trimming when I made the guard. I did have to take a hot knife to this area right here just to trim it out a bit make it a little more comfortable. Another thing to note is that this guard comes up a bit short meaning that it doesn’t actually get your wisdom teeth. If you have any in your back molars, you can see the partial part of I have one wisdom tooth left and there is part of it. However, it’s not very clear that you actually need the guard to cover your wisdom teeth. Essentially, if your bite is protected from this part throughout should be okay. Mine are not hitting or having any issues.


The scope flavor, it’s not a good reason to buy it. It doesn’t last more than a couple of uses however it does still smell good after a week or two. That’s important to you. Again it is softer. That’s the main difference. That was important to me because at the end of the day, if I was biting down on this with this heart closed plastic, it was doing just as much damage as my teeth with teeth were hitting this hard acrylic. This is as I said it’s a lot softer it is durable though the bottom part of it is it’s difficult to tell you but it’s flat. It’s a lot harder than the inside part so it does a job in that sense.

Any mouth guard or night guard rather that you use will take time to get used to when you have it in your mouth. You’re not used to sleeping with it. I’m still having difficulty but you can just see it through and eventually you do fall asleep. Don’t let that deter you because you’re grinding or bruxims as the densest call it can be very very damaging.

Bottom line is for about $16 plus off coupon from Amazon and you can get the Oral-B mouth guard at a cheaper price. It’s definitely worth a shot. It’s worth a try. It’s compared to a professional one which costs about $550 and $700 depending upon where you live.




How to take care of your Night Guard.

It is very important to consistently wear your night guard. The inside of a custom crafted guard is softer so it’s easier to insert and more comfortable against your teeth and the outside of it is a firm clear acrylic so that if you do grind your teeth your teeth sort of glide over it. And of course it doesn’t damage your teeth. So wearing it nightly is very important of course to eliminate the grinding.

In the morning caring for it, you take it out and rinse it off really well and you take a regular toothbrush and you can do a couple of different things. Toothpaste is the most convenient. You can clean the inside and the outside with toothpaste and rinse it off really well store it dry. You can also use antibacterial hand soap. Using this actually creates less clouding but over time the guards do definitely become cloudy but it doesn’t mean they’re ineffective.

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Once a week, you can take a denture tablet, soak your guard in that for about 30 minutes and then take it back out rinse it brush it and then always again store it dry. Night guards should be worn nightly and they are effective for about three to five years based on how much grinding and clenching you do. When you notice cracks or holes in your guard, it is important to have a new one made because it is not effective any longer.


Benefits of a Night Guard

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