Do latex Mattresses Sleep Cool?

do latex mattresses sleep cool?

It goes without saying that getting a peaceful night’s rest goes a long way in ensuring that you not only live a productive life, but a happy life as well. However, how do you ensure that you get a peaceful rest after a hard day’s work?

Whilst there are many factors to consider, you will be surprised to know that the type of mattress you use plays an integral role. However, getting your hands on the ideal mattress is not the only thing. You should ensure that your mattress helps you to sleep cooler.

But what’s the ideal temperature to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep? You may wonder. Well, according to research, the optimal temperature that can guarantee a good night’s sleep is 65° F. However, you should keep in mind that a vast majority of people, depending on different factors, tend to enjoy their sleep time in higher or lower temperatures.

That said, it all boils down to the type of mattress that you choose to sleep on. The type of materials used to make the mattress will go a long way in determining whether your mattress cannot absorb your body temperature. Remember that a mattress that does so will also likely trap your body temperature thus increasing your body temperature.


Do Latex Mattresses Sleep Cool?

Before delving further, let’s clear the air first. So, do latex mattresses sleep cool? The answer is absolutely yes. There is no way that latex mattresses can sleep hot.

Let’s face it. Your final sleeping temperature can easily be influenced by myriads of factors such as the type of bedding, how breathable your mattress cover is and the manufacturing process of the mattress among many others. Coupled with the fact that individuals come from different environments, it’s highly unlikely that a latex mattress will sleep hot. And there are good reasons to support this fact.

It’s of utmost importance to remember that even if all these factors are kept constant, you might sleep comfortably in a latex mattress while another individual might find it too hot. This is due to differences in thermo regulations, and other determinants such as medical issues and allergies.

However, while these factors influence your overall sleeping temperature, it’s right to say that latex mattresses sleep cooler than other mattresses in the market today. When you factor out these elements and consider a latex mattress against other mattresses, you’ll find that a latex mattress is a high quality product. This means that it comes with superior cooling properties such as gel beads, cooling gel as well as aerated forms.

These features have been infused in the latex mattress which has been manufactured ingeniously with an open cell structure. This way, the mattress guarantees free flow of air, thus ensuring that you sleep cool all through the night.

What to Consider When Choosing a Latex Mattress That Sleeps Cool

Contrary to common belief, not all latex mattresses sleep cool. After all, not all latex mattresses are made equally.

When looking for a latex mattress that guarantees that you sleep cool, you should always go for a latex mattress that has an inner core spring and is made from fibers. Such latex mattresses generally have a better air flow because they often come without any insulating foam.

Apart from this, below is an outline of factors you should consider if you are looking to sleep cool on a latex mattress.


1.  Avoid Plush Latex Mattresses and Go For Firm Latex Mattresses

If you’re looking for a mattress that sleeps cool, you probably know that latex mattresses come in varied firmness or densities. While you can easily overlook the density of a latex mattress in relation to whether it sleeps cool, you should know that the density of a latex mattress plays a role in determining temperature levels on your mattress.

Well, when it comes to the firmness of a latex mattress, you will probably find that with all factors considered, latex mattresses with higher densities tend to be cooler than plush mattresses. Firmer latex mattresses are also far cooler that mattresses that come wtg additional paddings that have been sewn on top of them, such as pillow top mattresses.


2.  Always Go For Firmer Talalay Latex Mattresses and Not Dunlop Latex Mattresses

Just like many other products in the market today, you should know that latex mattresses are made differently. There are two main processes of manufacturing latex mattresses. You will find a Talalay latex mattress and a Dunlop latex mattress.

While a Dunlop mattress comes with nervous benefits such as less sagging, it does not come in handy as a reliable cooling latex mattress.

Ideally, Latex mattresses made through the Talalay process are highly molded. Additionally, they go through freezing, vacuuming and vulcanization to end the process. On the other hand, latex mattresses made through the Dunlop process go through a simple pour method, which makes them denser.

While Dunlop latex mattresses are more denser than mattresses made through the Talalay process, it clearly shows that they allow less air to pass through them. This means that Dunlop latex mattresses have a tendency to retain more heat than latex mattresses manufactured through the Talalay process.

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3.  Ensure That Your Mattress Has a Breathable Cover

While a latex mattress is the ideal mattress for cool sleeping, the type of cover that your latex mattress has can determine your temperature regulating properties.

In simple terms, you will probably have to look for a latex mattress that has a cover that is highly breathable. The cover should not only be less airtight, but it should also be made from natural fibers such as viscose, cotton and bamboo materials.

You can also look for a latex mattress cover that is made from a breathable synthetic material. Such a material will go a long way in ensuring that ventilation within your latex mattress is alleviated as well as dispersing any moisture. This way, your body will be kept cool as you sleep.


While the ideal temperature for experiencing a cool sleep is 65°F, it goes without saying that there are myriads of factors to consider.

Although acquiring a latex mattress is a sure way of ensuring that you get a cool night’s sleep, it’s also impeccable that you also ensure that you have good ventilation within your room, have good mattress covers and have thermal regulators within your room.

Otherwise, when it comes to a mattress that you can sleep cool, you can rest assured that a latex mattress will reign supreme as long as you maintain all other factors equal.

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