Do Wooden Beds Squeak? Here’s the Definitive Answer!

Do Wooden Beds Squeak?

Between your busy day at the office, being held up in jam, noisy neighbors and caffeine pumping in your blood, the last thing you would want is remaining up at night due to a squeaky bed. At first, you can tolerate keeping up with a noisy bed. However, with time, a squeaky bed will ultimately affect the quality of your sleep, and overall sleeping quality.

But do wooden beds squeak? Well, while beds can be made from different materials, wooden beds tend to squeak the most. Basically, once you buy a wooden bed, you won’t hear the noise produced by the bed. Even so, you can remain assured that you will hear the squeakiness once you sleep on your wooden bed overtime.

Do Wooden Beds Squeak?

Basically, wood tends to swell due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is weather. When temperatures rise, wood normally expands quickly. However, once temperatures drop, wooden frames lose heat slowly making them squeak.

After a day’s work, you would expect to get a peaceful night’s rest. However, dealing with a squeaking wooden bed will only make you remain awake all through the night.

The good news is that it is easy to stop a squeaking bed permanently. The only catch is that you should first identify the location of the frame where the squeaking comes from. This way, you will not only enjoy a peaceful night, but you will wake up energized as well.

How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed

Fix the Joint Problem

There are many locations in a wooden bed that can make it squeaky. One of the main locations are the joints. While wooden bed joints can be metallic, some, although highly rare, are made of wood.

Be sure to check all the joints of your wooden bed to ensure that they are not the source of the squeaky sound. Once you identify a loose bolt, ensure to tighten it up using a wrench. Most often, the sound can be due to friction if your joint has no washer. If you find a joint without a washer, ensure to fix one. This will go a long way to bring a snug fit, thus eliminating the squeaky sound.

Insulate Your Wooden Bed

Whenever you buy a wooden bed, it’s not only enough to lay your mattress on it. Doing so will make the wooden frames to cause friction with the mattress thus making the squeaky sound. But how can you solve this?

In order to avoid the friction between the mattress and the wooden bed, its important to insulate your bed. Basically, you don’t have to buy anything else to put on your bed. You can utilize old clothes and socks by laying on the wooden bed to make a sheet. The sheet of clothing will serve as a foolproof buffer between your mattress and the wooden bed.

Wax Your Bed

Waxing also works miracles in making your wooden bed squeak free. Once you identify the location that the squeak is coming from, you can soothe the sound by adding a small amount of wax on the location. The best thing about using wax is that It is quite smooth. Additionally, you don’t have to get expensive wax to fix your squeaky bed  joints. You can simply use candle wax to fix your wooden bed.

Oil Up

Another great way to stop your wooden bed from making noise is to oil it up. After locating the area where the sound comes from, you can go ahead to oil it up. Simply grab WD-40 oil from your garage and carefully lubricate the joint you have identified. If you don’t have industrial quality oil, you needn’t worry. Step into your kitchen, grab your vegetable oil and apply it on your wooden bed. It will do the work just fine.

Use a Cork

One of the most daunting things about a wooden bed is that it doesn’t really come with a lot of bolts that you can grease or tighten. Therefore, stopping a squeaking wooden bed from producing the annoying sound can be quite overwhelming.

One of the best things to do is to use a cork to stop the sound. Wedge small pieces of wood on the locations that the sound is coming from. At the same time, you can place the cork around the pegs. This way, any noise being produced will stop once the cork tightens the loose spots.

Ensure The Legs are Leveled

While the squeaks in wooden beds are often from the wooden frames, you shouldn’t be surprised if the squeak is caused by uneven leg frames. When the legs are uneven, they will tend to be imbalanced. Such imbalance will cause the bed to be unstable, thus causing the sturdy side frames to squeak.

In order to deal with this problem, it’s of paramount importance to ensure that even the legs are out. You can do this by slipping a price of wood or cloth to the shorter leg. At the same time, you can relocate your bed to a location the floor is even.

Place a Hard Object on the Identified Spot

Although this is less common, placing a hard object on the squeaking spot will go a long way to eliminate the annoying sound.

First, ensure to identify the part of the bed that is responsible for the annoying squeak. Thereafter, place a hard object, such as a book, on the spot you identified. This however should be the exact spot and should be beneath the mattress.

While this is a sure trick to do away with the sound, you will have to test a number of spots to get the perfect spit. After placing the hard object, the squeaky sound should fade away immediately. Only then will you experience a comfortable sleep.



It goes without saying that wooden beds squeak. Ideally, this is because wood quickly expands when exposed to high temperature and contracts slowly. When this happens, wood will curve in thus causing the squeak sound.

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