Best Quality Mattresses of 2020-(Reviews and Buyer Guide)

We spend over one third of our lives in bed, so choosing the right mattress is important. It’s only when you go to buy one that you realize that there’s so much involved in the decision. But fear not, we’re here to explain what you need to look for and the terminology you encounter.

        What is a good quality Mattress

A good quality mattress should last you between seven and 10 years. So it’s definitely worth investing your time and money in the pursuit of the best one for your needs. Before you choose, you should isolate your requirements.  Is comfort your priority or do you suffer issues like back pain and require increased support? It is important to remember that a firm mattress isn’t necessarily what you need if you have back issues. A mattress that is soft enough to allow you to sink into it while firm enough to support you is a better choice unless of course you require a specialist orthopedic mattress.

   Types of Mattresses

When you go shopping for a mattress you likely see this type of terminology which describes what type of mattress you’re looking at. Memory Foam mattresses contain form between the layers. Gel mattresses are quite a new concept but contain a revolutionary new material formed from natural mineral. Pocket spring, Open Coil which can also be referred to as Open Spring and Continues Coil are made up of actual springs and coils between the top level and the base level.

Full mattresses are ideal for those who need support or suffer from a bad back as it will maintain posture and align the spine horizontally when sleeping on one side. Gel mattresses are quite new to the market. But due to product innovation, they provide fantastic support for those with back issues. They are also effective in dissipating heat so great option for those who find they get overheated easily and so are now a hugely popular mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses are a good option. If you’re looking for a bed for two people as the separate springs will cater for your different needs and weights. Open coil and Continuous Coil mattresses are agreed value for money option. Although sites are machine stage drudgery and hand stitch, but they are lighter than older models making them easy to turn. Both types tend to be less supportive than other mattresses to suit are more suited to guests bedrooms or as children’s beds where they’re used occasionally or will need replacing regularly anyway.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a cheaper option to upgrade your mattress is to add a mattress topper. By doing this, you could end up with back issues due to poor support. In the long run, a good quality mattress is a wiser choice over a mattress topper and will last longer also.

Most good mattress retailers will offer a range of sizes of mattress, but they are standardized according to Single, Double, King, Super King. But you sometimes see Queen mattresses and California King mattresses. So this is just a guide. Ask your in-store assistant for the measurements and the details will likely be listed on the mattress packaging also. You might have decided on the type of mattress materials, but then you need to decide on the firmness. The best way to judge this is to literally tested by lying down on the mattress. Things you need to take into account are for example if you toss and turn a lot, then a softer mattress might be a good option. People who like to sleep on their back might be best with a medium firm and so on.

   Final Thoughts

Once you have a mattress you should care for it. Turn into occasionally areas and use a mattress protector which is relatively inexpensive. You should aim to replace your mattresses every seven to 10 years. This is not only for hygiene reasons but because it will soften over time reducing the support it gives you. If you feel sore when you wake up or you find you sleep better in other beds, it’s time for a change. Good luck with your mattress purchasing journey and sweet dreams.

We have gone a step further to choose and review the best quality mattresses that will definitely suit your needs. Check our top 10 picks.

1 Nectar Mattress


The number one mattress that makes it as the best twin mattress is the Nectar mattress. This luxurious mattress is very comfortable and also the cheapest on this list. It is 13 inches thick and it is beautifully crafted.

It comes with a quilted cover that has a Tencel finish that makes it look very beautiful. It is very durable and made of HD foam plus all the materials used in the construction of this twin mattress are all of the highest quality.

Having from having the best edge-support in the sense that you will not worry of falling over especially if you are an active sleeper and rolls a lot, with the Nectar mattress twin you will sleep cool. You don’t have to worry about sleeping hot at night and wake up in a pool of sweat.

It also boasts of being a silent mattress. It has the ability to isolate any motion movement therefore a good option for couples. You will wake up silently without disturbing your partner.

The Nectar memory foam is a medium-firm twin mattress, a feature adored and loved by many. If you are looking for a mattress that is not too firm or too soft, this plush mattress is one of your best options.

Another feature of the Nectar twin size mattress is that it is perfect for all kinds of sleepers. It offers maximum support and made from foam that contours to your body shape and you won’t sink too deep. It is just perfect.

One of the best things about this twin size mattress is that it has a 365-trial period. You can test it for a whole year and if you are not satisfied, then you can return it and get your money back in full. It also comes with an endless warranty period. You can be rest assured that it is long-lasting and you will use it for decades.


        2 The Idle Sleep Mattress


The idle sleep twin mattress is one of the most reviewed and desired mattress online today. The manufacturer has made sure that the customer is satisfied all round with this luxurious twin mattress size in that it is available in different types. You can get it as hybrid, memory foam and also gel

The unique edge to edge pocketed coil system makes this mattress very firm and strong and also comfortable. It is long-lasting and it comes with four full months of testing this mattress after which if it does not meet your requirements, you can return it and get your money back.

And just for the sake of your peace of mind if you still think this is not a long-lasting mattress, it has a lifetime warranty period. You also get the convenience of free returns and free shipments with the idle sleep twin mattress.

Another feature of the idle sleep twin mattress is that is made from materials 100% natural. It has pure Talalay latex with also natural hybrid. This is one of the features that is loved and reviewed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Actually the idle sleep is the only double-sized twin mattress on this list. You get the comfort of firmness twice. You can choose your preferred level in two options. If you like it firm, just flip it and you’re good to go.

This mattress is good for motion isolation. It is a perfect choice for couples. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you will leave your partner sleeping peaceful without disturbing them especially if they are light sleepers.

The idle sleep twin mattress is one of the best mattresses for relieving pressure from different parts of the body. It is a perfect choice or rather remedy for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. You will no longer have pains in your joints.


3 Bear Mattress


Bear mattress is known to be a pioneer in making the best mattresses and other bedding products including mattress encasements, mattress pads and other types of mattresses as well. Although it is among the cheapest mattresses on this list, it has performance just like the most expensive ones.

The 15 inches memory foam and supportive coils is a notable feature of this twin mattress. It offers maximum support and comfort you will need to get a good night sleep all nights.

When it comes to cooling properties, the Bear Mattress has superior performance. It has advanced technology and you are sure of having the best night sleep. You will sleep cool the whole night and not worry of waking up sweating every morning. It is also the best twin size mattress for hot sleepers or if you live in places where temperatures tend to rise.

The Bear mattress is very accommodative has it has a firm base that is also very supportive of all body sizes and weights. Therefore if both of you are heavy weights, the Bear mattress is your next choice.

One good thing about the Bear mattress is the lifelong warranty period that comes with it. This is strong evidence that it is long-lasting and you will decorate it in your bedroom for many years. Another boner is the 365 trial period enough for you to find out if you like this mattress or not.

It is almost certainly the only brand with the longest trial period. You have enough time to test the mattress in any setting and temperature. According to the brand, only a handful of buyers are known to have returned the Bear Mattress.

It has 8 layers of construction each functioning differently. Apart from the HD memory foam, it also has supportive pocket coil system each meant to give you the best experience and comfortable night sleeping on this mattress.

The Bear mattress conforms to the shape of your body and it alleviates any pressure from different joints while offering maximum support. It is the best option and also ranks as number one on the best mattress for side sleepers. You will no longer have pains in your hips or anywhere else.


4. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Queen Mattress – Copper Infused Cooling System


One unique feature of Layla twin mattress is Thermogel technology that helps cooling this mattress while relieving pressure  at the same time making you have a comfortable night sleep like a baby.

Unlike any other twin mattress, Layla twin mattress is enriched with copper, a very unique feature only by Layla. This adds to the general comfort of this mattress also making it durable.

It boasts of being a medium-firm memory foam twin mattress something that is highly sought after by many people when they want to make a mattress purchase online. Many people often look for something that is not too firm nor too soft for their comfort and this might be just what you’re looking for.

The Thermogel technology makes this mattress the best option for people who sleep hot waking up every day in a pool of sweat. This unique technology has the ability to control the temperature of the mattress the whole night and even when it is very cold, mattress temperature is regulated and you will not feel as cold.

It is a good option for side sleepers has this has been made possible by the copper-infused presence in the memory foam used in the construction of this mattress. Copper is known to bear unique qualities including aiding in smooth circulation of blood which then translates in cooling your body. It also relieves pressure and you won’t have any strains on your neck or pains as you sleep.


Purple Queen Mattress


If you are looking for a cooling mattress, Purple Mattress is our best option we have reviewed and it has thousands of reviewers plus highest ratings online. Almost everyone who is reviewing this queen mattress is praising it for its cooling properties.

This Queen size mattress has just the right amount of bounce rate and the best part is that its memory foam is responsive. There are reviewers who bought this mattress for their children and they said that they felt as if they were sleeping on the clouds.

The Purple queen mattress was constructed using premium materials that aids in air circulation throughout this mattress translating to its cooling properties. It is just perfect for hot sleepers as you will comfortably sleep at night.

It is made from the best materials and a guarantee that it will last long. It is still too early to predict the longevity of this queen mattress because the company is still too new in the market. This is perhaps one of the downside of this mattress.

This mattress is very supportive and accommodative. It is strong enough to support heavyweights without sinking and remaining firm. In addition to this, the Purple queen mattress is known to relieve pressure from different points therefore perfect for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

Another notable feature that frequented in the many reviews is the ability of the Purple queen mattress to conform to the shape of your body. This is very unique unlike other mattresses that wait for your body to conform to the hard surface hence not comfortable.


  1. King Mattress


The King mattress is also one of the best twin mattresses available and it is constructed specifically for active people like athletes. It boasts as a medium-firm mattress and loved by many.

The King mattress has the ability to reduce any motion transfer and you will comfortably sleep without disturbing your partner at night. It works perfectly and a silent mattress.

A unique feature of the King mattress is that the Celliant technology making it very durable as it was constructed using HD memory foam mattress. This provides the best cooling properties and you are guaranteed of sleeping cool the whole night without sweating a lot.

The King mattress is also very accommodative and firm enough to support heavyweights. It has the best performance and it is considered the best King mattress for athletes.


  1. Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress


The Brentwood Home Cypress mattress features natural materials plus it is both a hybrid mattress and you will still get the latex feel. It is made from 100% natural latex and other natural materials.

Brentwood Home Cypress mattress is also two inches thick, very different than other mattresses and this feature makes it very durable. It is a guarantee that it will last in your bedroom for long.

When it comes to safety, the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress beats it all. This is because this mattress is constructed from a memory foam that is eco-friendly and therefore very safe for children and other sensitive people.

The best part is that you get the convenient of this twin mattress in two firmness levels, which only means if you don’t like it too firm, then you can just choose it and you enjoy

Brentwood Home Cypress mattress is only sold online and you cannot get it readily if you want it in stores near you. The manufacturer also sells this twin mattress online and they offer free delivery.

The Brentwood Home Cypress mattress also alleviates pressure from different pressure joints making you have the best experience all night. Apart from the pressure-reliving feature, being a medium-firm mattress is another unique quality of the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress as it works best for side sleepers.

Apart from being a cool mattress ensuring that you sleep cool the whole night and perfect for hot sleepers, the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress has the ability to isolate motion movement and you will sleep peacefully without disturbing your partner.


  1. Casper Sleep Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress, King


When it comes to the bedding section, be sure Casper will pop up somewhere. The company reputation is fast gaining popularity in making the best mattresses, beds, mattress encasements, mattress pads and others although it was formed in 2014.

This twin mattress from Casper has made it to this list of the best twin mattresses. It boasts of being a cool mattress because of its cooling properties made possible by the touch of latex foam on top of it.

The best thing about the Dromma Bed twin size mattress is that the company offers free shipping. They also have the best customer support.

It is also perfect for all kinds of sleepers because it has the ability to contour to the body shape while providing maximum support at all times. The responsive poly memory foam and it offers the right amount of bounce.


  1. Aviya mattress


Aviya twin mattress twin mattress is one of the best mattresses available as it is luxurious and very comfortable. It boasts of the unique innerspring that will make it last long and also has two inches to make it work even better.

One feature of the Aviya twin mattress is that it has three inches foam on the edges making it very firm. You will not fall over as it offers the best support. Plus the memory foam used in the construction of this mattress is very responsive and it offers the right amount of bounce rate.

Its ability to sleep cool is extremely profound as it has cooling comfort foam that aids in the cooling properties of this twin mattress. You will comfortably sleep throughout the night without sweating.

One feature that is sure of the Aviya twin mattress is the pocketed innerspring coil system which not only makes it very strong and firm, but also long-lasting. It is also made from high-density foam which will make it last. It is also very supportive and perfect for all back and side sleepers.

You can get the Aviya twin mattress either as firm or soft mattress. They both have innerspring that provides maximum supports and it being available in two options just shows how the manufacturer is dedicated to making the best for its customers.

This mattress is very safe and all the materials used in the construction of the Aviya twin mattress have passed through CertiPUR-US certification and also an indication that it will last for long. The only downside is that it has a slight smell upon unpacking but this usually disappears shortly after.


 10. My Green Mattress


My Green Mattress boasts of being made from materials 100% natural making it very safe and eco-friendly. It has also passed GEO-Certification making it one of the best mattresses for sensitive people who have allergies and frequent asthmatic attacks. It is also very safe for kids.

The natural Dunlop latex used in the construction of this mattress offers maximum support and makes it very durable. This is one guarantee that you are going to use it in your bedroom for ages.

My Green Mattress has the right amount of bounce rate and you will sleep comfortably the whole night. It is also a cool mattress and you will not have to worry waking up in a pool of sweat the next morning.

Another thing about the My Green Mattress is that it comes with an organic cotton layer sheet that is GOTS-Certified making it even very safe. You will surely love investing on this mattress.

The best part about the My Green Mattress is that you can enjoy it in two firmness options. If you don’t like a firm mattress, you can adjust it to be medium firm and you will feel the right amount of resilience as it is sturdy and you won’t sink to the middle of this mattress.

My Green Mattress is a medium firm mattress perfect for side sleepers as it relives pressure from body joints and you will not wake up in any pain. You will sleep comfortably through the night.



Best Mattresses of 2020- (Buyer’s guide and Buyer’s Reviews)

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