Bedroom Colour Ideas (bedroom colours combination with images)

There are endless combinations when it comes to selecting colors for your bedroom. Apart from adding to your interior bedroom decor and creating ambiance environment to your bedroom space, did you know that the choice of bedroom color relatively affect the quality of your sleep?

Well, not only that colors have meanings and is best to go for one that will best suit your sleeping needs. A bedroom is everyone’s special haven and thus very crucial to choose the right color shed for your bedroom. The following are ideas that you might want to consider while choosing colors or your bedroom.

5 Perfect Colors to be Used in Any Bedroom: some ideas on how to use colors and how to combine each one.

Thee will help to add a touch of color into your space.

  1. Bedroom Colour Blue

Since blue is the most relaxing color on the color wheel, blue is the first on the list. Blue has some positive effects on the mind and body. It evokes calmness and relaxation, putting your mind in the right mood for the night because it helps slow down human metabolism.

bedroom color blue

They are different ways to go about creating blue color combinations for bedrooms. You can stick to one shade of blue or mix several tones together. Per your selection blue can be combined with white, light gray or beige.

bedroom color blue

Blue is perfect to be combined with raw materials and natural wooden elements because it provides contrast and warm in the space.If you like to incorporate some metals in non-decor elements, then blue color will be the perfect one.


bedroom color blue

2. Bedroom Colour Green

Green is a natural choice in interior design. It has an ideal background or backdrop because we as humans are so used to seeing everywhere. The color green is relaxing color that is very pleasing to the human eye because it’s present in big amounts in nature.

Like the color blue, green provides both mental and physical relaxation. It’s perfect in light tones for smaller spaces because it gives a sense of freshness and airiness to the space.

bedroom color green

Green is perfect to be combined with other colors or tones like beige, light Brown, light or dark gray and natural wooden fixtures. If you want to incorporate metals, golden details are mast have.

bedroom color green

If you want to create a huge contrast and have a fun combination, pink can be the perfect color to get the look.

bedroom color pink


3. Bedroom Colour Pink

Pink is that color that inspires warm and comforting effects. There are studies confirming that the color pink can have a calming effect on the nerves, which is why it’s on our list.  The good side of using pink is that you don’t have to overdo it. Instead, pick only one element that can convey your statements such as wall art, print, pillows, or blankets.

bedroom color pink

How you combine pink is crucial to get a specific look. To achieve an elegant style using pink, combine it with white, beige, blue, or gray.

bedroom colour pink

4. Bedroom Colour White

White is perfect for the bedroom because it’s serene, fresh and bright. It is the perfect color to be used in a small or darkest spaces.

bedroom color white

The secret to decorating with white is adding a little extra something. White has endless possibilities to be combined, but now it’s very popular to combine it with black accents, furniture or floor in light wooded fixtures, rustic decor elements made with natural materials and monochromatic patterns that create a Scandinavian field.

If you want to add a pop of color, pale blue, blush pink or purple are great for taking up secondary positions.

white bedroom color

5. Bedroom Colour Gray

If you like a dramatic space, the dark gray is perfect for it, but before you choose it, remember to evaluate the quantity of natural lighting that you have in the space. It’s not a good color to be used in a small, darker bedroom.

If you have good lighting condition, dark gray is a dramatic and wall color perfect to be used as a an accent look.

bedroom colour gray

To get a contemporary look, you can mix several tones of gray together to create a neutral, elegant and monochromatic atmosphere.

bedroom color gray

To warm up the space, select furniture in wooden and rustic finishes and some natural plants as well to add to the space acoustic sensation.

bedroom color gray


What bedroom color is best for sleeping?

Bedroom colors have a lot of impact over sleep patterns. If you wanted to schedule a problem by the time your children or even you, make sure the bedroom. Colors also impact or the sleep patterns usually affect mood, emotion, and thoughts of a person. The same as whenever the bedroom or the rooms in the house are painted with the proper color, it reflects our moods, actions and our thought.

To find out what are the types of colors that you can use in home, especially for the bedroom, and the ones to avoid at any cost, read on.  The best bedroom colors for sleeping are:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Gray.
  • Brown

Red (not a good color for a bedroom)

The first one is color red. Red color indicates aggressiveness, energy and power. This is not at all suggested for a bedroom. The red color always increases the blood pressure and heart rate. It is perfect a dining room, not at all and not suitable for a bedroom.

Orange (Avoid orange in bedroom)

The next color is orange. This usually evokes the feelings of excitement. This color can be used for exercise room.

Yellow (not the best color for bedroom)

This usually indicates excitement, joy, and happiness. The lighter shades of yellow can be suggested for the bedroom to have a proper sleep patterns.

Green (good bedroom color)

Then usually indicate relaxing, growth. It always reflects the nature. This is a perfect color that can be suggested for a bedroom. Any shade of green can be used for a bedroom to have a proper sleep pattern.

Blue (good bedroom color)

This usually indicates relaxing, comfort and calmness. This is exactly the same opposite to the direct.

White (good bedroom color)

Apart from these colors that which above, the default color is color white. This is the best thing or the half white color or as a pure white color is a default thing that you can use for the bedroom.

Brown (good bedroom color)

Brown makes a home feel cozy, and it can also be suggested to use in the bedroom.


Overall, the colors that can be suggested for the bedroom are green, blue, white and gray. These colors have a lot of impact on having proper sleep patterns. Hopefully you have learnt a thing or two you did not know about choosing the right color shed or your bedroom.

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