Best Canopy Beds of 2020-(Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

  1. DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Full

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The DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulbed is very good-looking and it was constructed with metal rails. It has the best headboard and it is slatted a little adding to the elegant looks of this bed.

Probably the best feature of the DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulcanopy bed is that it is very strong and very accommodative. It can support up to 500 lbs and will remain strong and supportive through the years.

You don’t have to purchase slats separately as the DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulcanopy comes with 22 slats that provide maximum support and makes this bed very comfortable for use even for heavyweights.

The DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulcanopy bed only comes in all sizes and it best works with any mattress type. Check our reviews on the best queen size mattress then you can choose the one to use with this bed.

There is no doubt that the DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulcanopy bed is not only elegant but it is luxuriously designed making the best rated of all the beds we have reviewed here and on top of it all.

As per reviews, the DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulcanopy bed is known to be long lasing and just for the sake of your peace of mind, the manufacturer has given you a one-year warranty period.

It is one of the safest beds available as the material used in the construction of this bed has been tried and test and it is eco-friendly.

You don’t need an expert or an experienced person when it comes to the assembly of the DHP Canopy Metal Bed with Sturdy Bed Frame, Gold, Fulcanopy bed. It is extremely easy to assemble this bed and put it together. The instructions are short and super clear.


  1. Mcmeans Upholstered

If you are looking for an elegantly desined and long-lasting canopy bed, then look no more. The Mcmeans has a metal frame which not only adds décor in your bedroom, but it is very long lasting.

It boats of numerous positive reviews and has been highly praised for providing the best support to help you get a comfortable night sleep and always sleep like a baby for years to come.

Perhaps the simple design of this canopy bed makes it outstanding. Once it is set up in wherever you have placed it, you will be attracted by the metallic frame. It shines and glows providing the best aesthetics to your bedroom.

The Mcmeans is also very supportive and can support weights of up to 450 lbs. This makes it very accommodative even to heavyweights.

The headboard of the Mcmeans has been designed in a way that provides the support you need to your back and neck especially if you are browsing or even reading. It gives you the pleasure of enjoying yourself doing the little things that you would have had to get out of bed and do.

Although it does not come with any warranty period, the Mcmeans canopy bed is made from durable materials that guarantee it will last for years while remaining strong as ever.  It has a combination of metal and wooden frame. The three center legs make this bed very steady and firm providing optimal support.

Another feature of the Mcmeans is that it has low-cost maintenance. It can be easily kept clean by simply wiping it with a dump cloth and it will remain as new as it was on day one. The metal frame is very strong and will not scratch at any cost.

Apart from being easy to assemble as it comes with clear instructions, the Mcmeans canopy bed has metal slats that add to the longevity of your mattress by providing maximum support always.

  1. Aksel

If you are out looking for a canopy bed that has a strong headboard and footboard, then the Aksel is your best option. It is among the best rated canopy beds with thousands of reviews from satisfied customers who are coming back to buy a second or a third bed.

The Aksel canopy bed is known to occupy a small space therefore if you want enough space in your bedroom, then this bed will work just fine by saving enough space. And not only does it safe space, but it is very accommodative as well. It can support weights of up to 400 lbs and a perfect choice for heavy weights.

The Aksel is known to be very durable as it constructed using a welded metal that it very strong. This just adds to the overall décor of your bedroom. And just for your peace of mind, the manufacturer has included  a one year warranty period to this bed.

Although this bed was initially made to be a canopy bed, you can remove the canopy of the Aksel and use any board that you want. You can even take a Bunkie board and it will work perfectly.

Another thing about the Aksel bed is that you don’t need any slats when it comes to setting up this bed which is very easy by the way. On top of that, it also has center support legs for it to remain as steady as possible at the same time providing maximum support.

  1. Stanley

Among all the metal beds we have reviewed, Stanley is the best of them all.  This elegantly designed canopy bed has a perfect canopy finishing.

The golden finish of the frame of this bed gives it a meticulously beautiful attractive touch that captures the eye. If you have a visitor, be sure they will complement this bed as it is extremely beautiful.

One of the best features of Stanley canopy bed is that the headboard has been designed to help support your back when you lean. You can conveniently read a book or even watch your favorite programs while on this bed.

Another notable feature of the Stanley bed is that the manufacturer is also considerate of your floor and you don’t have to worry about any damage to your floor. Floor protectors have been included in each post of the bed to fully protect your floor.

If you are looking for a bed with cooling properties, the Stanley canopy bed is your go-to bed. The metal frame allows air to flow freely and the mattress will be cool. If you live in area where temporaries tend to rise, this bed will help you sleep cool and very comfortable at all times.

The best part of the Stanley bed is that it has rails that can be easily removed. They protect the elderly and children who move a lot while sleeping. If you don’t want them, you can remove them anytime. The rails have been constructed using durable materials and they have the best support.

Apart from being durable, the Stanley canopy bed comes with 24 slats that will ensure maximum support. This bed is worth all money you will spend.

  1. Rockledge Upholstered

Rockledge is a bed best suited for people who are looking for a traditional design with mahogany touch. It is one of the best ergonomic canopy beds you will find in the market today.

Apart from being steady and holds in place without funny movements, the Rockledge bed has three legs on the center to make it steady and also it can accommodate heavyweights of up to 450 lbs.

The mahogany finish on this bed blends almost with any theme and perfect if you want to add décor to your bedroom. It looks perfect with any duvet cover or comforters and also blends with any theme you have in your wall.

The Rockledge canopy bed can be customized and this is the best part. You can decide to use it with a spring box or even an adjustable bed frame. This is perfect as it does not limit you.

Although it does not come with any warrant period like the other beds, the Rockledge canopy bed is known to be very long-lasting and it also has iron frame that makes it really strong and upholstery material making it even stronger.

  1. Wedgewood

Wedgewood is another canopy bed that will add elegance in whatever room you place it in. It comes with cherry metal frame finish which is really colorful and attractive. You will fall in love with this bed immediately after purchasing it.

Among all the canopy beds we have reviewed on this list, Wedgewood is the only one that can support up to 600 lbs. If both of you are heavyweights, then you are guaranteed the best support with this bed. On top of it, it also has three metal stats that provide support as well.

The headboard and footboard of this bed is designed elegantly to provide the necessary comfort you need in your room. You can comfortably sip coffee while watching your favorite Television show as the headboard will support your back fully.

It comes with a canopy kit with clear instructions on how to assemble it. The instructions are simple and there is nothing complicated about it.

The materials used in the construction of this bed are very durable and it can last for long. And just for the sake of your peace of mind, the manufacturer has included a one-year warranty period.


  1. Cambree Upholstered

Among all the canopy beds we have reviewed, the Cambree is the cheapest today.

It is also very supportive and it comes with seven slates frame made of metal which is not only easy to maintain by cleaning it with a dump cloth, but it is also very sturdy and strong.

The headboard has a design that helps support your neck so that you can lean comfortably to snack while watching the television or reading a book without any straining.

The frame of this bed has a platinum-colored that is all elegant and will add extra décor in your bedroom. The style is also model and very popular on the new generation. It is fast-rising to be one of the best canopy beds on the market today.

The best part of the Cambree canopy bed is that you don’t have to buy a box spring as you can use it without it.  It also has supportive slats and supportive rails that make it even more supportive even to a mattress.

One thing you don’t need to worry about is the longevity of this bed. The carbon steel used in the construction of this bed makes it very strong and a guarantee that it will last for years.

  1. Maderia

Maderia has a metal frame that makes it a cool bed. It will keep your mattress cool at all times and you won’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat every morning especially if you are a hot sleeper.

Maderia canopy bed has an open frame headboard that not only gives you comfort while sleeping, it is also designed in a way to support your neck and back so that you can conveniently do the things you love relaxing on this bed without straining. You can comfortably read the bible or watch a movie at your own comfort.

Another feature of Maderia canopy bed is that it appears fuller and makes your room bigger.  It also has low-cost maintenance and you can easily clean it with a dumb cloth to keep it clean and fresh.

It has a wide space under it, something that is unique about this bed as it can be used to store suitcases and it is also convenient to wash under the bed.

It has metal rods that hold it in place making it very durable. As per the thousands of reviews online, the Maderia canopy bed is long-lasting and guarantee that it will last for years in your bedroom.

Apart from the attractive looks, the Maderia bed comes with easy instructions. It takes less than an hour to assemble this bed and you can do it alone without any extra hand to help you.

  1. Madeleine Upholstered

When it comes to the elegant looks, the look of Madeleine canopy bed is unmatched. It boasts of acacia wood and attractive veneer as the materials used in its construction. Acacia is a rare wood which only makes this bed a sought-after bed all times.

It is very durable and long-lasting as it is made from a metal. It also has a metal turntable helping it to maintain balance, but also fully support it. The metal turntable acts as foundation to support your mattress. This is an added bonus as you will not need to purchase a foundation separately.

Apart from being affordable, the Madeleine canopy bed also comes with very easy to use instructions and you can easily assemble it and use it within the next few minutes without breaking a sweat.

Perhaps the only downside of this bed is that it is available only in grey. This can be a limiting feature especially for people who would like to customize their bedrooms with different colors that blends according to the theme of their rooms.

10.  Williston Upholstered

Williston canopy bed is one of the strongest canopy beds available. It can support heavyweights easily and it has elegant looks loved by many.

Cotton material is used in the upholstery construction making this bed special. It adds to the general décor to your bedroom.

The headboard is versatile and has been constructed in a way that offers support to your neck and back. You get the convenience of relaxing comfortably while reading your favorite book or even watching your TV show on your bed without straining.

It has metal rails on the side to provide support. It also comes with very easy instruction that is easy and clear. You can assemble alone without needing an expert to help you out.

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