Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

do latex mattresses sag?

When you are looking to buy a new mattress, one of the things you probably want to know is whether the mattress sags. After all, nobody wants to sleep on a mattress that sags.

Due to this, you should be on the lookout for a mattress that is not only durable, but recovers quickly once you get out of bed. The good news is that a typical latex mattress possesses all these traits. Not only do latex mattresses last for longer, but they equally don’t sag with ease.

But what is mattress sagging? Basically, sagging is the process in which your mattress sinks without recovering. Normally, a mattress can be classified as a sagging mattress once it sinks more than it should normally do.

Sagging mattresses come with a number of health hazards. For starters, if you sleep on a saggy mattress for quite some time, you will eventually develop chronic back pains. As if that’s not enough, a sagging mattress is utterly uncomfortable. This means that you will experience interrupted sleep patterns with a sagging mattress.

Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your mattress, then it’s probably considerable to go for a natural latex mattress. This is because such mattresses are quite durable due to the material used to make it.

Do Latex Mattresses Sag?

Let’s face it, regardless of what material is used to make a mattress, it will sag in due time. The same goes for latex mattresses. The only difference is the duration it will take for a latex mattress to sag.

Ideally, while natural latex is a formidable material for making latex mattresses, you should always remember that it is also liable to tear and wear. The wearing out is mostly caused by the side effects of oxidation as well as exposure of the material to either sunlight or moisture.

Even so, there are myriads of other factors that can influence the rate at which a latex mattress can sag.

Whilst stopping the sagging process can be quite daunting, the good reason is that there are steps you can take to minimize the influence of these factors on your mattress. These steps will not only limit the process of sagging on your mattress, they will also play an integral role in extending the durability of your latex mattress.

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Read along to find out the exact steps that you can take to prevent your latex mattress from sagging.


  1. Always Go For Natural Latex

It goes without saying that the best mattresses are made from natural latex. With a natural latex mattress, you stand assured that your mattress will not only be durable, but high quality as well.

However, once you hit the market today, you will realize that a vast majority of latex mattresses are made from a blend of synthetic and natural latex.

Although it’s quite difficult to know the difference between the two, it comes highly recommended to go for a purely natural latex mattress. If for any reason you cannot get your hands on one, you can go for a mattress that has a higher percentage of natural latex.

But why? You may wonder. Basically, synthetic latex mattresses tend to sag more than natural latex mattresses. This is for the simple reason that natural rubber is more buoyant and lasts longer.


  1. Always go For a Spring Support Core or a Dunlop Latex Mattress

Whilst latex is a formidable material for making mattresses, you should also be aware of the manufacturing process. The manner in which a mattress is manufactured will go a long way in determining its durability and overall quality.

Ideally, there are two main methods used in manufacturing mattresses. The first is Dunlop and Talalay manufacturing processes.

When comparing the two, you will find that a latex mattress, that has undergone a Dunlop process is less likely to sag. This is mainly because such mattress has been infused with Dunlop latex support core. This cannot be said of a mattress latex mattress that has undergone the Talalay manufacturing process.

In a nutshell, Dunlop latex is naturally denser. This makes it more durable than Talalay, and can handle your body weight with ease. With such capabilities, you can rest assured that Dunlop latex core mattresses have a lower chance of sagging and will last for long.


  1. Consider the Ideal Level if Support and Firmness.

Apart from ensuring that your latex mattress remains sag free, determining the ideal level of firmness goes a long way in ensuring that you sleep comfortably.

Failure to go for a latex mattress with the right density will automatically lead to premature indenting of your mattress. You will also sleep uncomfortably , more so if your latex mattress is highly soft.


  1. Use The Proper Frame

One of the main causes of sagging in a mattress is the use of an incompatible base. When you use a frame that is either too large or too small for the latex matress, you will be breaking the mattress down, leading to the formation of sags.

More so, you should ensure to take extra care when handling a latex mattress. This is mainly because a latex mattress is much heavier than memory foam as well as spring mattresses.

In order to safely place your mattress in a sustainable manner ensures to follow your manufacturer’s specification. This way, you will be guaranteed compatibility as well as reduced chances of sagging.


  1. Rotate Your Mattress Regularly

Another way to avoid sagging is to ensure that you rotate your mattress frequently. This however, does not mean that you flip your mattress.

When you expose your mattress to a load in only one area for a longer period of time, the materials in those areas will be pressured thus leading to sagging.



Latex mattresses are undoubtedly the best mattress in the market today. Even so, when it comes to the best mattresses that sag less often, then you should consider going for a latex topped hybrid spring mattress.

Even so, you should always pick a latex mattress that contains a higher amount of natural latex and not synthetic latex. Additionally, the mattress should have Dunlop latex core.

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