How To Keep a Mattress From Sliding: Your Guide to Keeping a Mattress Firm

How to Keep a Mattress from Sliding

If you’ve ever woken up at night with your mattress dangling on the edge of the bed, then you should be worried. While this is a common occurrence, being woken up due to a sliding mattress can be quite daunting.

Although there are myriads of factors that can cause your mattress to slide, simple actions such as sitting on the side of the bed could cause your mattress to slide to the side of the bed. How would you like to know how to deal with this inconvenience?

Well, if you’ve been dealing with the inconvenience the good news is that there are formidable solutions. This article will go into details on what causes a mattress to slide as well as how to stop your mattress from sliding. This way you can rest assured that you will have a comfortable night’s rest.

How to Keep Mattress from Sliding

How to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed

Just like any other bed a sliding mattress on an adjustable bed is equally annoying. The last thing you will need is to have your mattress slide around when you are tossing and turning around. Even worse, you wouldn’t expect to fall from your adjustable bed in the middle of the night.

So how can you keep your mattress from sliding on an adjustable bed? Although there are different ways to do this, this guide will explain three major ways that you can use. Hopefully, they will go a long way in ensuring that you not only have a productive sleep, but a comfortable one as well.


1. Get a Non-Slip Pad for Your Mattress

One of the best ways to stop your mattress from slipping on your adjustable bed is to use a Non-Slip Pad. More often, mattress Non-Slip pads come in different sizes and shapes. So depending on the size of your mattress and your financial capability, you can always get your ideal Non-Slip Pad for your adjustable bed.

To get the most out of your pad, ensure to place it between your mattress and your adjustable bed. Since your Non-Slip pad is often very thin, it shouldn’t affect the texture of your mattress in any way. Even so, it comes highly recommended to always go for a bigger Non-Slip pad than your mattress.

2. Use a Rubber Sheet

Using a rubber sheet is one of the most affordable ways of preventing your mattress from slipping. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to buy a rubber sheet to use on your adjustable bed. You can simply use the rubber sheet found underneath your old door rug.

Regardless of the size of your mattress, you can cut your rubber sheet to fit it. Since it’s a makeshift item, the rubber sheet can be removed anytime whenever you need to change your mattress or adjust your bed. Here is the best rubber sheet to use.

3. Use Tape or VELCRO

A vast majority of people using adjustable beds attest to the fact that using dual sided tapes have gone a long way in preventing their mattresses from slipping. Even so, it’s worth mentioning that dual sided carpet tapes aren’t always perfect. Even so, if using tapes works well for you, then you have found a relatively cheap, easy and formidable way of stopping your mattress from slipping.

However, if using a dual sided tape isn’t working for you, you can always go for VELCROstrips, more specifically, those that come with adhesive capabilities.  Since the strips have glue on both sides, ensure to have one glued under your mattress file the other strip is glued on your adjustable bed. Grab a VELCRO here

How to keep mattress from sliding on metal bed frame

While mattresses can slide from any bed frame, mattresses placed on metal bed frames tend to slide more often. And just like any other bed frame, there are myriads of ways that you can stop your mattress from slipping on a metal bed frame. Read a long to find out.

1. Utilize Shelf Liners

Did you know that a shelf liner can ensure that you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest? Often found in the kitchen as well as your tool box, a shelf liner comes with different attributes that can help your mattress from slipping on a metal bed. The best thing about a shelf liner is that it is quite cheap. You can always get your hands on one from a store near you. I highly recommend this shelf liner

2. Double Sided Tape

As the name suggests, a double sided tape comes with glue on both ends. Although some critics are against using a double sided tape on your bed, it actually comes in handy in preventing your mattress from slipping on metal beds. If you are uncomfortable using it on your mattress, you can always look for a double sided tape as a last resort. Check out a double sided tape on Amazon

3. Clean Under Your Mattress

It goes without saying that dirt and dust always builds up underneath your mattress with time. At the same time, dust can accumulate on top of your bed overtime. The accumulated dust and debris can act as wheels for your mattress.

Ensure to thoroughly vacuum under your mattress as well as the top side of your bed. This way, you will be doing away with the dust and debris thus preventing your mattress from sliding as you sleep.


How to keep mattress from sliding on platform bed

There are many reasons that make a mattress slide on a platform bed. Apart from a mattress being old, lack of rails on a bed coupled with less friction between the mattress and the platform bed can cause a mattress to easily slip.

But how can you stop your mattress from slipping on a platform bed? Here’s how.

1. Go For The Ideal Bed Frame

Contrary to common belief, the type of bed frame on a platform bed is the root of all the problems. Maybe the frame is too short or maybe the frame is simply not compatible with your mattress. If your bed frame is too small to accommodate your mattress, the only solution is to get your hands on a bigger bed frame.

On the other hand, if your bed frame is too large, you can fill in the extra space with folded paper or woodchips. While this will work out just fine, it’s of utmost importance to remember that this is merely a temporary fix. In the long run, you will have to look for the ideal bed frame that best fits the size of your mattress.

2. Use Elastic Straps

Another viable way of preventing your mattress from slipping on a platform bed is to use Elastic Straps. Not only are they an easy fix for your sliding problems, but Elastic straps come with a number of desirable features.

Perhaps one of the best things about an elastic strap is that it comes with an anti-padding trait. This ensures that your mattress as well as bed won’t be moving around while you are sleeping. Even so, elastic straps come with one major downside.

The straps tend to affect your overall sleeping comfort since it can be felt under your bed sheet. The good news is that you can simply do away with this problem by placing a thin mattress pad. This elastic strap will work perfectly


How to keep memory foam mattress from sliding

Minimal or complete lack of friction between your memory foam mattress and your bed is one of the key reasons that make your mattress to slide. Now that you’ve identified the cause of sliding, it is only fair to find a solution that involves creating friction beneath the mattress. This will not only help in keeping your mattress in place, but it will also guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Below are some of the best methods that you can use.

1. Utilize Rubber Rugs

One of the main benefits of using rubber rugs is that they are easily available and cheap. You can simply use rubber matting designated for your floor to stop your memory foam mattress from slipping.

A rubber rug goes a long way in creating impeccable friction between your mattress and your bed. This way, your memory foam mattress will remain put whenever you lay on it. All you need to do is get your hands on a rubber rug and place it in between your memory foam mattress and bed. Grab this rubber rug on offer.

2. Use Foam Rubber

Apart from using rubber rugs, you can also use foam rubber to keep your memory foam mattress in place all through the night. Although getting your hands on one from your local store can prove daunting, you can always get long strips of rubber foam online.

To ensure that your memory foam mattress does not slip, the foam rubber comes fitted with adhesive paper on one side and slip resistant capabilities on the other. This foam rubber would do the job perfectly.

How to keep mattress from sliding on slats

Slats are utterly common in many beds today. More so are slats used as beddings to platform beds. While slats help in offering support to your mattress, they can also be the cause of your slipping mattress. But how can you stop this? Here are a few pointers to help you.

1. Consider Sleeping on a New Mattress

Whilst there are many ways to prevent your mattress from slipping on slats, using a new mattress is often the way to go. More often, ordinary mattress don’t come with slip resistant materials. So when they get old, they tend to slip through bed slats with ease. Check here the best mattresses to buy.

Although you will have to dig into your pocket to get a new mattress, you will be ensuring that you get a good night’s rest by having a stable enough mattress. With little rocking and moving around, your mattress will least likely to slip through the slats.

2. Use a Mattress Non-Slip Pad

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress, you can get your hands on a mattress non-slip pad. This material comes with different rubber options that are impeccable in keeping your mattress in place.

To effectively use this material, simply place it between your mattress and bed, and you will be good to go. This mattress non-slip pad has positive reviews on Amazon.


How to keep mattress from sliding on metal bed frame

Metal bed frames are considered to be some of the best materials for making bed frames. They come with a lot of benefits which include the ability to be highly durable. But how do you stop a mattress from sliding on metal bed frames?

While this might seem highly impossible, mattresses actually slide on metal frames. Here are ways you can prevent this from happening.

1. Use a Rubber Padding

Although there are different ways to prevent our mattress from sliding on a metal frame bed, did you know that padding your mattress with rubber goes a long way in stopping your mattress from slipping? Since lack of friction can cause your mattress on slip, placing rubber in between the Mattress and your metal bed will offer enough friction.

The best thing about rubber padding is that it is easily accessible. You can use several items around your home such as rubber flip-flops, plastic mattress bags and gripping pads among others to get the desired effect. This rubber padding is the best.

2. Velcro

Another way to keep your mattress from slipping on a metal frame bed is to use Velcro. Basically, Velcro is a formidable material that not only ensures that your mattress is kept from slipping, but also guarantees that your mattress will remain secure. Ideally, placing this hook and loop material strategically in place will guarantee the stability of your mattress. Check reviews on VELCRO here


The quality of your sleep directly reflects different attributes of your life. For example, when you are disrupted while sleeping, you can remain assured that you won’t be effective during the day. At the same time, disrupted sleeping patterns can lead to different health conditions.

Securing your mattress from slipping is one of the many ways to ensure that you experience a good night’s sleep. Hopefully, these methods will go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your sleep by keeping your mattress from slipping.

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