Best Trundle Beds 2019(Buyer’s guide and Reviews)

  1. [tweetshareinline tweet=”Best Trundle beds” username=”Sleep 101″]Coaster Fine Furniture 300107 Bed with Trundle

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The 300107 Bed with trundle was made by an American company, Coaster Fine furniture. This is a reputable company known for making the best furniture and shipping to many countries.

This trundle bed contains slats made of fine wood and after unboxing, you will need to assemble it before using. The fine wood is hardwood, but it is a lightweight wood. It is also very durable just like all furniture made from hardwood.

It is the best trundle bed when it comes to saving on space especially if your room is small and you need extra space. It is also very beautiful and blends well with any theme of your home.

This trundle bed has amazing features including storage drawer at its base and wooden planks on the site that serves as safety measure for young children or the elderly.

The 300107 Bed with trundle bed is available in white color and you can use it with your twin mattress of choice. If you are looking for a trundle bed for your guests, then the 300107 Bed with trundle is your best choice.

The storage drawers is another amazing feature of the300107 Bed with trundle as you can keep important documents or even books inside them so that after reading them, just keep them in the drawers.


  1. Casey II Wood Daybed

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The Casey II Wood Daybed trundle bed is a product of Fashion Bed Group. The company has a reputation of manufacturing the best furniture in the market today and they deliver worldwide.

The Casey II Wood Daybed is a very durable bed and it comes with 30 day free trial period unlike many other day beds. It is made from solid wood that makes it long-lasting guaranteeing you will use it for more decades to come. The wood is so strong and can comfortably accommodate heavyweights.

The best part of the Casey II Wood Daybed is the wheels that help to easily slide. It will also add elegance with the white finishing that will easily blend with any theme. It also saves on space. You can use the lower part to store items like suitcases and other items.

It has a back and arms in its upper part and this aid in supporting your neck especially if you want to use it as sitting place while reading or watching your best program in your bed.

One thing we liked about this bed is how it is easy to pull out the lower part if you don’t need to use it. This is because of its amazing roll-out feature that makes it easier to pull in and out. It works best with twin size mattresses.


  1. Poundex Full Bed with Trundle

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The Poundex Full Bed with Trundle is a product of Poundex Brand. This trundle bed is the cheapest on this list. The company is reputable for making the best products at affordable prices.

The Poundex Full Bed with Trundle has a touch of hardwood planks and also metal on the sides. This combination makes this trundle bed very durable and gives it elegant looks too. It also has faux leather on the front adding to its elegance.

The Poundex Full Bed with Trundle has wheels that help it slide easily on the upper part. It is very accommodative and you can use it especially if you have extra guests. It can comfortably accommodate up to four people.

You can use your full size mattress or even a twin mattress. The upholstering leather bed frame has cream color that makes it even as beautiful as ever.

It also saves on space and you can store items on under it. This bed is just elegant on top of being one of the cheapest trundle beds.


  1. DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle


The DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle is a dual bed that can serve as a daybed and at the same time a trundle bed. This bed was constructed by the DHP company, a furniture constructing company known throughout the US.

The DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle has a touch of faux leather on the upper part and also wooden slats that makes it strong and durable. It is also very firm and can comfortably support up to 400 pounds on the trundle and up to 250 on the day bed.

Unlike other trundle beds, the DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle is a lightweight trundle bed and you can keep it anywhere as it is easily moved. It is also great if you receive unexpected guests, you don’t have to worry where they will sleep as it is very convenient and can accommodate them.

The DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle is not perfect for people who love colors that would match with the theme of their home. This is because this trundle bed is only available in brown color. It is beautiful and you will fall in love immediately after assembling and placing your twin mattress on it.

The DHP Giada Daybed and Trundle does not contain any frame but it comes with multiple wooden slats that offers support and adding to the general comfort. Perhaps you might need to purchase the frame separately.


  1. Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle


The Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle is another trundle bed on this list that also acts as a daybed. It is also very affordable and has classy look that will add elegance to your bedroom.

One lovable feature of the Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle is that it is easy to move in and out of whatever room you place it and it works best by saving space. You can use it to store things and it will still look elegant.

The beautiful dark cherry color of the Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle is something that will strike your eye. It blends well with any theme whatever you place it. It can accommodate a twin size mattress of your liking.

The Furniture of America Modal Daybed with Trundle also trundle wheels and handles and you can move it easily. This trundle bed also has contoured side frames that offer maximum support and you can use it as a sitting place.

If you like reading at night, it has the best support on your neck and back. You will conveniently read or watch your favorite movie comfortably.


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