Is a Memory Foam Mattress Good?

is a memory foam good mattress?

It goes without saying that your bedroom is not only your perfect hideaway, but it’s also your sanctuary. Therefore, you will want to choose the best furniture’s, including mattress for your bedroom.

Everything in your bedroom should be beautiful, comfortable and should add value to you. Perhaps, the most important of all is to select the best bed and mattress. While choosing the best mattress might be daunting, it’s important to remember that choosing the best mattress is key in furnishing your bedroom.

But how will you know that a particular mattress is the best fit for you? There are myriads of factors that you should consider when choosing a mattress. Not only should you take into consideration your personal needs, you should also ensure to consider your partner’s needs as well. At the same time, you should factor in your budget, because just like any other product, you should expect to pay more for a high quality mattress.

All factors considered, getting your hands on the best mattress can still be overwhelming.

While memory foam mattress is a common type of mattress that has gained favor from many people, a vast majority of these people don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of this mattress. Since you’ll be keeping your mattress for a long period of time, its utterly important to know what it has to offer.

Is a memory foam mattress good?

Basically, memory foam mattresses have been around for quite some time. It was first manufactured by NASA for the sole purpose of ensuring that astronauts were comfortable during a launch. Since its inception, memory foam blew the mattress market and more people started using it.

However, it was the Tempurpedix memory mattress foam that made this mattress known by many people globally. Today, you can find memory form in many different products including pillows, seat cushions and shoes among many others.

It’s no secret that memory foam mattress has gained a lot if favor over time. This is mainly due to the Viscoelastic material uses to manufacture the mattress. Combined with other materials, Viscoelastic material used to make memory foam mattresses ensure that your body temperature is kept regulates while you sleep.

Ideally, the consolidation of Viscoelastic with other materials ensure that memory foam mattresses are not only cool, but supportive and comfortable as well. At the same time, the materials used make memory foam mattresses dense. While this is the case, you should ensure to always check the density level of your mattress. Otherwise, it may not sleep comfortably for you.

So is memory foam mattress a good mattress? Well, in a bid to answer this question, it’s of utmost importance to consider the benefits and disadvantages of this mattress. Even so, memory foam mattress is generally a good mattress.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress come with a number of benefits. Since it’s been around for quite some time, some people have said that it’s the reason that they’ve slept peacefully for a very long time.

But is this fact true? Well, it’s quite difficult to determine this since the quality of sleep is very subjective. This means that what you consider a good and comfortable sleep won’t be the same for another individual.

Even so, there are some major benefits that memory foam mattresses have. Read a long to find out.

It Uses up Your Body Heat

Your sleeping temperature determines whether you will have a peaceful night or not. Memory foam mattresses balance this by using your body pressure and heat to create ambient sleeping temperatures.

But how? You may wonder. Well, it all boils down to the “visco” part of the viscoelastic. Once you lay down on your memory foam mattress, your body heat tends to soften the mattress. This makes the mattress viscous, and you may feel it sinking in. This way, the mattress will create a mold of your body, and when you get up, the mattress becomes back to its original form. This is essentially elasticity.

With the ability to soften and sink in, memory foam mattresses tend to make a perfect indentation of your body, thus making it more comfortable. In the long run, the ability to form a perfect mould of your body will ensure that you have a perfect body curve, which goes a long way in ensuring that you have a healthy spine and a formidable lumbar support.

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It Relieves Pain

As mentioned above, memory foam mattresses help on ensuring that your spine remains healthy. In other words, this mattress will ensure that you get up in the morning free of any back pain.

Additionally, if you are suffering g from arthritis or are facing joint pains regularly, this mattress will help cushion any impact that you may encounter that may trigger pain in your body.


It’s Hypo Allergenic

Another great benefit of memory foam mattress is that it is great to sleep on if you are allergic. Due to its dense nature, a memory form mattress can reduce any allergens from building up over time.

Ideally, any form of allergens such as dust, and mold will rarely find their way into your mattress, let alone build up. If you are allergic to any allergens then a memory foam mattress can guarantees you a good night’s sleep.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

While there are different key benefits of having a memory foam mattress, it equally comes with disadvantages. For starters memory foam mattresses can of offer any solution for different sleep conditions such as apnea as well as breathing conditions associated with sleep.

It’s Too Heavy

Although the mattress is highly dense to ensure that you sleep comfortable, the dense foam also comes with its downside. Basically, the dense nature if the mattress makes it too heavy to lift or move around.

Although you are less likely to move the mattress around more often, the weight is a big factor to consider while spreading your bed sheets on the mattress.



When it comes to determining whether a product is worth the salt or not, it all boils down to the advantages of the mattress and the downsides. It’s clear that a memory foam mattress has more advantages than disadvantages, with all factors remaining constant. In that regard, it’s safe to say that a memory foam mattress is a good mattress.

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