How Do Hotels Keep Sheets Wrinkle free?

How Do Hotels Keep Sheets Wrinkle free?

Have you ever checked into a hotel and noticed how nice and crisp their sheets were? Or how they smelled like lavender? It’s not an accident. Hotels employ various methods to keep their sheets wrinkle free, fresh, and smelling good.

From washing the bedding in hot water with lots of soap to hanging the linens up to dry outside and ironing them before use, here are some of the things hotels do to keep sheets looking great every time.

What are some ways hotels keep sheets wrinkle free?

Hotels will usually start their day by airing their linens out. They will roll them up and throw them over racks so that the sheets can dry quickly, before putting the beds back together. This will not only allow the linens to dry faster, but also protect them from all of the moisture in the air.

Hotels also use specialized anti-allergy sheets, such as microfiber, which eliminate allergens, and/or long-staple cotton, which remove soil, odors, and stains. Also, these are usually made of cotton, as it’s softer and has a soft, luxe feel.

Hotels will also hang their linens out to dry. This will help them retain their shape and wrinkle freeness. Linens will be hung outside to dry, preferably outside. They don’t want to have to hang them inside, where it is hot, since linens will shrink.

Wash sheets in hot water with lots of soap

Many hotels require guests to wash their sheets in hot water with a bleach mix at least once a month. Some hotels even specify that the sheets be washed at specific times of the month. On average, hotels recommend a washing period of three days.

Hotels utilize bleach soaps and linens wipes, spray starch, and often throw in a round of the SOS towel treatment. If you are concerned about sheets going to waste, take the sheets in to the laundry and ask them to send them directly to the dry cleaner.

While they can’t match the softness of your own bedding, a hotel laundry can still get the job done. Air-dry sheets Most hotels will keep sheets extra fresh by storing them in the dryer overnight.

Hang linens outside to air dry and iron before use

Most hotels that have large meeting spaces hang their linens outside to air dry for a few days before use. This will help the color and texture stand out against the fresh air and also give the linens a nice fresh smell.

If there are multiple sheets to wash, drying them outside will allow the rest to air dry in the sun and would otherwise stay damp. Wash the linens in hot water with lots of soap. Hotels often wash their sheets in hot water with lots of soap to help remove any stains from the previous guest, sweat, or other liquids from guests.

The soap also works to remove any mildew from the carpet or from lingering odors in the room. Wash the sheets often As a general rule, hotels wash their linens two or three times per week.

Machine wash linens after every 3 days of use

Like anything else, your sheets should be washed after three days of use to kill bacteria, eliminate odor, and keep them fresh. Beach towels Using dry towels in a hotel room can cause moisture to collect under the duvet and keep it from being dry.

Try to stay away from white towels for this reason. Instead, try to use all different colored towels to save water and keep things fresh. Whether you’re traveling on a snowy winter day or a warm summer night, hotel blankets are made to keep you warm.

Use them to keep the duvet from sliding around when you’re trying to sleep. Iron the sheets If your sheets get wrinkled, hotel management might suggest that you simply hand-wash the sheets before you bring them back to the hotel to be ironed.

The hotel life cycle

Hotels go through a few major cycles during their lifetime. Firstly, they are built. Hotels have to ensure their construction is sound enough to last for decades. If a building is known to be outdated, or if it is structurally unsafe, it will likely go out of business soon after opening.

This is especially true with high-rise hotels and large, multi-building hotels. Buildings which go out of operation tend to go on the market very quickly, so it’s important that the construction is both structurally sound and meets today’s seismic codes.

This is not as much of a problem with older hotels, which are often even built in a modern way. Another point to be aware of is that the paint on the exterior of hotels can fade over time, which makes it look tired.

Sheet care

Hotels buy new sheets every few years and buy the best cotton. They work to buy sheets that are big enough to fit a king size bed. They aren’t exactly cheap either. Towels, pillow cases, and pillows come with a two-year warranty.

On top of that, hotels make sure that each guest has a different size bed that is appropriate for their height, size, and weight. So every time someone checks in a hotel they have sheets that match their bed size, not the guest size.

If you have a firm, medium-soft, or extra-firm guest size bed, then they will be provided. Hotels also work to make sure that each guest has a pillow case that fits their particular pillow that they want to use.

Keeping sheets fresh

How a hotel handles the laundering of the sheets is an important factor in their quality. Hotels use warm, soapy water to wash the sheets at a high volume, which helps to stretch out the fibers and keep them from stretching out of shape.

Linen fabrics are especially prone to stretching, so laundering frequently keeps them from getting bulky. Hotels also use detergent that is heavy-duty and deep-cleans so the linens are not only clean and dry, but also shiny and free of dirt and stains.

Hotels also tend to hang the linens up to dry outside so they are crisp when the guest tries to put them on the bed. Ironing is an integral part of getting a hotel’s sheets wrinkle free, especially at a five-star property.


If you have a nice hotel to stay in, rest assured, they do a lot to keep your linens looking fresh. If you know where to look, you can find interesting facts about bedding, such as the 7 Wonders of the World and the secret to crisp sheets.

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