J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard Review

Bruxism or night grinding/clenching of teeth can affect your overall quality of sleep. Apart from being uncomfortable to both you and your partner, bruxsim is associated with headaches, stress, jaw issues and even sometimes loss of teeth.


A lot of times, a visit to your dentists will result to you being recommended to get a custom night guard.  Most of the night guards sold by dentists are very expensive and can go for up to $500 or even more in some cases. That’s why J&S labs made things easier for you by making a customized dental guard which is readily available to make help you sleep better.

J&S is Dental Labs is definitely a pro and a pioneer in making custom mouth guards as they have been in the industry for over 20 years, hence they have a lot of experience and expertise. They know what their customers want and need.

J&S Dental Lab night guard is tailored for lasting comfort. Night guards do not necessarily mean a cure for bruxism, but they offer protection and you will sleep comfortably through the night. J&S Dental Lab night guard is the best rated and the best night guard on Amazon. It has five star ratings.

            A closer look at the product.

Different patients need different types of mouth or sleeping guards. The dentists can recommend either an upper mouth guard or a lower mouth guard. This is why J&S has custom made upper and lower mouth guards. They both go for relatively same price. Some people prefer upper mouth guards to help protect the veneers, but lower mouth guards are mostly recommended by dentists.

       Main Features of the J&S Dental Lab night guard.

The J&S Dental Lab night guard is professionally crafted and custom made to give your teeth a perfect fit. This is something that you will rarely find in the over-the-counter dental guards.

The J&S Dental Lab night guard is fully customized dental guard approved and highly recommended by dentists world-wide. It is also long-lasing and you can use it for up to five years. So this will be a worth for your money-of which it is not expensive at all.

Purchasing the J&S Dental Lab night guard means you’re making smart investment and choice. This is because it has been made using durable materials which are of the highest quality. They can last for ages without the need of replacing.

The fabrication process is superb considering it was made in a lab that has over 20 years of experience. It features the latest technology and the best materials. It is also FDA-approved therefore a safe mouth guard to use.

The best feature of the J&S Dental Lab night guard is that it has a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. They also have excellent customer support. You get unlimited adjustments as long as you need and all this will be done for free.


     The Impression Kit.

You don’t get an actual dental guard when you order the J&S Dental Lab night guard. Instead, what you get is an impression kit. The J&S Dental Lab night guard impression kit comes with 5-minute detailed DIY instructions.

The impression kit comes with three different sizes of mouth trays. This is to help you choose the one you desire. After following the instructions which are clear and simple (can only take five minutes), send it back to J&S labs and you will receive your custom made mouth guard in no time.

One feature of the impressive kit is that the mold can be stored which might benefit you in two ways in case you want to make a second purchase. You will have the convenient of not going through the impression process and it will help you get a discount easily.

Types of J&S Custom Night Guards & Features

There are five different J&S Dental Lab night guards available for different needs and all are made from a number of materials for the best fit with the most comfort. Depending on the mouth guard you choose, there are both hard guards and softer ones, as well as those that are a hybrid of hard and soft. These guards allow you to grind against the guard, not your own teeth, day or night.

1.    0.120″ Soft Custom Night Guard

This version of the J&S dental labs guards is the best guard for people who clench and bite their teeth at night. It is also available for both upper and lower versions. It is approved by FDA and among the most frequently bought of all the versions.

2.    0.12″ Durable Custom Night Guard

This version is almost similar to the Soft Custom Night Guard but it is harder. A proper care of this version of J&S dental labs guard will make it last for up to 3 years.

3.    0.120″ Hard Custom Night Guard

Another one of the J&S dental guard mouth guards is this Hard Custom Night Guard. It is specifically designed for moderate night grinders. It has the best comfort as it is hard on the outside and softer on the outside part. It is also constructed using two different materials.

4.    080″ Extra Durable Custom Night Guard

Among all the dental guards by J&S dental labs, this one is the best fit for people who suffer from severe bruxism. It offers maximum protection as it is very thick and hard. With the necessary care, it can last for up to five years. It is also the choice of many night grinders.

5.    0.060″ Custom Day Guard for Day Grinding

J&S labs specifically designed for people who have Day Time Bruxism. J&S have to be applauded for making a special consideration to day time clenchers. This is uncommon feature in many other mouth guard manufacturers who assume most people clench at night. It is a thin mouth guard made from hard acrylic and will last for up to a year.

Pros & Cons


  • The J&S Dental Lab night guard has options available for all types of teeth grinders ranging from mild grinders to severe grinders.
  • This dental guard is very durable considering it has been from hard acrylic.
  • It is professionally custom made dental guard.
  • It offers a perfect fit for your teeth therefore will work at all times.
  • It has a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • The company provides excellent customer support.
  • If you purchase a second mouth guard from the manufacturer, you get a discount.


  • The J&S Dental Lab night guard is one of the best mouth guards in the market today with no negative reviews. This is soley because you are responsible for making the mold that can help fit perfectly.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it difficult taking care of the J&S Dental Lab mouth guard?

No. The J&S Dental Lab mouth guard has a low-cost maintenance. Simply brush the mouth guard with toothpaste that is not abrasive then rinse with warm water. Apart from washing it with a mild soap, the J&S Dental Lab mouth guard can disinfect it by soaking it for up to 30 secs. For it to stay clean at all times, make sure you store it well.

Does this guard fit perfectly?

Yes. If you follow the instructions to the latter and correctly, chances are that the guard will fit your teeth 100% perfectly. This is because it is designed and custom made according to the impression kit you sent. It might be tighter for a couple of night, but will eventually become lighter.

How do I choose from the different types which J&S Dental Lab night guard is my perfect fit?

Since there are five different J&S Dental Lab mouth guards to choose from, it is possible that you might be confused about which is right for you. Depending on the type of grinding you do, from light grinding once in awhile to heavy grinding and clenching day and night, you should carefully read the descriptions on the website to find the guard that is right for you personal situation.

Final Thoughts

It is without doubt that the J&S Dental Lab mouth guard is the best custom made dental guard in the market today. It also has several choices that you can choose from and on top of it it is available both as upper guard and lower mouth guard. It is highly recommended by dentists worldwide with a lot of positive reviews and the highest ratings.




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