Best Light Bulbs for Bedroom (Reiewed 2022)

Light bulbs have become exponentially smarter in recent years. You can now easily replace your standard incandescent bulb with a variety of connected solutions. You can have the control to help you decide. We have sorted the products according to the ratings.

Best Light Bulbs for Bedroom

TP-Link- 60 Watt Equivalent Smart LED Light BulbCHECK PRICE
Phillips Hue White 60W Smart Wireless BulbCHECK PRICE
The Cree Connected 60 watt equivalent soft White a 19 LED light bulb.CHECK PRICE
Geeni Primsa 1050 Smart LED Light BulbCHECK PRICE
Philips Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Light BulbCHECK PRICE
  1. TP-Link- 60 Watt Equivalent Smart LED Light Bulb.


This product gives you total control on the lighting. You can install the smart bulb as easily as a standard light bulb, and it connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time through the free KASA app. KASA also lets you manage your lights with a smartphone or tablet including adjusting the brightness and setting schedules and scenes.

It gives you the option to set the light at a different glow during the daytime and increase the brightness at night. For added convenience you can use simple voice commands to control your KASA a smart dimple light bulb with any Amazon Alexa, Google assistant or Microsoft Cortana. Just tell your voice assistant to dim your lights and set the perfect mood for a movie night.

Let’s dig into more features and the factors that make this product so special. This product lets you manage everything remotely and works efficiently with your existing Wi-Fi connection. No need for a hub or extra equipment. All you need is your smartphone, the KASA smart app and a Wi-Fi connection to start controlling your bulb from anywhere.

Best on its feature list is that it doesn’t consume a whole lot of electricity. The product is Title 20 an Energy Star certified that hopes to reduce consumption by up to 80%w ┬áthout losing brightness or quality while saving you money. So all you have to do is spend twenty four dollars and reduce your light consumption up to 80%.


  1. Phillips Hue White 60W Smart Wireless Bulb


This smart bulb is rated 4.1 and it has 91% customer recommendation. This product helps you enhance your home with soft white lighting and you can easily get control over the lights by managing the lighting remotely from anywhere.

You can easily install the Philips Hue within five minutes on your own without getting into the hassle of electricians. All you need to do is buy your smart bulb then download the free Philip Hue app on your phone.

The app is compatible with both Android and IoS. Connect the hub to your Wi-Fi router using the included ethernet cable and in the end just click setup and the app automatically finds the hub or bridge. Now, your smart bulb is good to use.

As for the function, the Philips use smart bulb can effectively be controlled through the voice too with Amazon Echo or the Philips Hue hub. Get control using your voice. What’s more is it comes with an option of soft white light that’s dismissal and lasts for almost twenty five thousand hours. Isn’t that amazing?

The product is equivalent to a standard 60 watt incandescent but uses just 9.5 watts. The Hue White a 19 fits into your medium based table lamps floor lamps pendants and other open fixtures. The product is not recommended to use in bathrooms.

To sum it up, this product is unique to the market as ordinary bulbs don’t offer this much flexibility and control and don’t come with any warranty. Whereas, the Philips Hue smart bulb offers a two year warranty. So spending some dollars on this product is not a bad idea after all.


  1. The Cree Connected 60 watt equivalent soft White a 19 LED light bulb.


This product has a rating of 4 and an 83% of customer recommendation. The creek connected LED bulb is simple and offers an inexpensive way to customize your home’s lighting. The smart bulb can be installed with a simple method, just install your light bulb, sync with your hub and then later with your smartphone and there you go full control on your lights from any location.

The product is compatible with multiple home automation systems. The Creek Connected LCD bulb works with either wink or a Zogby certified hub. Once installed you can dim the lights, set a timer for your morning time or brighten the house while you’re away for added security all from your mobile device.

The Creek Connected LCD bulb claims to last for as long as twenty two point eight years costing you only a dollar of sixty four cents per year. This information is based on three hours a day, 11 cents per kilowatt and cost depends on rates and use. This product has only one drawback and that is it cannot be controlled by your voice.


  1. Geeni Primsa 1050 Smart LED Light Bulb


This product has a 4.2 rating with an 81% customer recommendation score. Before you make a choice let us tell you all the features that this product offers. Geeni Prism 1050 gives you millions of colors to select from. Yes, that is right. This product lets you be creative around your house. So if you’re not a white bulb person, let the colors flow and you can use it anywhere around your home. No restriction added. Well, this is just one feature.

This product requires no hub as it comes with a built in Wi-Fi. And you can easily control your lights from anywhere with your smartphone using the Geeny app compatible with both the IOS and Android. The bulb is an eleven Watt ten fifty lumens which is equivalent to a traditional 75 watt bulb. With the option of grouping you can control more than one light at a time. This product can support voice control systems via Amazon Alexa, Google assistance and Microsoft Cortana too.

Just with your voice, dim the brightness to customize your lighting experience on a good movie night. Wrapping up this product, it lets you save an estimated energy cost of one dollar in 32 cents per year. So make a wise choice.


  1. Philips Wi-Fi Wiz Connected Light Bulb


This Philips smart light bulbs offer beautiful light. You can make a choice between bulbs with different white and colored light effects. This product is easy to control on both app and voice. Now, get your desired ambience every day. Just get started by screwing in your new light bulb and downloading the Wiz app. No app required as it works good with your existing Wi-Fi connection.

It lights up your home with an 8.8 wattage and 800 lumens or brightness. The Philips company offers a 90 day returnable policy. Wrapping up the product we will add one amazing feature that this product offers. With two smart bulbs in the same room you can totally adjust them both on different independent levels.

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