Best Daybeds 2020-(Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

Daybeds are available in several different style options. Over the past few years, daybeds have been increasingly growing in terms of popularity. The sole reason for this is because of the many advantages and uses of daybed.

Benefits of Daybeds.

  • If you have a small space, consider getting a daybed. Daybeds serve as extra sitting and sleeping space for guests.
  • Daybeds are also perfect for baby nurseries. This is because it can help mothers, especially new moms to rest and stay close in between feedings.
  • If you have teenagers or even children who share the same room, consider getting a daybed. This is because most daybeds have a second pull out and can be ideal for sharing.
  • Most daybeds are versatile and can perfectly fit into any home decor.
  • Daybeds can serve as better alternative to air mattresses as they offer a comfortable resting space anywhere they are placed.

Check our review of the best daybeds available on the market today.

1. Zinus Quick Lock Twin Daybed

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If you are looking for a luxurios daybed to that can save a lot of space and still look decorative, the Zius Quick Lock Twin Daybed is your best option bed. You can put this beauty on your backyard and it will rock. It is one of the best daybeds that has multiple purposes.

The best part about the Zinus Quick Lock Twin Daybed is that it is very easy to assemble has Zinus has made it incredibly easy for assembling. You will not need any experts to assemble this easy-build bed.

You can use this daybed just to add aesthetic value to your home. It is perfect for your kids bedroom, can be used in extra rooms and you can put it outside to relax when you don’t feel like staying indoors.

The Zinus Quick Lock Twin Daybed also comes with a good-looking mattress and also full set of frame. It is also strong and will remain sturdy and is long-lasting.  Perhaps a negative feature of the Zinus Quick Lock Twin Daybed is that it is only available in black.


  1. DHP Hale Upholstered Daybed and Trundle

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The DHP Hale Upholstered bed and Trundle not only acts as a daybed, but it can serve as a trundle with classic features for you and your visitors. If you are a fond of lounges, then you can customize this in your home and it will look lovely.

DHP has devoted their brand to creating useful furniture for small spaces, and they prove it with their Hale Upholstered Daybed and Trundle. The assembly for this daybed is completely uncomplicated. Buyers also get a one-year limited warranty from your date of purchase.

According to thousands of reviews, the DHP Hale Upholstered Daybed and Trundle is long lasting and remains very steady and firm over the years. And just for your peace of mind, it comes with a one-year warranty period.

The recommended mattress to be used for the DHP Hale Upholstered bed and Trundle is the DHP’s Signature Sleep Essential and is normally shipped together.  Unpacking is very easy and you can do assemble it alone as it has very easy and clear instructions.


  1. Tufted Reversible Sofa Lounge Daybed


One of the best features of a good daybed is one that can serve different purposes. The Tufted Reversible Sofa Lounge bed is definitely one of those multi-purpose daybeds you should consider.

This convertible daybed can be used by anyone and anywhere. It can be used by students, spare bedrooms, outdoor and in your kid’s bedroom. And the best part is that it is super cheap while serving many purposes.

It comes with a Kiln-Dried hardwood frame that guarantees that is daybed will last for long while remaining strong. It also has an upholstered headboard and to match it up, it has a perfect footboard that comes with it.

It is also very supportive traditional European flex stat. It is also reversible lounge and can be positioned whichever way you like. Another thing is that it has comfortable tufted pillow panels that make the Tufted Reversible Sofa Lounge bed very classy.

This daybed is very accommodative as it is available in full size unlike most daybeds only limited in queen sizes. It also has a very strong supportive system and very comfortable too.

If you are someone who loves mixing color, this bed limits that as it is only available in black. You might have to contact the manufacturer for you preferred color.


  1. DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed and Trundle


The DHP’s Sophia Upholstered bed and Trundle is another daybed that boasts of being a daybed as well as trundle. It can comfortably fit a twin size mattress and the best part of it all is that it has a backless stance perfect for your furnished living room and it will remain unnoticeable.

If you are on a tight budget, then you don’t need a mattress for the DHP’s Sophia Upholstered Daybed and Trundle. It can work perfectly without one, but most people just want to add coziness to this daybed and they buy a twin size mattress. You can use any type of twin mattress that you like.

If you are a memory foam fan, DHP has made a customized twin mattress specifically for the DHP’s Sophia Upholstered bed and Trundle.

This daybed tends to be vey pricey but the great looks and elegance makes it totally worth any price tag.


  1. South Shore Tiara Daybed

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A daybed in a kid’s room is a great alternative to a standard bed. It can save more room, and add style without skimping on your child’s comfort.

The South Shore Tiara Daybed is one of the best daybeds that is just perfect for your kid’s room. It just saves space and leaves enough room and space so that your kid’s room is not squeezed.

It boasts of a princess-like style which is perfect for little girls who love elegance. It has three stylish drawers that can be used for keeping cloths and their doll toys and it is a guarantee that it will loved by your little girl.

The white finish is a great color choice and therefore can be customized to blend with any color that you want for your child’s room.  The only negative feature of the South Shore Tiara bed is that it is not as easy to assemble as other daybeds. But once you are done assembling this beauty, then you will fall in love with the end results.


  1. Homelegance Sleigh Daybed


The Homelegance Sleigh bed is perfect for use anywhere in your bedroom. You can fit it anywhere from your sitting room, spare rooms or even a home office just to relax when you are not doing a lot of work.

It comes with a tufted backrest and the head has absolutely gorgeous design that can serve as an interior décor item wherever you put it. With the Homelegance Sleigh bed, you have to purchase a mattress of your choice.

Perhaps one thing that is loved and one of the most reviewed daybeds on Amazon today is the fact that it is available in a variety of colors. It comes in grey, dark grey and brown. Since grey is a nude color, you can easily customize it any way you like it. It blends well with almost anything.


  1. DHP Winston Metal Daybed and Roll Out Trundle, Sturdy Metal Frame, Multifunctional Piece, Gold – Twin


If you are looking for full size bed, then the DHP Winston Metal Daybed and Roll Out Trundle, Sturdy Metal Frame, Multifunctional Piece, Gold – Twind is your go to bed. It has a elegant looks and a wire frame that can be added as a piece of interior décor to your home.

The best the manufacturer did is to make this daybed in a variety of sizes and also comes in different materials, but the same daybed.  You can get it in Twin or Full size. It can serve best especially if you have a teenager in your home. It is also perfect for dorms. The available color designs is you can get it as a bronze, pewter or white.

With the DHP Winston Metal Daybed and Roll Out Trundle, Sturdy Metal Frame, Multifunctional Piece, Gold – Twin, you also have to buy a mattress of your preference but the one thing that it is clear is that it will add elegance especially if the bedroom is small.


  1. LexMod Quest Circular Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio Daybed


Looking for an outdoor daybed for your backyard? The LexMod Quest Circular Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio  is the best daybed that you can use outdoors. It is a convertible day bed and is also very large that it is why it takes time to assemble it together.

One popular feature of the LexMod Quest Circular Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio bed is that when separated, you can get a sofa, two chairs and ottoman. This is just perfect that is why it has many positive reviews.

You don’t have to worry that it will lose color over time due to sunlight because the canopy fabric used in the construction of this bed is UV-resistant and won’t fade. You can also get in six options, just choose according to your preference.


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