Best Leesa Mattresses of 2021(Leesa Bed & Pillow Included)

There are over 150 online mattress bands to date. With this number, how can you be sure you’re getting the best one? Well, let’s find out. Leesa is a direct to consumer online mattress company that delivers superior quality mattresses proudly made in the USA.

It was January, 2015 when the company started its production from two staffs to now having more than 70 working to give you the best mattresses and beds across the globe. To Leesa, the bed is more than just a place to sleep. So with that, they’ve created luxury sleeping furniture that provides unmatched comfort.

Aside from giving their online customers a comfortable place to rest and relax, Leesa generously donates one mattress in every 10 they sell. They’ve now donated over 30,000 mattresses to people in need. For this company, success is not always measured financially, but how their products have made an impact on the world.

Your bed is like a sanctuary where you can let your mind and body rest after a long day’s work. If you want the best sleeping experience of your life, we’ve reviewed the best Leesa mattresses and beds.

Best Leesa Mattresses

Traditional Leesa MattressCHECK PRICE
Sapira Hybrid MattressCHECK PRICE
Leesa Platform BedCHECK PRICE
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Leesa Hybrid PillowCHECK PRICE
  1. Traditional Leesa Mattress


This mattress is expertly designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA with great performance foam. It’s one of the most popular multi-layer mattresses available on the market because of all of its unique features.

The mattress is a 10 inch foam, which consists of three different layers of high quality foam. The first layer is a two inch LSA, 200 foam that provides a comfortable feeling because it has a cooling effect that prevents you from waking up sweaty in the morning. It also has a softer bounce and improves pressure relief or side sleeping individuals.

Next is the two inch memory foam that contours to all body types and gives you the feeling that you’re floating in the air. The third layer is a three inch dense core foam, which supports all body types and sleeping styles. This is the base that gives shape and durability to the mattress.

This bed has a micro cell structure that makes the foam breathable. It also promotes airflow while still providing the maximum support your body needs. It also has a medium level of firmness, which is great for heavier individuals.  This bed has a minimal motion transfer, which is advantageous for light sleepers, so they won’t be easily disturbed if their partner moves around.

The manufacturer provides a 100% risk free trial on every purchase to prove the quality of their products. All of their mattresses have 100 night free home trial backed with a no hassle full refund policy. When you buy a Leesa mattress, you also have contributed to their charity project, which is to donate that one mattress out of every 10. Also plant one tree and volunteer some community work. For the record, they have already donated 23,000 mattresses and planted over 135,000 trees.


  • Trueread technology.
  • Maximum support.
  • Minimal motion transfer.
  • 100% risk-free trial.


  • Too soft.


  1. Sapira Hybrid Mattress.


The hybrid luxury mattress manufactured by Leesa offers quality both inner spring and in foam products. This mattress has a five-layer construction. At the base is a one inch core support foam base. Next is a six inch quantum pocket spring system. The next layer is a one in support foam base. Next comes the one and a half inch memory foam. And the top layer is one and a half inches of cooling.

This pocketed coil system offers bounciness and the best body support while the memory foam gives a body contouring sleep surface that targets pressure points. The Sapira Hybrid Mattress is easy to set up, just unwrap and unfold the mattress on top of the bed. Sapira takes about an hour to fully expand and just a few days to get in shape.

The top surface may feel soft, but as soon as the memory foam firm’s up, it’s ready to relieve body pressure while the pocket springs will make the entire mattress outline your body. Any smells will disappear within the first day after on boxing.

The bed absorbs a minimum amount of body heat, so you keep cool. This is because it has over 1,000 individually wrapped pocket springs, which stimulate healthy air flow through the whole structure. This is particularly great for back or stomach sleepers to want to have a firmer feeling and that supportive bounce that will keep the alignment of the spine.

The Sapira has a firm edge support because of its unique pocket spring sizes that vary from the center to the edge, so sleepers won’t have any problems sitting on or sleeping towards the edge of your bed. The Sapira has better motion isolation that’ll let you and your partner drowse peacefully through the night. Sapira Hybrid Mattresses also have a 10 year limited warranty and you’ll be impressed by the company’s commitment and giving back with their donation program and ongoing charity works.

Leesa is truly one of the leading brands that deliver top quality mattresses to its online customers. All of their products are not only soft and firm, but also durable enough to last for years. In choosing a mattress it’s essential to know which one suits your needs as it affects the quality of your sleep.


  • 5-layer construction.
  • Body-contouring sleep surface.
  • Easy to set up.
  • 10-year limited warranty.


  • Expensive.


  1. Leesa Platform Bed.


If you love comfort and want to have a good night’s sleep, then you should try this bed. Modernize your bedroom with this bed to achieve the ultimate setup. Leesa’s brand is well known to produce good quality products and to gain positive feedback with its customers.

This platform bed is easy to assemble. The four corner pins secure the outer rails and the middle support rail slides into place and the leg screw in easily. You don’t even need to use tools, just roll it out and lock the slats in two easy pre-connected pieces and it’s good to go. It also provides a supportive base for your mattress with elegant wood lakes and Birch slats that compliment your room and style.

You can only so relax and recharge without searching again for an outlet because this platform bed has an additional feature. It has two low voltage USB ports on both sides of the platform bed. You can comfortably charge your phone without jumping out of bed, just to plug in your charger.

This platform bed offers perfect support so you can get the rest you need and deserve. If you’re looking for a platform bed that is designed for beauty and function, then you might consider buying the Leesa platform bed. You’ll get the best sleep and comfort while you also get a good quality and sturdy product.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • 2 USB ports.
  • Elegant wood legs.
  • Perfect support for bed.


  • Weak.


  1. Leesa Adjustable Base


This adjustable base bed is most likely to be the newest trend for limited space households. It’s also one of the fresh additions to the market of the constantly reliable brand from Leesa. Even with a slim design, the base is really sturdy and durable. It’s made with Birchwood black powder coated steel and 100% polypropylene.

The adjustable base is available in both split and single options and can perfectly fit a huge variation of mattress sizes. A split adjustable base may be good for those who share their bed with a partner. It eliminates any motion transfer that delivers a seamlessly changing of positions.

This product has an LED lighting beneath the base, which is great in case you need to get out of bed at night and don’t want to turn on the lights. All of the functions of this adjustable base can be accessed and controlled via a seven-button wireless remote, which is easy to use.

With Leesa bass, it’s never been cooler to achieve a level of coziness and support necessary for total rest and relaxation and that perfect night’s sleep. It offers many options like allowing you to lift your head and legs, to create a more comfortable position for watching television or reading while relaxing all at the touch of a button from your wireless remote.


  • Adjustable base.
  • Eliminates any motion transfer.
  • Seven-button wireless remote.
  • LED lighting.


  • None.


  1. Leesa Hybrid Pillow


This pillow will make sure you get a great night’s sleep that you need and deserve. You’ll pay more for this pillow, but it’s certainly not your average pillow. The Leesa hybrid pillow is captivating because of its features like its double-sided adjustable fluffiness and durability.

It also has an active cooling side. It adjusts to the kind of sleeper you are. It has a pillow insert that sits between quilted pockets and cool layers. You can remove it with a simple zip to change your support level, to fit how you sleep.

Another great feature is that it has two different sides. One is a cooler part made of chilling fiber, which is literally cool to the touch. The other side is also cool, but it has a smoother texture that will help calm you. No matter how you customize it, this pillow’s designed for consistent support and help you drift off into slumber. Plus it doesn’t clump up like other pillows.

It has a downlight quilted pocket style that’s like your favorite down jacket. It helps maintain its fluffy shape and act as support. It’s durable and the cooling fabric is machine washable on gentle, so even your worst stains will be washed away. If you’re looking for a pillow that’s going to last for a long time, customizable and feels incredibly comfortable, then the Leesa Hybrid Pillow is highly recommended.


  • Active cooling side.
  • Consistent support.
  • Down-like quilted pockets.
  • Machine washable.


  • None.


There you have it, the best of Leesa Mattresses and Beds. It’s our pleasure to help you find the right bed and mattress that will help give you the sleep without hurting your pocket.

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