DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm: Is it the Best Bedwetting Solution for your Kid?

The New DryEasy bedwetting alarm is among the best and cheapest alarm for night enuresis. Compared to previous bedwetting alarms available in the market today, DryEasy bedwetting alarm stands out with enriched features and unique options that make it look like an expensive enuresis alarm.


Before going deep into the review of the product, here is an overview of the New DryEasy bedwetting alarm.

The positives

  • It has a firm clip. This is beneficial because you don’t need to worry about it moving and not staying in place. It is a perfect fit once it is well-fixed according to the instructions.
  • The volume is loud enough to be heard in the other bedrooms, so there is no need of sleeping with the kid.
  • It has additional easy-to-use settings just like the expensive bedwetting alarms which go for $80 and above.

The negatives

  • It can take a significant amount of time and practice for the child to completely get used to the DryEasy bedwetting alarm which is common in many other bedwetting alarms.
  • There are isolated cases of some children exercising high sensitivity when the alarm detects wetness even if there is no urine.

A Closer look at the product.

  • It is enriched with six level sound systems. This can be changed from time to time. In most cases, a child can get familiar with one type of sound especially if they have used a particular alarm for some time and they don’t wake up. This is one of the best features of the DryEasy bedwetting alarm as you can easily change the sound to another to make everything seamless and prevent bedwetting.
  • Other bedwetting alarms are known to have only one inbuilt level of volume. This is also a unique feature of the DryEasy bedwetting alarm as it has four different adjustable volume levels the highest being 85dB. A nice feature, right?
  • Three alert modes lets you personalize for your child: Sound and vibration, Sound only or Vibration only
  • Another unique feature of the DryEasy bedwetting alarm is the presence of the 3 alarm modes. One can choose from sound plus vibration, vibration only or sound only. This is significant because after using it for a while, you can know the best mode for your child.
  • Progress card and sticker set provides fun motivation for children
  • The DryEasy bedwetting alarm is custom made for children in an environment that can be fun for your child too. It has a progress card and stickers that will be loved by children.

Inside the box

  • The DryEasy bedwetting alarm.
  • A set of stickers.
  • The progress card to help encourage and motivate your child.
  • 2 set of AAA batteries.

DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm Instructions

As noted earlier, the DryEasy bedwetting alarm comes with four different levels of levels. This makes it outstanding and unique when you go to the category of the cheapest bedwetting alarms. It is a feature that can only be found on priced alarms. This alarm will sure wake up your child if you set it up to the highest level which is 85db.

Most bedwetting alarms have a volume of less than 65db and cannot be ideal especially if your child is a heavy sleeper. DryEasy bedwetting alarm is the best bedwetting alarm for deep sleepers and can work even better in combination of sound and the alarm mode.

Another cool feature of the DryEasy bedwetting alarm is that it can be used outside your house and picnics. If your child has bedwetting issues and afraid of sleepovers with friends, this alarm is your best option. Apparently, it also comes with silent mode and the vibration can only be used. This will help in avoiding waking up others.

Most bedwetting alarms have proven to raise false alarms even if there is no presence of wetness. This has been solved by DryEasy. It has a special sensor, ToggleSmart which is custom made to make sure there is no false alarm. It is also very easy to maintain.

DryEasy Bedwetting Alarm Video



  • It is readily available and cheap.
  • It has six sound levels. This helps as it can be changed from time to time and prevent the child from getting used to one sound and ending up wetting the bed.
  • Completely audible. One of the best bedwetting alarms for deep and heavy sleepers.
  • 2 step switch off process – ensures child wakes and doesn’t ignore the alarm
  • The presence of a two-step-switch process. This is important as it makes sure your child will wake up and thus not wet the bed.


  • Isolated claims of false alarms, this is prone to many cheap alarms.
  • Several people have raised the issue of the clip getting broken.
  • It can be hard to attach the clip. This is because it has been designed differently from other alarms people use and can be perhaps the reason for the clip getting broken.

There are many other bedwetting alarms that don’t have any of the negative features of the DryEasy bedwetting alarm. The only different is that they are pricey. But if you are looking for a low-budget alarm, then go for DryEasy. It is perfect for early users.

Will DryEasy bedwetting alarm stop bedwetting in children?

The answer to the question above is either yes or no. This is because every child is different. The aim of a bedwetting alarm is to make your child get used to waking up every time they have the urge to pee. In some children they always tend to wake up and pee at exact same time every night. This can be easier for the child to adapt and be able to wake up on his/her own without the use of bedwetting alarms. In other cases, it can take up to several months before fully adapting.

If you suspect your child can wake up on their own without the need of a bedwetting alarm, then you need a smooth transition or else the child can fall back and start wetting the bed again. All you need is a lot of patience as it can take a long time before your child fully adapts.

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Of all the cheap bedwetting alarms we’ve reviewed, the DryEasy bedwetting alarm is the best. This is because of the added features only found in the pricey alarms. It is also the number one on list of the bestselling bedwetting alarms on Amazon today. It has thousands of positive reviews and high ratings.



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