ConfiDental Custom Mouth Guard Review.

As leaders in mouth guard technology, ConfiDental has introduced the confidential custom mouth guard with its perfect dental quality fit. The confidential mouth guard provides teeth protection for teeth grinders and concussion protection for athletes.


The ConfiDential mouth guard is custom designed and made from dental quality re-moldable material that allows you to create your own custom fit mouth guard in your own home. The result is a one of a kind mouth guard with a tight exact comfortable fit. This is a step by step through the process for getting your own individually made mouth guard from the confidential. Once you receive your ConfiDential mouth guard kit take time to familiarize yourself with its contents. This should include a thorough review of the ConfiDential mouth guard guide included inside the package.

The ConfiDential mouth guard kit comes complete with three mouth guards of three millimetre thickness, two mouth guards of six millimetre thickness, six cleansing tablets from pure diffident and antibacterial travel case and an instruction manual.

Instructions on how to use the ConfiDental Mouth Guard.

The process of molding your own custom fit mouth guard requires less than 20 minutes. You will need the following a pan at least three inches deep, a metal spoon, a bowl filled with ice, cold water, a wet towel, a mirror. To prevent the metal spoon from sticking to the mouth guard, the spoon should be kept in ice cold water until needed to remove the mouth guard from the hot water. Begin by filling a pan with at least three inches of water and heat the water to a boil. Then remove the pan from the burner and allow the water to stop boiling for several minutes.

Drop the mouth guard into the hot water for 18 to 20 seconds. As soon as the mouth guard walls start to curl together, immediately remove it from the hot water with an ice cold metal spoon. A few seconds after removing it from hot water, you can touch the mouth guard with your fingers. Prevent the walls from collapsing in on each other by holding the mouth guard on a wet towel so that the front wall of the mouth guard is resting on the towel. Spread the walls of the mouth guard slightly apart to create enough room for your teeth to fit inside. Please note that the walls of the mouth guard may start to curl in at less than 18 seconds depending upon the size of the pan used to boil water in your altitude above sea level.

Best results may be obtained by removing the mouth guard immediately as the walls begin to curl slightly together. Insert the mouth guard into your mouth and make sure that the mouth guard is positioned so that it fits over your teeth and gently bite down. Perform this step in front of a mirror so you can make sure that the center of the notch in front of the mouth guard lines up as closely as possible between your two front teeth.

Close your lips tightly together to create a vacuum and suck out all of the air and water until the mouth guard molds to a tight fit around your teeth. Simultaneously, use your tongue to apply very firm pressure to the inside borders of the mouth guard while using your fingers to press the upper lip and cheeks against the outside walls of the mouth guard so it is pushed tightly against the teeth.


For the three millimetre mouth guard, do not bite down too hard. Biting down too hard will result in a very thin mouth guard. For the 6 millimetre mouth guard, you may bite down harder than you would for molding the 3 millimeter mouth guard to result in a better fit. Remove the mouth guard from your mouth. At this point, you should notice a detailed impression of your teeth. The mouth guard should have a retentive fit when putting it back on to the teeth.

If the guard seems too loose, please follow the next step to tighten the fit. Before continuing to the next step, fill a large bowl with ice cold water so that you can quickly submerge and cool the mouth guard after reheating it. Submerge the mouth guard back into the pan of hot water for five seconds and remove the mouth guard from the water. Squeeze the inside and outside walls of the mouth guard together gently to narrow the inside of the tray. While holding the mouth guard, quickly submerge the mouth guard into the ice water to set it.

Re-insert into your mouth to check the fit. You should notice that the inside of the mouth guard feels tighter against your teeth. Clean the mouth guard by soaking it for 15 minutes in the safe and effective purified efficient antibacterial cleansing solution included in your kit. Then rinse it thoroughly with running water. Provident cleans and brightens removable dental appliances such as wire retainers mouth guards and dentures. The ConfiDential mouth guard is now clean and odor free.

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