Is It Unhealthy To Have A TV In Your Bedroom?

The number one question anyone gets asked is “is it unhealthy to have a TV in the bedroom”. There are many benefits to having a TV in your bedroom. Keeping those benefits in mind, it’s important to note that the best way to watch TV is with the lights off and the TV viewed from a distance of 10 feet or more.

Here, are some tips for keeping your bedroom a healthy place to rest and recharge.

Benefits of keeping TV in the bedroom

Personal Space Having a TV in the bedroom helps you create a private space to enjoy the TV. This is especially important if you sleep alone. Studies show that humans are highly influenced by our surroundings, and not just when we are conscious of it.

Having a TV in the bedroom creates a sense of “mine” space in the room that can give you a false sense of privacy. You’re more likely to spend time watching TV in bed when you think no one is looking. Limit screen time before bed.

If you have a TV in the bedroom, this can be dangerous, as the blue light from the screen can disrupt your sleep cycle. If you are someone that typically watches TV in bed, try to watch TV before bedtime or use another device, like a laptop or tablet.

Disadvantages of keeping TV in the bedroom

Signs of age, insomnia, and depression can affect TV watching patterns and affect one’s sleeping habits and quality of sleep. Researchers found that the bedtime TV watching of a young-looking 30-year-old woman was associated with a three times increase in insomnia symptoms.

Higher indoor temperatures increase the risk of obesity. While it is not uncommon for both indoor and outdoor temperatures to be higher than 65°F or the recommended temperature, studies have shown that large amounts of high-energy light are associated with increased obesity.

TV can worsen eye strain and strain on the neck and head. The quality of the light from television is not the same as sunlight, so you can’t compare the results with a simple sunlight test.

Tips for keeping bedroom healthy

Create a calm, dark environment Bright lights before bedtime and bright screens while in bed trigger a change in the brain that keeps us awake. Sunlight helps your body clock readjust (when it gets darker earlier, you’re able to fall asleep sooner).

Try to get as much exposure to natural light as possible – you’ll get more of the benefits mentioned above. However, there are a few reasons you might need to watch TV in your bedroom (like if you want to fall asleep, or keep an eye on the kids while they’re doing homework).

In these cases, it’s important to make sure you have as few distractions as possible in the bedroom. If your bedroom is next to a common area like the kitchen, you’re going to have a lot of distractions around you. Make sure you keep your bedroom as quiet as possible.

Where to put tv in a small bedroom

In our sleep lab, a typical bedroom is 1.1 square meters (the area used by most of us in our regular lives) but the typical TV used in this bedroom is 8 feet x 7 feet. So if you have a small bedroom then a 32 inch TV will need to be placed on a wall-mounted stand or placed on a low storage dresser.

To monitor, it’s best to place the TV on a stand that’s positioned directly behind you so that you can’t see it unless you face away from it. Even then it can be a bit of a trick to avoid looking at the screen when you sleep!

The LCD screens also tend to flicker a bit more than those with plasma screens and televisions. Research has shown that TV viewing can reduce sleep quality by interfering with the body’s circadian clock and causing sleeping problems.


In short, having a TV in the bedroom is likely good for your health. But knowing which cable providers offer the best deals on HDTV antennas is a good starting point. Below, we’ve listed the top four cable providers in the US and analyzed their current promo offers for HDTV antenna sales.

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