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Mosquito Lifespan

Mosquito bites

How to keep away mosquitoes

Facts about Mosquitoes.


Just like most insects, the lifespan of a mosquito cycles in four stages, Egg-Larva-Pupa-Adult then repeats the cycle. Anopheles or most commonly known as the female mosquito lays hundreds of eggs that can stay dormant for up to 15 years given the right conditions. Before metamorphosis to Pupa or adult stage, the mosquito stays in the larval stage for up to 10 days and this transition to the next stage is also dependent on many environmental factors.

Mosquito bites

Unlike bedbugs which are so small that you can hardly see, mosquitoes are large enough to be seen by your eye. The male mosquitoes are, often less harmful don’t bite unlike their female counterparts. The male mosquitoes are fairly larger than female mosquitoes.

The male mosquitoes also have short lifespan and can live a maximum of seven days. Female mosquitoes on the other hand are not only harmful, small but they can live up to four months causing adverse effects.

Apart from their itchy and/or sometimes painful bites, mosquitoes have very annoying buzzing sounds that can make your night a miserable one because the sound is so annoying you will hardly get any sleep even if you are a light sleeper.

Just like most fly insects, both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar. The female anopheles mosquitoes need blood as a way of supplement to reproduce. This is the reason why they bite.

Although they only take a small amount of blood from your body, they can be very deadly as they spread diseases around. If they bite someone with Malaria then come for you, you will most likely be infected with the disease. They can also spread various diseases from animals to human beings.

With their long tubular sharp mouthparts, female a female mosquito can pierce your skin easily and inject you with their saliva that can be infected at the same time sucking your blood.

Since the saliva has proteins that is allergic to the human body, the body reacts causing the bumps that can be noticed almost immediately after a mosquito bite. The mosquito bumps are oftentimes itchy.

This round swelling from a mosquito bite usually disappears after a few days and they effects tend to be severe in children more than adults. The effects are mild but can be worse for people with impaired immune system as they may experience headaches and fever.

How to keep mosquitoes away

Stagnant water is always the main breeding spots for mosquitoes. Make sure to drain all stagnant water around the house as they tend to attract mosquitoes. Even small can with water can be a breeding spot for mosquitoes.

If it is impossible to drain the water, you can pour oil in the spots as they will kill the mosquito’s larva hence they will not transition to the adult stage.  It is easy to maintain it this way as mosquitoes don’t fly very far from breeding places, so if you manage to rid all standing water, the better.

Repellants is another way of keeping mosquitoes away. You can use artificial repellants or make sure to plant that have defensive chemicals that keep away insects. If the mosquitoes cannot be controlled, you can hire a pest management professional to help with keeping away the mosquitoes.

You can use broadcast treatments to keep mosquitoes all around your house. Using a garden sprayer, apply sprays that contain pyrethroids in areas prone to mosquitoes around the house. There are other sprays that can be applied and work best in wood sidings but they will need to be reapplied after a while because they don’t last for long. Check our reviews on the best broadcast treatments.

During daytime, mosquitoes tend to hide in marsh and dense shady places. In this case, it is recommended to use electric propane mosquito foggers and also hose sprays that contain pyrethroid insecticides to keep away the mosquitoes.

Another long term approach that works to keep mosquitoes away for two months or so is using mosquito dunks. These dunks appear as solid and have round shapes. They aid in killing larvae and works effectively in fish ponds and areas where there is standing waters. Check our reviews on the best Mosquito Dunks here.

Larvicides are another effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes and they actually work. They are available in liquid form and using backpack sprayers, they can be applied on a large area. Apply them directly on water. Check our reviews on the best Liquid Larvicide that are safe to use.

Mosquitoes that are fond of plants especially flowers around the house. This is because the nectar attracts the mosquitoes naturally. Instead of getting rid of your beautiful flowers, opt for bacterial chemicals that are 100% safe for your plants but harmful to the larvae. We have reviewed the best Bacterial Treatments that you can use.

Another safe way of getting rid of mosquitoes is the use of traps. These traps work as a bait and kill the mosquitoes on contact. However, these traps cannot be as effective because they work differently on different types of mosquitoes. We have reviewed the best traps for every mosquito species.

Just like mosquito traps, mosquito magnets attracts mosquito and instantly eliminate them. The magnet works better than the traps as they attract all types of mosquitoes hence they are even more effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. Check our reviews on the best Mosquito Magnet to use.

Another way of keeping mosquitoes away from your yard is the use of Zappers. Although they may not eliminate all the mosquitoes, they can be used to kill other bothersome insects in your home. They are also known to be cheap though we wouldn’t recommend the use of Zappers as the only way to get rid of mosquitoes. Check our Zapper reviews here.

The last sure safe method preventing mosquitoes from biting is the use of nets. These nets are constructed in a way that mosquitoes can’t penetrate inside. They are some that are also beautifully designed to even add to the aesthetics of your bedroom. Check our reviews on the best mosquitoes to use.


Facts about Mosquitoes.

Male mosquitoes don’t bite, but their buzzing noise can be a nuisance and you will not get a peaceful night sleep. Female mosquitoes bite for blood as a means of helping her eggs develop.

There are known 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world today.

The word mosquito originated from Spanish word for little fly.

The bite from a single mosquito means that they suck and can drink up to three times its weight.

A female mosquito can lay up 400 eggs a single time. They lay hundreds of eggs that can remain dormant for long time.

Female mosquito lay egg three times before they die.

Mosquitoes hibernate in cold temperatures.

Male mosquitoes have the shortest lifespan and can live for up to 10 days but female mosquitoes can stay for several weeks before dying.



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