Is It Better to Sleep on the Floor or in a Bed? Which Is More Comforting for Sleepers?

Is it Better to Sleep on the Floor or Bed?

When it comes to issues pertaining to sleep, it would be utterly unreasonable to think that using a mattress to sleep is a common thing. Whether it’s a simple or fancy, new or old, it goes without saying that most, if not everyone has a mattress. After all, mattresses and beds are part of our daily living. Coupled with beds, mattresses are the only things that make us have a good night’s sleep.

But is sleeping on a bed the only comfortable way? Are there other options that may give the bed a run for its money?

Since the beginning of civilization, human beings used to sleep on the floor. Since the knowledge of crafting a bed wasn’t there, ancient humans found comfort sleeping on any soft material, including soil. With this in mind, it makes one wonder whether we were actually meant to sleep on the floor.

Just like sleeping on a bed, spending the night on the floor comes with both advantages and downsides. While this is the case, it all boils down to your decision as to whether you prefer sleeping on the floor or bed.


Is it Better to Sleep on the Floor or Bed?

If you grew and brought up in today’s modern society, then you are probably accustomed to sleeping on a bed with comfy duvets, lush pillows and a comfy mattress. However, did you know that many cultures around the world associate sleeping with hard floors?

Today, many modern countries, including the USA are slowly embracing the culture of sleeping on the floor. Whilst some claim that sleeping on the floor comes with an array of health benefits for your back, others claim that sleeping on the floor is quite comfortable.

At the same time, some people who embrace a minimalist lifestyle have rid themselves of beds in order to find comfort in their living spaces. But whichever argument has truth in it? Since sleeping on the floor has recently caused a lot of fuss online, it’s only ideal to look whether it actually makes sense as compared to sleeping on the bed.

Since all the benefits of sleeping on a bed are clearly known to us, this article will go into details on different aspects of sleeping on the floor. Hopefully, you will be able to make sense of whether sleeping on the floor is better than sleeping on a bed.


Your Back

The first place you are going to experience discomfort when sleeping is on your back. When determining the best mattress to sleep on, you would always consider how it affects your back.

The good news is that sleeping on the floor comes with an array of benefits for your back. The effects of sleeping on the ground have profound feelings on your posture as well as pain. Almost everyone who has switched to sleeping on the floor has a testimony as to how it is comfortable for the back.

But why? You may wonder. Most of the pain felt on your back is caused due to your spine. If your spine is curved while sleeping, you will tend to wake up with pain in your back. Sleeping on the floor ensures that your spine remains straight all through the night. This eliminates any chance of waking up in the morning with any back ache.



The posture you adopt while sleeping goes a long way to determine the quality of sleeping. Depending on the size of your mattress and bed, you can adopt numerous postures while sleeping on a bed. But how comfortable can you be sleeping on the floor?

The good thing with sleeping on the floor is that you will enjoy an added advantage when it comes to alignment. This way, you will not be conflicted as to which posture to take on while sleeping.

You might be wondering how a comfortable posture can be achieved while sleeping on the floor. Well, first, your back will remain straightened all through the night. This is attributed to the sturdy support offered by the floor. Secondly, since your back will remain aligned all through your sleep, you can remain assured that you will not develop any pain while adopting any posture.

All these cannot be achieved while sleeping on the bed. Poor sleeping posture always leads to back pains. So, due to a bad mattress or uncouth sleeping habits, you can expect people to slough off pain whenever they stand up straight.


Rest and Energy

Most people who have slept on the floor have lamented that it boosts ample rest. At the same time, these people say that they feel energized every time they wake up. More often, sleeping in bed can be too comfortable, making us wake up late feeling drowsy.

Sleeping on the floor finds a balance between comfort and quality sleep. At the same time, you won’t feel too comfortable, that you would want to sleep a little more. Although finding sleep while laying on the floor can be a little daunting, the good thing is that it really doesn’t matter once you fall asleep.


The Downsides to Sleeping on the Floor

Unlike sleeping on a bed, there aren’t many downsides to sleeping on the floor if you are healthy. However, one if the biggest downside to sleeping on the floor is that it cannot accommodate everybody. For instance, if you need a special mattress, such as a hospital mattress to sleep, then you cannot sleep on the floor. Sleeping on the floor is only limited to healthy individuals, which is awfully annoying.

Another downside to sleeping on the floor is that you are likely to face temperature issues. If you’ve ever walked around without socks, then you have an idea of how the floor can be cold. While different type of flooring often warm up differently, you can always expect sleeping on the floor to be a bit colder than sleeping on a bed.


Which Way? The Floor or Bed?

From a bird’s eye view, the benefits of sleeping on the floor are immense. At the same time, sleeping on a bed comes with a lot of advantages. It all boils down to your preference and health condition when choosing between the two.

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