Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm Review and Instructions.

The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm is one of the most popular bedwetting alarm. This alarm provides both sound and vibration in response to wetness. This is a small and comfortable unit only about two inches square. All of the Malem ultimate alarms feature an easy clip sensor which attaches to the outside of any close fitting breaks.


The sensor is fastened where you expect wetting with the first drops of urine. The easy sensor is easy to attach, durable and is actually what sensors the moisture. When the sensor is fastened to dry cloth, it makes no sound. Wetness activates the sensor and causes the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm to vibrate and produce sound.

The thin cord that connects the sensor to the alarm unit is threaded under the t shirt pajama top. This placement allows the alarm to stay secure and move as your child moves. The small alarm and it comes out through the neck opening and is then fastened to the shoulder with a safety pin. The placement of the alarm unit on the shoulder ensures that it will be close to your child’s ear and not muffled by bed. This part of the body is especially sensitive to the vibration as well.

The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm sounds and vibrates each time it senses urine. To stop the alarm, lift the lever removing the sensor from the underwear and push the reset button.

This single tone Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm makes the same tone each time it is triggered. It is available in three colors pink, blue and purple and the different colors make different standards. Some families believe that their child usually begins to tune out sounds. An alternative for these children is the gold Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm. This alarm is identical in the attachment. but it makes eight different sounds when it senses wetness.. A new sound is automatically played when the sensor is triggered.

The selectable Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm combines all the features of the other alarms. It allows you to pick any one of eight pre-recorded sounds or allows the alarm to play randomly. It is available in royal blue or magenta colors and provides you with the most options. Any of the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm alarms can be set for sound, sound and vibration or vibration only.

The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarms are known for the dependability, durability and effectiveness. This sound and vibration alarm is a good alarm for older children or ones who are particularly deep sleepers. The Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm can be purchased separately or as part of a money saving starter kit. The starter kit contains the alarm, two overlays and the book ‘’Seven Steps to Tantrums.”



Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm with Vibration – Gold 8 Tone

The Malem Audio or bedwetting alarm is the smallest alarm in the Malem range. The alarm system consists of the m Malem audio alarm and the Malem easy clip sent so. The alarm fits comfortably onto your child pajama, top or T-shirt near their collarbone.


The easy kit sensor is attached easily onto a child’s own underwear in the pace likely to experience the first signs of wetting. The cord connecting the sensor to the alarm is threaded below the pajama, top or T-shirt. The sensor is able to quickly detect sweating as soon as this occurs. This activates the bedwetting alarm which then wakes up your child as quickly as possible.

The Malem audio alarm is the smallest and lightest alarm in the world. It measures only 39 millimeters by 49 millimeters and weighs just 24g including batteries. The alarm alerts on the first signs of wetting with an alarm sound and flashing lights. The Malem Audio bedwetting alarm is available as a single tone alarm which always stays the same alarm sound in red, green or orange.

The Malem bedwetting alarm is also available as an eight tone alarm in yellow or camouflage. These eight tone alarms play a different sound each time they are activated to help prevent auditory accommodation.



  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable and convenient.
  • The clips are strong and intact.
  • It is audible enough.
  • It has passed both FDA and CE approval.
  • Award winning alarm.


  • The clips can break off.


It is with no doubt that the Malem alarm is the one of the best bedwetting alarms in the world having won many awards and it has international recognition and the best solution for bedwetting/enuresis.

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